Can Microsoft Develop A Successor of Encarta?

Due to the dominance of Wikipedia online encyclopedia, giant software maker Microsoft will discontinue the release of Encarta–a multimedia encyclopedia that includes audio and video streaming and interactive graphics–on October 2009 and Japan on December 2009. Not only Wikipedia may be the reason of its dominance to web users, but the real reason is that Microsoft have wanted to phase out Encarta from being a purchasable learning software.

But I only wish if Microsoft would develop a successor of Encarta–the title of it is under pending–that would claimed to be a free software to download and install and update (new article and multimedia clips) online instantly.

Like Wikipedia, a new Microsoft-based freeware encyclopedia may consists of (direct-daily-update) new article coming from worldwide legitimate professional contributors (such as teachers, professors, engineers, scientists, historians, columnists, etc.) by only means of posting by a specialized online discussion and editing to Microsoft learning online space, with rigorous proofing and validity before posting to freeware learning space.

The future freeware encyclopedia can be downloaded for free, with premium version on online purchase to view in-depth article (such as based in Science, Philosophy, Arts, and Mathematics). When installed, the user around the world may set up a “continent mode” to view a desired general article on their area. For example, they would set to Philippines and view a Philippine-based article about cultural and media Philippine artists.

And that’s not all. Although it’s nearly open source, the future development of freeware encyclopedia under pending by Microsoft is also equipped with new features such as MS-Silverlight animated and interactive graphics (similar to Adobe Flash animated graphics) replacing an older Shockwave graphics, VC-1-based video clips, and WMA-based audio clips with smaller bandwidth and higher fidelity.

Time will tell if Microsoft would succeed a possible development as mentioned on this blog to compete with Wikipedia. Or else they would rather develop another purchasable encyclopedia software with new title.


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One Response to “Can Microsoft Develop A Successor of Encarta?”

  1. Limulus Says:


    Seriously. WHY?

    Silverlight? VC-1? WMA? This is a recipe for ‘only works right on Windows’ and NOT open source friendly.

    The approach Wikipedia/Firefox are taking uses codecs (OGG) that *anyone* can freely use and is thus truly cross-platform.

    Microsoft is well known for its closed, proprietary apps. Wikipedia wins because the internet allows for free, open collaboration… and that’s the future.

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