At Last, GMA-7 Has Finally Introduced Online Premium Videostreaming

My dear ABS-CBN and GMA-7 TV viewing fans whether at home or abroad, get ready. GMA-7 has finally introduced their own version of online premium videostreaming introduced in early 4th quarter of 2008 that would compete with ABS-CBN’s website ABS-CBN Now! (later named “TFC Now!”) introduced in 2003.

Launched in September 12 2008 under beta state, GMA Network finally unveiled a premium online videostreaming entitled developed by GMA New Media Incorporated (NMI).

Previously, GMA Network’s main website only has short, excerpt video clips in Adobe Flash Video format. Today, MyGMA features a full-length video clips of previous (if available) and current GMA-7 and QTV-11 shows. (I’m not sure what video format in that site has been used whether Adobe Flash Video or Windows Media Video, unlike ABS-CBN Now! that currently uses Windows Media Video.) Subscription process and online payment with secured content may be the same as that of ABS-CBN Now!, including downloading video license content.

Before they launched MyGMA, GMA NMI has spent U.S.$ 1 million to upgrade their Internet server infrastructure such as security hardware, data storage, and broadband Internet portal that can hold more storage, more secured, and more connection speed, as well as upgrading their PCs and installing web creation software to develop their online premium videostreaming, including iGMA and related GMA-7 websites such as and

Expect that the management of ABS-CBN would welcome the opportunity to compete with GMA Network as their online premium videostreaming would cater to the general public. Let’s see in the coming days whether they would like to visit their favorite site aside from watching TV.



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