Remastering Video Size & Resolution of Past GMA-7 Shows?

GMA-7 is still dominating its TV Ratings in Metro and Mega Manila since 2003 to the present thanks to its popular primetime children’s camera-based fantasy soaps and adult mellow/heavy drama soaps. Despite its success, there are uncertainties whether to remaster the video of past top-rating GMA-7 shows to become a full widescreen 16:9, high resolution 1920 X 1080 pixel video from the standard 4:3 525-line video before re-broadcasting for the planned HDTV broadcast by 2015.

We know that most TV stations in the Philippines are still using standard definition analog TV broadcast in 525-line format—whether analog or digital-based—for making their current and future TV shows. But what if they would plan to broadcast their past top-rating shows by playing on their widescreen full HD format? The result: the original 4:3 video would rather stretch or crop, rather than revealing the remaining left and right portion of the screen. That’s the main disadvantage.

Firstly we consider the past GMA-7 shows from 2003 to the present. They already produced in original 4:3 aspect ratio video scene. We know that they did not have full HD video devices to record the scenes, but rather only have standard definition video devices, whether analog or digital. That’s a big disappointment, for in the past they did not have to manage to introduce widescreen format that would be ready for HD-capable, but only focus on conventional means.

Instead of cropping or streching the original 4:3 aspect ratio, 525-line analog video to pretend as “true widescreen”, the TV network should have an intelligent video remastering software that “recovers” the missing detail on the left and right portion of blank 16:9 lay-out lying over the original 4:3 video image (just like travelling a “time machine” that seeks the missing visual and optical environment), and then convert and refine the resolution to 1920X 1080 pixel format.

While remastering, they should also have to re-design the original computerized visual effects of past fantasy soaps from default 4:3 image to widescreen 16:9 image, both the presentation—even TV soaps and variety shows—and the visual effects scenes. (Aside from this, the 3D effects of its past fantasy soaps should also be reformatted from surreal to true-to-life visual detail.)

If this is possible, GMA Network would spend hundreds of millions, or billions, of pesos to remaster the video of their past top-rating shows and then re-broadcast their remastered video in full HD broadcast by 2015 to the audience in exchange of higher TV ratings. The GMA-7 management, including its subsidiary GMA New Media Inc. (NMI), would still pending  to find a new technology to remaster the video of their past shows, just as mentioned above. That’s what I’m requested for.


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2 Responses to “Remastering Video Size & Resolution of Past GMA-7 Shows?”

  1. hdtvdeals Says:

    Nice info, thanks

  2. kekeke Says:

    re-broadcasing? Laughable. If they plan to remaster some soap from the past then they might opt to release them as BD rather than re-broadcasting them.

    I don’t watch TV in Philippines because they tend to be silly from the start to finish. Even in a child-oriented show, it’s natural to have a contrabida that tends to kill so that;s not children- show anymore.

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