“Simply KC” Failed To Dominate Mega Manila TV Ratings?

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I thought that many homes in Mega Manila—among them were young viewers and several adult viewers—were still loyal to watch GMA-7 on various Japanese animated TV shows as well as TV5 on various Nickelodeon Tagalog-dubbed cartoon shows in daytime slot every Monday to Friday, but were some homes watching Simply KC on ABS-CBN Channel 2 at 9:30 a.m. slot?

During the pilot episode (debuted in May 24, 2010) of Simply KC up to the current, I thought that the show may score only 5% to 6% of audience population out of total Mega Manila population of 25 million in 2010 while current cartoon shows like Dragonball GT and “Knockout” (a.k.a. Hajime No Ippo) on GMA-7 scores at 8% to 9% audience population and various Nickelodeon cartoon shows on ABC-5 (a.k.a. TV5) scores at 6% or lower audience population. The main reason of getting low TV ratings of KC Concepcion’s show is that (1) most loyal GMA-7 TV viewers may don’t like to watch her talk show because of featuring only an interview of various ABS-CBN artists rather than to interview with various GMA-7 artists (the policy of GMA-7 management states that their artists already signed an exclusive contract should not visit at guests to other TV stations—like ABS-CBN and ABC-5—without prior consent, hence anyone ignoring the policy of the management would commit a “breach of contract”), and (2) although some panel homes were able to watch Channel 2 since there were loyal to the TV channel and various artists to the station, many people may be abstained to watch TV due to their labor with busy working hours.

Various Pinoy-based blog sites did not mention the TV ratings of Simply KC, even though AGB Nielsen Philippines that has already recorded their data about the ratings of the show daily has not publicly reported but rather secretly reported to ABS-CBN as well as various advertisers. I tried to contact AGB Nielsen publicly by telephone but its access was blocked or closed.


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