Wishing For A Philippine Version of U.S. Animated Remake of “Jem”

Sarah The Teen Princess, Bituing Walang Ningning, Pangarap Na Bituin, and Idol. These were the past daily soap on Philippine TV produced by ABS-CBN, where Filipina teen singer and actress Sarah Geronimo, now turning a young woman, was played as her lead role. After this—despite their failure to dominate TV ratings against GMA-7 in Mega Manila and Urban Luzon except the rest of Balanced Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao, and worldwide via The Filipino Channel (TFC)—ABS-CBN does not have a definite plan to produce another primetime TV soap for Miss Geronimo in the future. But I have an idea to re-appear again on TV for loyal Sarah G fans: a Philippine version remake of U.S. animated TV series Jem originally produced by Hasbro, the cartoon studio company that produced The Transformers.

That I was remembered when I was a boy watching the said cartoon show aired on ABS-CBN in the early 90’s. Jem has only slated 15 to 20 selected episodes in “random” sequence with replays every week mainly due to under-managed airplay and contract, and the lack of funds by buying imported videotapes, just as those of airing other foreign cartoons on the said and other TV stations in the Philippines.

Last August 2008, when I discovered an idea for possible TV remake offering for Miss Geronimo as mentioned above, I research on the Internet about the original version of Jem on Wikipedia. Then I research an uploaded video of Jem from DVD release on YouTube by typing a search keyword “jem episode 01” to “jem episode 65” and at last, I found them, but I didn’t watch them in a whole hour for videostreaming. Accordingly, Jem has a complete 65 episodes. The information is accurate and updated. Finally, I posted an Off-Topic on SarahGeronimo.com Forums based on that matter as mentioned, but sadly, they were deleted my post.

If this is possible, then I wish that the management of ABS-CBN reading on my blog—even you and loyal Sarah G fans—would agree on that matter as my suggestion or request. But they—even I, based on my research—would give permission first to Hasbro Entertainment for possible remake and would take a long process to agree based on regular policy of exclusive rights to preserve the original works as well as trademarks.

Possible Casting & Storyline

If my dream remake of U.S. animated TV series to camera-based scene fantasy soap would be introduced very soon, I have had my suggested possible casting for that matter depending on their own offer to other artists aside from Miss Geronimo as her lead role of Jem, an alter ego of Jerrica. (In original version, Jerrica’s surname was “Benton”, but in Philippine version her surname is, say, “Lumbaga.”) One of them—for example only—is the following:

RioTo Be Announced (see Who Will Be The Role of Rio? below)
Jerrica’s Manager — To Be Announced
Jem’s singing group —  various Viva young female artists, including Cercado Singers (speculated) and Nikki Bacolod
Villain female singing group — Kitty Girls or Mocha Girls or PYT or any local girls band at present or future
Villain female singing group manager named “Eric” — Dominic Ochoa or Janno Gibbs
Jerrica’s sister — Katryn Bernardo or former Goin’ Bulilit girls cast (To Be Announced)
Jerrica’s “yaya” — Gina Pareño
Jerrica’s “uncle” or “bodyguard” — Larry Martin of The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition (To Be Announced)
“Synergy” appearing female person on display named “Kate” — KC Conception or Toni Gonzaga or Nikki Gil
(In original U.S. version, “Synergy” only has female voice with no face but only pixelated on display at headquarters, and hidden via a typical “star” piece as Jerrica holds it to transform as Jem. On my dream Philippine remake, “Synergy” now has female figure on display via smartphone device in order to call and transform.)
Additional or substituted casts — stars from The Voice Philippines 2013 Season, The X Factor Philippines 2012 Season, Star Power: Search For The Next Female Pop Superstar 2008 Season, etc., including Yeng Constantino and Angeline Quinto (To Be Announced)

Another consideration is a possible storytelling. The episode of my dream remake would be the same as that of the scene of original U.S. animated version, but has slight changes. In a story, it shows how Jerrica left her father’s death but she didn’t remember his face when she was a child on tragedy until a few years later she become a young woman; how she transform as Jem together with her friends as, say, “Kahiyas Singers” (in original version, Jem & The Holograms); how Jem and her group introduced their first movie love amist the competing movie of a villain female singing group; how Jem’s singing group has joined an international talent contest such as World Championship of Performing Arts (WCOPA); how their transformation were stolen in the near ending of the story; and how Jerrica misses her father who has finally revealed his face, even though they didn’t transform but rather perform in normal life.

These were the samples of my suggested possible casting and storytelling of Philippine remake of U.S. animated series Jem. The production staff of ABS-CBN would agree on my suggested idea reading on this blog, so therefore they would take a long process to produce another primetime soap project offering for Miss Geronimo in the near future. Although I have no talent in showbiz but only lived as “unemployed” but capable to communicate myself with little interference, time will tell my dream remake would come true.

Who Will Be The Role of Rio?

I often guessed who’s (pure Filipino) male artist would be a role of Rio, Jessica’s lone boyfriend, for an adaptation. On my previous edition of this blog article I often chose Paulo Avelino, but I declined on my own suggestion to him. Another possible artist were ABS-CBN Star Magic artists Rayver Cruz, Mateo Mateo Guidicelli, and Gerald Anderson, but the problem is that these three were unfit for Sarah because their age were one or few years old younger than she. The third possibility was Richard Gutierrez of GMA-7 artist, but Sarah fans rejected him. The fourth possibility were the various brand new male artists of Viva Artists Center, but in spite of whether their age may be a year-old older than Sarah that fit their love tandem, none were interested.

I had ever wish to suggest for ABS-CBN and Viva management to have their own future reality TV show on the search of a new male tandem whose age is one years old older than Sarah, but a given timeframe and strategy were currently busy. After a few hundreds or thousands of days of thinking my own thoughts as of presstime of September 24, 2013, I openly discovered on my mind and possibly choose Hero Angeles, a former Star Circle Quest and a former love tandem with Sandara Park who is now a member of Korean girls singing group 2NE1, as Rio.

text box


To prevent from being marked as plagiarism, the original US animation remake in Philippine concept using only camera-based video scene should be marked as “The Pinay Series” below the main title “Jem”, rather than to use it alone from the former one without the consent from Hasbro Entertainment. This was mainly because if I were an ABS-CBN creative team, I thought, I would change the surname of the main characters while I retain the original first name, as well as constituing the Filipino name in some sub-characters such as “Aling…” and “Manong…” and even calling Jem’s girlband name as “Kahiyas Sisters” instead of “The Holograms”. And also, I suggest to ABS-CBN that if they would start to produce the said future Philippine adaptation of U.S. animated series they should not give a Philippine copyright due to a strict policy from Hasbro that was responsible to preserve and maintain the originality of aforementioned classic animated TV show, animated fictional character, and animated story line patents subject to the current U.S. copyright and patent laws in order to reduce legal lawsuit.

Latest Development

The possible airing of Philippine version of animated TV series Jem as suggested on this blog would begin only when ABS-CBN would start to broadcast digital terrestrial television (DTTV) by 2014 or later year before 2015 using Japanese-based ISDB-T variant not only in widescreen SD and/or HD format but also in 1-seg mobile DTV. Before broadcasting digitally, ABS-CBN should first focus to promote many people to tune-in to their purchased mobile DTTV devices in the future through the upcoming mobile DTTV channel using ISDB-T’s 1-seg sub-channel. For instance, the first main target to promote to watch “Jem The Pinay Series” is both the youth and even Sarah’s fans.

Should the management of ABS-CBN—as well as you and loyal Sarah G fans—may be commented on this blog, they may post a comment below the topic or may send to my e-mail at albcorph03@yahoo.com or tweet me at @AlbCorPH03. The issue is open for everyone.


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