An Upgrade of Philipine Govenment-Owned TV Channel 4 for 2010

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I was momentarily watched TV Channel 4 in Metro Manila on my TV sets. But then I saw an infomercial break about an upgrade of Philippine government-owned TV Channel 4, known as National Broadcasting Network (NBN) formerly People’s Television Network (PTV).

Accordingly, NBN-4 would introduce a Harris VHF TV transmitting amplifier with a power of 60 KW in order to generate clear video signal to most analog TV sets in households. (Click here for more details about Harris TV transmitting amplifier). But such TV transmitting power may not enough to cover entire Mega Manila area but only selected area coverage and may only aid with the use of fringe-range TV receiving antenna to detect, unlike GMA-7 that currently powers at 150 KW. Aside from this, it was not clear whether they would replace an old fan-type and mounted dipole-type TV transmitting antenna to install a V-type TV transmitting antenna with reflector to the network’s TV tower, just as ABS-CBN and Associated Broadcating Company (ABC-5) TV tower has installed such unit.

The govenment-owned TV network has also announced a testing of the first digital HDTV broadcast format using ISDB-T with the power of 500 W and would air on UHF Channel 48 to see whether it may be fit to the Philippine shores while other TV networks has currently migrating to DVB-T digital HDTV format by 2011. Aside from its ISDB-T-based digital HDTV broadcast testing, NBN-4 would be planned also to broadcast its digital HDTV by the next few months of 2010 or by the next few years on Cignal HD satellite HDTV–a satellite TV provider brand in the Philippines that was introduced in 2009–for most homes.

The infomercial break of NBN-4 has also announced that they would increase analog TV transmitting power in most remote provincial areas such as NBN-4 Baguio that broadcasts in Benguet, La Union, Nueva Vizcaya, Mt. Province, and Ilocos Sur; NBN-4 Dagupan (planned installation) that broadcasts in Pangasinan, Nueva Ecija, and Tarlac; NBN-4 Isabela; NBN-4 Cagayan (planned installation); and many others.

And finally, NBN-4 has also sold state-of-the-art digital HDTV equipment that broadcasts not only in Metro Manila but also in Baguio, Legaspi, Cebu, and Davao.

The Philippine government is only responsible to upgrade its govenment-owned TV station, spending billions of pesos donated and implemented by the Congress’ contribution.

For the past 5 years NBN-4 has suffered low TV ratings due to unpopular TV shows containing only public affairs TV program, the nearly deterriorating analog TV transmission in Metro Manila as well as its provincial TV transmitters that (1) momentarily weaken its signal due to cutting-down operational cost and (2) momentarily shut down its operation in some remote provincial areas, and the involvement of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s unpopularity to the public, resulting of backing out most TV advertisers (although NBN-4 is only government sector, not private sector). Even RPN-9 and IBC-13 has also resulted such scenario. Big TV network players ABS-CBN, ABC-5 (TV5), and GMA-7 is still in the limelight to broadcasts both on Mega Manila and provincial areas due to popular entertaining TV shows.

Just as mentioned above, it was clear that according AGB Nielsen Media Research and recently TNS Media Research, only 1% of Mega Manila homes have access of TV Channel 4 by terrestrial, and 1% of nationwide homes have access of provincial Channel 4 terrestrial signal. Despite of limited terrestrial TV broadcast coverage, only cable and/or satellite TV may have access of NBN-4, but accordingly only about less than 1% of nationwide homes may be tuned-in on that TV channel.

With the help of TV station upgrade to serve better, the bigger challenge now is when the government-owned TV channel would be redominate its service to the audience, only if they would offer good analog TV reception and good TV programming flavor, both entertaining and informative.


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4 Responses to “An Upgrade of Philipine Govenment-Owned TV Channel 4 for 2010”

  1. kankuro karasu Says:

    bkt yong NBN nawala sa mga cable company channels?

  2. DTV Pilipinas Says:

    Here it is again, an issue about the ERP and the transmitter output power of various TV networks.

    Avoid comparing those of the Output and ER powers of ABS-CBN, NBN, TV5 and GMA, since the first three occupies the lowband VHF. GMA Network is on the highband VHF, and have different parameters being allowed for each networks.

    NBN has a powerful gain, not to say they could interfere sometimes ABS-CBN’s frequency due to its lowest territory, so it is impossible to say “But such TV transmitting power may not enough to cover entire Mega Manila area but only selected area coverage and may only aid with the use of fringe-range TV receiving antenna to detect”.

  3. DTV Pilipinas Says:

    One more thing, Cignal HD will not offer NBN’s HD setup, since DTV is not yet official in fulfillment. And by the way, GEM HD was the very first digital, high definition free TV channel in the Philippines. Do the research.

  4. nhej Says:

    ang hirap basahin. malimali ang ingles. tinagalog mo na lang sana

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