My Dream Sarah G Greatest Hits Album

For the next few years, I have one wish to introduce the first full-length compilation album about the past debut albums and major hitsongs of OPM former teen singer Sarah Geronimo, as well as including her alternative hitsongs that do not belong to her debut albums.

If I were a “contributor” or an “author” of producing a full-length compilation album of Sarah G hitsongs, and I entered a music recording company such as—for example—Sony BMG and negotiated with Viva Records for team-up, the album title of my dream compilation album is “The Sarah Geronimo Anthology”. Rather than simply applying the title “Sarah Geronimo: Greatest Hits”, this is mainly because not only features her past major hitsongs aired on the radio and TV but also features her past  bestselling debut album and alternative hitsongs from movie, TV, and ads jingles. Although this concept of mine is still pending for a long time in real life, of course it would be so popular among other recent and upcoming compilation album available in the market. (As I mentioned above, I feel I would likely produced a compilation album The Eraserheads Anthology of the late OPM band group Eraserheads, which is produced by Sony BMG.)

“The Sarah Geronimo Anthology” may have four-part section, whether on seperate release or complete CD collection—known as “Deluxe Edition”—such as “The Debut Album”, “Alternatives”, “Renditions”, and “Ads Jingles”. In “The Debut Album” section, it has fewer number of volumes of CDs of her past and present (and even possible future release) debut albums such as Popstar, Sweet Sixteen, Becoming, Taking Flight, Just Me, and more. Some featured volumes may have a slight changes of arrangement of tracks from original as well as adding an unreleased tracks, such as for example her 4th album Taking Flight, some have bonus tracks consisting of either a remixed or re-edited tracks. In “Alternatives”, it features originally-made hitsongs from movie, TV, and campaign themes that do not belong to her major debut albums. In “Renditions”, it features cover songs—i.e., revival version hitsongs—coming from various collaborative albums and movie and TV soundtrack albums. And in “Ads Jingles”, it features selected full-length commercial jingles of her past endorsements.

Aside from the first four sections, there’s “Most Requested”. There are two volumes in that section, one from the hits of 2003 to 2006, and another from the hits of 2007 and beyond. It may avail either from “Deluxe” or seperate releases.

“The Debut Album”, “Alternatives”, “Renditions”, “Ads Jingles”, and “Most Requested” section of “The Sarah Geronimo Anthology” CD cover page include a full summary about the making of her past debut albums, including her major hitsongs and non-hitsongs. It also includes a full bibliography, major events, and TV appearances.

And that’s not all. There’s “The Sarah Geronimo Anthology” home music video in HD quality. Available in Blu-Ray format in the future, it features her past music videos in remastered, intellegently generated true widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio detail, 1920 X 1080 HD video format. It also includes full HD, full-length documentaries of her past life (bibliography); her showbiz career on movie, TV, and music; and her various events such as major concerts, mall shows, and performance tour.

If this is possible, then someone reading on this blog, whether the management of recording company like Viva Records or a loyal Sarah G fans, should accept my own concept of proposed compilation album release.


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