GMA-7 TV Viewers Forgotten Sarah Geronimo?

When OPM pop princess Sarah Geronimo left GMA Network in 2004 because of the fact that she did not signed a contract of the said TV station in the Philippines before she appeared as guests on various TV shows, most GMA-7 TV viewers have ever forgotten about her as they were currently watched top-rating GMA-7 shows.

As Sarah was moved to ABS-CBN to continue her TV appearance, GMA-7 TV viewers—most of them the middle and lower class panel homes in Mega Manila, Total Urban Luzon, and major metropolitan cities of Visayas and Mindanao—may have refused to tune in the said rival TV channel. (The exception of this is National Urban Philippines, where ABS-CBN remains the number one network in selected provincial towns of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.) But despite that ABS-CBN got low ratings because of the supremacy of GMA-7, the teen Filipina singer-actress would likely dethrone her fame as she was overshadowed by a known GMA-7 singing artists appeared from Pinoy Pop Superstar as well as various GMA-7 artists.

This was the big disappointment for her as well as the management of Viva Artists Agency (VAA). Her past debut albums (produced by Viva Records), Sweet Sixteen, Becoming, and Taking Flight, got only one-to-two time platinum record sales, close to her first debut album Popstar… A Dream Come True with 6X platinum. The main reason is that GMA-7 may not advertise her past 2nd to 4th album to their loyal TV viewers as a result of low record sales made by Viva (in addition to the issue of music piracy), but only Sarah’s past and present TV commercials that sometimes most GMA-7 TV viewers was not felt to her.

According to the figure, 1 out of 10 GMA-7 TV viewers have only remember Sarah if they informed to read on newspaper or magazines, listen Sarah’s hitsongs on the radio, or watch her TV commercials. On the other hand, 4 out of 10 of them support GMA-7 singing artists, including Regine Velasquez, Ogie Alcasid, Janno Gibbs, and Jaya who were performed on the program SOP. 6 out of 10 of them support various singing talents as well as their favorite local rock bands, and 2 out of 10 of them support foreign music artist. The result was not yet official but only based on my personal opinion.

Like most various music artists who were remain their rivalry, Miss Geronimo have worried that most people as a loyal GMA-7 TV viewer would likely to forget about her because of their viewing habit, or else they would shun her because of their own favor. For example in fact, most female TV viewers—young or old—have missed to watch the top-rating program of Philippine version of Marimar (played by Marian Rivera as a former lead role of Mexican actress Thalia), rather to watch Sarah’s primetime soap Pangarap na Bituin. On the other hand, they only watched top rating Philippine news program 24 Oras on GMA-7 that sometimes the network refused to report about her, rather than to watch TV Patrol on ABS-CBN where Sarah was appeared on the report. In early daytime, they only watched mini-musical performance segment of an either a local rock band or “extra fame” local singer on Unang Hirit on GMA-7 rather than to watch Sarah’s singing performance on Umagang Kay Ganda on ABS-CBN last January 16, 2008. Finally, they only watch Sunday noontime variety show SOP rather than to watch ASAP where Sarah was performed. The result: GMA-7 got higher ratings on most shows even without Sarah, while ABS-CBN got only low ratings even with Sarah.

Sarah’s Activities to Recover Her Fame

To recover her fame from falling her popularity in the eyes of general public, Sarah introduced her first album launch mall show in 2006 as she was promoting her 3rd debut album Becoming. This was sponsored by 90.7 DZMB Love Radio, a consistent number one FM radio station in Mega Manila. Her activity was repeated in 2007 for promoting her 4th album Taking Flight. By this year or a few years to come, she would be hopeful for supporting her fans and many people once she would introduce her upcoming new album.

Another way to inform about her is by posting on newspaper and magazines to promote her new album and new showbiz projects as well as her personal profile. Aside from this, many top-rating FM radio stations have been aired an advertisement to promote her new album and new concert, as well as airing her brand new song in the future.

However, not all loyal GMA-7 TV viewers may favor such activities done by Sarah.

Sarah Coming Back To GMA-7?

There were rumors that Viva Artists Center would move back to GMA-7 for being a consistent number one after ABS-CBN failed to win the ratings game as well as various management problems. It was recalled that VAA had ever forgotten to sign a contract to GMA-7 before Sarah would appear on TV. Accordingly, this would relieve their falling popularity of most current young Viva artists like Sarah.

But most Sarah fans are opposed to move back to GMA-7. According to Forums, if they plan to move back to that station, the ratings of ABS-CBN would drop sharply, and also GMA-7 would not have enough projects to them. The most important solution, if possibly suggested on the said online forums, is that ABS-CBN should remanage their relationship with VAA so that the network would sustain the ratings.


And as for me, I always respect to GMA-7 TV viewers for continuing their viewing habit. I only wish that they should try to tune-in to ABS-CBN where Sarah was appearing on various shows, only if they could accept their favor to support her. This would not be easy to remind for them to remember about and support her career even without seriously idolized. Miss Geronimo would take a great challenge to find another way to support several people once again as she worked hard to inspire for everyone, as her dream to become famous would never fade away.

And as for GMA Network, I also respected for them as they worked hard to gain their popularity to loyal TV viewers. Remembering that they were momentarily appointed to Miss Geronimo as guests on their various past GMA-7 shows such as Magpakailanman, Search For A Star, and many others, as well as Ang Pinaka on QTV-11 (the sister local TV channel of GMA-7), they were often respected and forgiven to her even with consent. I have saddened enough, though, that they were unable to reappear her again in TV guessings and interviews as she was currently appear on ABS-CBN.

Further information (from courtesy of

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45 Responses to “GMA-7 TV Viewers Forgotten Sarah Geronimo?”

  1. rhalbertangelernest Says:

    stupid blog.. her popularity doesn’t fade away.. she’s now the biggest singing star in her generation. and if ever na cnsabi na bumaba man ang sales ng album nya.still she still manges to have platinum albums and even double and triple platinum albums. compare to those GMA singing startlets. who doesnt even have a platinum album or havent reached double platinum. compare them to miss geronimo. they’r nothing. so, wala akong nkikitang masama sa pagmamanage ng dos kay sarah..

    insecurities… tsk tsk tsk

  2. albcorph Says:

    To rhalbertangelernest, I respect for your own comment. Surely, there is no other way to re-aware for most GMA-7 TV viewers to know Sarah Geronimo’s showbiz career.

  3. lynn Says:

    sarah is known all over the world because of The Filipino Channel. She is the biggest name in her generation today. What more can she ask for?

  4. yami Says:

    sarah is the most popular and biggest singer in this generation…u want to prove? magconcert ang mga bagong singer ng GMA7 at si sarah g. u will find out kung sino ang dudumugin ng mga tao at lalangawin… dos has done their part. sarah g, known abroad… kung nasa 7 p xa i know it will not happen…

  5. grl Says:

    r in her generation you know that….kung si sarah g. nasa GMA-7 wala siya mararating gaya ng mga stars sa 7…tama nga desisyon ni sarah na magtrabaho sa ABS-CBN eh kasi sila kaya nilang tulungan ang mga stars nila eh sa kabila walang panama noh!!!!!!!manood ka ng SOP boring at kung sa ASAP pang kumakanta na si sarah g. buha na buhay ang show nila at ganun din sa stars pa nilang iba….sa concert pa ni sarah halos ubos na mga tickets eh…..

  6. ♥me.loves.sarah♥ Says:

    As we all know, Sarah Geronimo is considered the best and most popular in her generation. It is a fact that her triumph in Star for a Night started all these star-search-hype, whatever you call it. Whether you agree with me or not, there’s nothing else i can do. But i guess, maybe not, that you’ve just misunderstood the fact that they were just expanding their market to other places that’s why you think that her fame was “falling right in the eyes of the general public.” For me, it was such a strong word. And your claim may be applicable to some people, but not to the majority. For instance, during her concerts, you can’t say that those who attended are loyal kapamilya fans. Many people there chanting her name and shouting to the top of their lungs in awe of her performance are really gma7 loyal viewers. It’s just that they adore her for being herself. Not because of what station she belongs. I dunno but it is very impossible for people not knowing her nowadays. Technology wise, means of promotion have greatly improved. Even people who don’t have television sets at home may come to encounter he name at any places. People have great ways of communication. Anyone who says he/she have never heard of her name even once would be so hypocrite when in fact we, Filipinos, are fans of foreign artists. To make my essay short, the fact that anytime a gma7 loyal viewer forgetting her would be very close to impossible, especially to someone whose eyes are exposed to the media all day long.

    Peace out dude!
    I salute you for writing this blog. And I do respect your opinion. Good to know there are still people who come to think about starting a topic like this.

  7. ♥me.loves.sarah♥ Says:

    also, i forgot to point it out that the sudden drop in album sales, not only with sarah’s album, is due to the rampant distribution of pirated audio and video cds and even dvd’s.. of course many people are more practical nowadays.. they prefer buying the cheaper ones, right? although many still continue to support artist through buying the original copy..


  8. sephrie Says:

    stupid blog

  9. sonatina cares Says:

    I respect your opininion….however, let me tell you that I have known lots of friends who are loyal to GMA-7 but still know and like SARAH….She has lots of commercials airing in GMA-7 naman…Sa JOLLIBEE palang bida na cya….so that’s broad C,D and E market…plus her BILLBOARDS pa, etc…..Dapat pansinin is the prevalent piracy here in the country…Would you believe na sa bangketa marami pirated na CD’s and DVD’s ni Sarah???like yung IN MOTION concert nya and TAKING FLIGHT album na pirate na rin!!! So I hope ALL FANS of SARAH continue to buy the real stuff and not the pirated ones…..

  10. sarah geronimo fanatic Says:

    duh!! wat a stupid blog., ni c jonalyn viray nga wla panama kay sarah geronimo eh., juice q napuno nga ni sarah geronimo ung araneta colesium nung solo concert nya., yan ba ang sinasabi no na nde xa kilala ng mga tao.,

    sus mo dai., kahit c jonalyn viray ay nde kaya pinuin ang araneta., duh.,
    mga insecure lang kau kay sarah., kc sa generation ngaun., c sarah ang magaling nuh., at tlga indemand xa kahit di2 sa pina oh sa ibang bansa.,

    kaya sana bago mo to ginwa blog na to., ay nag isip ka muna nuh.,

    sus aq sau aminin mo nalang na ayaw mo kay sarah.,

    kahit anu ang sabhn mo mahal na mahal namin c sarah geronimo., not because of her famous., but also because of her attitude ., she’s really good inside and out., tlga napaka swerte ng mga parents nya na magkaroon ng anak gaya nya., sa panahon ngaun konti lang ang ganyan., hehehe

  11. haha Says:

    Sarah is more popular now compared before when she was in GMA! Haller?! I don’t think she would’ve gotten major endorsement deals if her popularity declined when she transferred to ABS-CBN! “Jollibee” wouldn’t dare get her as an endorser if she does not appeal to the larger masses!
    and btw, dude and daming mali sa grammar and sentence construction mo! Sana nag tagalog ka na lang! Besides hindi naman kayo sanay mag-english sa GMA right?

  12. lisa Says:

    stop blogging! ang non-sense mo! you have no sufficient basis on your assumptions! I thing GMA 7 viewers know Sarah G. (and the rest of ABS-CBN artists) very well. On the other hand, ABS-CBN viewers could only name a few of GMA 7’s artists.

  13. Charlie Says:

    asus! maka-GMA lang ang gumawa nito.. at tanga ba gumawa nito? nahuhulog daw career ni sarah? ehemm.. excuse me.. hindi ah..

  14. Japols Says:


    It’s a shock to read this blog.

    My friends and cousins – most of them are GMA-7 fans and avid viewers and literally don’t watch any ABS-CBN shows for some reasons I really don’t understand. And so I asked them if they know Sarah Geronimo (I just felt that I should before reacting on this blog) – THEY SAID YES. They actually choose to watch ASAP over SOP. =)

    “teen Filipina singer-actress would likely dethrone her fame as she was overshadowed by a known GMA-7 singing artists appeared from Pinoy Pop Superstar”

    …hmmm.. I don’t think so. By the way, who are those “singing artists” of GMA from Pinoy Pop Superstar? Sorry, I really don’t have any idea who they are. Can you please introduce them to me? =)

    “However, not all loyal GMA-7 TV viewers may favor such activities done by Sarah.” — Hmm.. GMA-7 singers don’t do such publicity? C’mon.. it’s part of their job… And by the way, Sarah appearing on commercials, newspaper ads and billboards is not her choice – she was actually chosen by those companies .. =)

    And wait… who among those “GMA-7 singing artists” were able to fill up the Big Dome twice? who had consecutive albums receiving platinum and double platinum awards? Who among them were able to receive gold/platinum award for a DVD CONCERT? and, is there anyone who’s album selling reached 1000 copies on a single mall show? how about yearly concert abroad? Most requested singer in this generation?

    And by the way, why make such blog if GMA-7 singing artists are not intimidated by Sarah? =)

  15. popster... Says:

    i wish na wag sana xasng lumipat… coz we, TFC subscribers cant get an update about her if dat hapenz…


    can you just please try reviewing your sentence construction (actually, i mean sentences). thank you!

  17. abs Says:

    hi sa gumawa ng blog na ito…

    alam mo halata naman GMA fan ka..sinisiraan mo naman c ms. sarah dito eh..sinasabi mo na her career is declining?saa mo nakuha ang source na yan?sa bangketa?i’m sure sa bangketa nga..hindi mo ba alam na c ms. sarah lang ang first artist na nakakuha ng platinum awards sa mga DVDs niya…

    haiii naku..magbasabasa ka nga ng baita..if i know insecure ka lang kasi ang mga GMA singers nilalangaw kugn nagcoconcert..napuno na ba ng mga GMA singers ang big dome 4 times over?wala pa noh!!!c ms. sarah lang ang may kayang gawin yan..walang makakatalo sa kanya…

    and she made a good choice na maging mainstay sa ASAP..kasi hindi marunong magpromote ng artista ang SOP..sinasabi mo pa na mas sikat ang GMA..who told you that?sa bangketa mo na naman nakuha yan?hai naku,kawawa ka talaga..puro sa bangketa nalang ang source mo..ang english mo pa mali-mali..nagtagalog ka nalang sana..para mas maganda pakinggan..ang sagwa eh…

    sana, bago mo sinulat ang blog na yan..nag-isip ka mo na nga 1,000,000 times..kasi alam mo..hindi naman totoo lahat ng sinabi mo eh..sana sabihin mo sa mga GMA fans na katulad mo..lumayo nalang cla kasi wala clang magagawa..mas sikat talaga si ms. sarah kesa sa mga singers dyan sa GMA..parating nilalangaw…

    sinsabi mo pa na mas pinapanood ng mga tao ang MARIMAR..kugn mas pinapanood ang MARIMAR bakit hindi napili para sa EMMYS?bakit pinili ang PANGARAP NA BITUIN?kasi mas maganda ang PNB kesa sa the logic kasi…

    sana maisip mo na kahit anong gawin mong paninira kay ms. sarah..siya pa rin ang No. 1 para sa mga sa buong mundo..sana maisip mo yun…



  18. albcorph Says:

    To “abs” and the rest of all, thanks for replying your comment. However, I am always a supporter of Sarah Geronimo, as well as ABS-CBN. I am always polite. My blog is intended to show my own feelings about the dominance of GMA-7 in Mega Manila as ABS-CBN–where Sarah G was employed on the network–was fallen on the said area in popularity. There is no solution or action taken on how to re-dominate ABS-CBN and how to re-aware Miss Sarah G to GMA-7 viewers because of their detraction.

  19. anonymous Says:

    Sarah Geronimo won’t even be forgotten, maybe you! By the way, who are you? Very Bitter! (read this) I.P.T.U

  20. master Says:

    As they always say, poor people go for GMA-7! LIKE YOU! You are such a loser!

  21. master Says:

    mega manila covers about 1000-2000 households, wow ang dami, kaso 90 million ang tao sa pilipinas e, at lahat kilala si sarah, kasi kahit may amnesia o Alzheimer’s, hindi siya makakalimutan.

  22. deng Says:

    kapatid magpakatotoo ka….sino ba sa gma talent na ka contemporary ni sarah ang narating kahit na kalahati ng narating ni sarah ngayong nasa abs cbn siya….si kyla? si regine palubog na… sa mga nasa sop sino ang kapantay ngayon ni sarah….wag mong gamitin si sarah para lang palakasin mo ang gma…try something na totoo…advice lang yun

  23. jazzsquare Says:

    hay nako… you know what, if your just trying to destroy Sarah Geronimo’s image, ako pa sayo uminom ka na lang ng dying pills….. nagbebenta ako nun… gusto mo libre na lang para sayo….. all i wanna say is Sarah Geronimo is NUMBER 1 ACROSS THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!! if she has a concert, SOLD OUT LAHAT NG TICKET…. and what are you saying that other GMA-7 ARTIST ARE BETTER THAN SARAH??? my gad….. MANGUMPISAL KA NA LANG…. SARAH GERONIMO IS EVEN BETTER THAN REGINE…. WHO ARE YOU COMPARING SARAH IN GMA-7??? JONALYN VIRAY???? OK KA LANG…. YOUR COMPARING SARAH G. TO HER?? HINDI NGA YUN NAKAGAWA NG CONCERT… HALOS WALA NGA YUNG ALBUM…. EVEN OTHER GMA-7 ARTIST CAN’T MAKE A CONCERT NA SOLD-OUT LAHAT NG TICKET… AT GAWING PLATINUM ANG ALBUM NILA, 6X!!! AKO PA SAYO, I’D JUST LEAVE THE PHILIPPINES…. I’D GO TO IRAQ SA THAT DOUBLE DEAD KA DOON..

  24. chuvaness Says:

    “albcorph Says:
    October 23, 2008 at 9:35 am

    To “abs” and the rest of all, thanks for replying your comment. However, I am always a supporter of Sarah Geronimo, as well as ABS-CBN. I am always polite. My blog is intended to show my own feelings about the dominance of GMA-7 in Mega Manila as ABS-CBN–where Sarah G was employed on the network–was fallen on the said area in popularity. There is no solution or action taken on how to re-dominate ABS-CBN and how to re-aware Miss Sarah G to GMA-7 viewers because of their detraction.”

    hahaa!!! wala akong pakialam sa megamanila… kapiranggot na lupa lang ang sakop niyan sa pilipinas[or ng mundo]…. basta ang alam ko…. ABS ang #1 NATIONWIDE…. THUS.. it’s so IMMATERIAL na banggitin mo na bumabagsak ang popularity ng abs sa manila. no offense meant….

  25. cluelessvine Says:

    Sarah Geronimo is now a big name in the showbiz industry! Sarah Geronimo, The Popstar Princess, Popstar Concert Queen, Box-office Queen!

  26. cluelessvine Says:

    Sarah Geronimo is now a big name in the showbiz industry! Sarah Geronimo, The Popstar Princess, Popstar Concert Queen, Box-office Queen!

  27. itemmss Says:

    mr blog writer, please fix your grammar before writing something like this. i respect your opinion, though.

  28. johna rizie Says:

    sinu ka ba para sbhn mu na di kilala si sarah? pakialam namin kung kalimutang ng gma viewers hahaha nagpapatawa ka ata halata ka ng gma avid fan di tlga kapaniwala mga sulat mu pls stop it gnawa mu lng ito dhl gs2 mu lumipat si sarah un lng naman point cnasbi u dto pwes kapal tlga ngaun Sarah is the best singer kht mga bago sa gma wlang panlaban eh wawa u naman para mabasa to ng viva haler mahal ng mga taga abs si sarah noh..kaya tumahimik ka nah dto nga sa amin love namin sarah g.forever

  29. janine Says:

    hai naku…ano yan??????hmp… e ano ngaun kung bumaba ung sales ng album???padami namn ung album ni sarah and nandito pa kaming mga fans nia to support her….and FYI si sarah ang superster ngaun,,.ihalintulad ba sa mga old star ng gma..halerr.. sabi nga ni mama walang panama ung mga old singer sa mga latest… AVSL????ano un db…ang laki ng kinita,,,pasikat ng pasikat si ate sarah…..

  30. janine Says:

    kung sinisiraan nio lng si ate sarah???wala kaung mapapla..kasi sikat na ung tao…di nio na mahihila pababa kase nakaharang kame….

  31. janine Says:

    ung moderator..piz tau…wag kac ganyan sumulat..iba ung mining…

  32. crazy_apple Says:

    i respect your opinion.,but let us not write a blog na one-sided lang.,i mean.,have you tried doing a survey?.,you showed us numbers but are those true?.,

    why not leave the artist alone?.,
    what good will this article bring you?.,
    i just don’t get it.,.

    anyway.,as i’ve said.,i respect your opinion.,
    but kindly respect the artist as well.,

    sarah is doing great.,and we are happy for her.,
    if you can’t take that.,then please don’t write any more articles related to her.,

    * if i misunderstood your article.,im sorry in advance.,hehe*

  33. athena Says:

    Actually, I really don’t believe in ratings. Kasi, to think na kahit GMA pa ang sinasabi na #1 sa TV ratings, I still wonder kung bakit majority na nasa top blockbuster of pinoy movies are all of star cinemas? Alam mo kasi pag-survey, di mo maiiwasan na may bias… kasi puwedeng popular ang GMA sa masa ng meg-manila. And hello, sila kaya ang sobrang maligalig when it comes to survey.
    Going back to sarah’s fame, actually she is more popular now. And during this difficult times, her album still managed to reach platinum status. And gaya nung nga sinabi nung iba, she still has a lot of multi-million product endorsements.

  34. athena Says:

    At nakalimutan ko. VIVA has been loyal to GMA 7 for so many years. I think, it’s just the right move for them to let ABS manage sarah’s tv and movie appearances. Kasi, kaya ng ABS ipakilala sa TFC subscribers si Sarah. In fact, sobrang laki na nang kinita ng both and viva kay sarah (showbiz is business, hypocrite ang hindi maniwala).

  35. me loves sarah Says:

    sarah is the best and she made a good decision naman na transfer to abs cbn. i mean hello gma rachell ann go eh galing din sa gma diba?! but they prefer abs cbn talaga and look at them now…

    i don’t believe also in the rating.

  36. Solid Sarah Says:

    To The Author Of This Blog, Sama Ka nalang samin Solid Sarah Tayo, Alam Gusto Mo rin Sarah, Gusto Mo lang Malaman Comento ng Mga Sarah Fans.

  37. Gha Go Kha Says:

    Hay naku, ang nagblog nito, hayy, pardz one word : N0ob!

  38. bea Says:

    hahaha……..ano bang klasing blog yan.hello sikat na yata si sarah ngayon noh…..well she’s one of the biggest star in Kapamilya channel…… ASAP para malaman nyo gaano na kahusay si Sarah ngayon…..ang dami na yata niyang endorsement ngayon……. she did her best choice sa nasa ABS xa.actually im one of a big fan of Sarah…….. and ABS too doon yata xa mas sumikat.binigyan xa ng chance ng ABS to shine………hehehe….

    until here comment lang po…….peace yah ol………..

  39. PAKsiw..... Says:

    anoh daw???
    ibang klasi naman tong nagsulat dito!nakakabaliw!
    aus lang kaya ito????
    matanong ko lang ano ung pinoy pop superstar???may sumikat ba don???wala akong kilalang singer na naging sikat dahil don..???atsaka may narinig ako dun sa clsmate ko na la diva ba???
    sino mga un???gosh!tagal na din kasing walng nanonood samin sa GMA 7…

    guys!sinong di nakakaalam ng SUNDANCE????tara!turuan ko kau,,,
    GMA-7 tapatan nio nga kinita ng you change my life…dun palang ako maniniwala sa article na to!go!

  40. sarahgrace Says:

    hoi…hnd nio na tlga mahihila si idol pababa noh?
    inggit lng ang iba jn,,,pride nio lng ang nangingibabaw ngaun,,pero deep inside,,,,hangang hanga kau sa kanya….lol

  41. sarahgrace Says:

    lol…aminin nio na kz…kht cnong bago ang darating jn…,,,i will nver stop idolize her,,,forever

  42. giore Says:

    true naman..e ano ngayon si sarah flopstar na ngayon..ang daling nalaos..imagine last 2010 nakadalawang flop sya..flop yung hating kapatid, flop din yung idol at sadsad sa rating.Fyi sarah’s talent is not that extraordinary..I bet in 3-5 years time sobrang laos na yan….semplangera pa yan kung kumanta..ngongo pati ang boses..haayyya…kaya nayon nagpaplano na naman lumipat sa channel 5 baka dun marevive nya ang bumabagsak na career nya..

  43. giore Says:

    tawa naman ako sa popstar concert princess daw? bakit nakapuno na ba ng dalawang magkasunod na concert sa araneta si sarah? Si regine ilang beses ng napuno ang araneta ng 2 consecutive nights.May diamond record na din ba si sarah? si regine meron na actually sya ang kauna-unahang nakakuha bago pa si nina.Check wikipedia and sales of r2k album nya 12x platinum pa inabot more than diamond.Nainvade na ba ni sarah ang asia? nakapagbigay na ba sya ng karangalan sa bansa? Regine had already sold almost 4 million albums 500,000 of which is sold in asia.Lagpasan muna ng sarah nyo yan.Yung movie with john lloyd not convince kasi bago pa ipinartner si sarah kay john lloyd e box office na si john lloyd kahit kanino mo ipartner si john lloyd kikita at kikita ang movie.Tignan nyo nung nawala si john lloyd flop yung hating kapatid ni sarah…kaya mga Flopster wag magyabang ok..

  44. Sonny Boy Azaña Madayag Says:

    stupid blogger! very biased. you will never never earn credibility.

  45. coolgirl Says:

    ….ako…mas bet ko si julie anne san jose kesa kay sarah g.,..

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