GMA-7 Showbiz Talk Shows From Being “Exclusive”

I was often watch GMA-7 showbiz talk shows such as Startalk every Saturday and Showbiz Central every Sunday. Then there’s a disturbing text labelled “Exclusive” (such as “Startalk Exclusive” and “Showbiz Central Exclusive”) on the upper left video display, meaning the show only features their proprietary segment of interviews to GMA-7 artists and other various artists, preventing to interview the network’s own artists to other showbiz talk show on the other TV networks. The result: the TV ratings of their showbiz talk shows gets higher because of their concept of “exclusive”, giving more attention to the TV viewing public.

This was a big disappointment to other showbiz talk show such as The Buzz on ABS-CBN, as well as other local TV networks in the Philippines and even  the show Juicy! on TV5 (formerly ABC 5) in an attempt to interview the GMA-7 artists. Accordingly, GMA-7 showbiz talk shows were often being “madamot” (selfish), therefore that would be an unfair competition for giving way to report on the other, as mentioned above. The issue of proprietary “exclusive” made by GMA-7 showbiz talk shows was emerged in 2003 to the present following the downfall of Mega Manila TV ratings of ABS-CBN and its showbiz talk show, in which they would rather interview ABS-CBN artists first.

An example of which–from 2008 to 2009–is the interview of Francis Magalona, who was taken in medication from cancer; Paolo Contis who has an “affair” with EB Babe Lian; Marian Rivera on several intrigues and success of her show on GMA-7; Ely Buendia who was first featured on Showbiz Central after his reunion concert was finished only more than 1 hour because he was hospitalized; and so on.

Without further giving permission to interview GMA-7 talents, most various local TV networks would be difficult enough to feature their local TV news, in which its local showbiz segment was currently suspended. But as of now, most local tabloid newspaper were currently posted on local showbiz column that featues both ABS-CBN and GMA-7 talents as well as movie artists and musical artists.


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