A “Brand New Song” For Sarah G From The Past Posted From A Lone Blog Site

The future brand new album of OPM singer Sarah Geronimo containing all original brand new song may not yet planned to produce locally under certain trend of contributing Philippine music industry. But as of now, Viva Records would rather produce a revival song for her momentarily after Music & Me.

As for me being loyal to her, it’s so sad for that situation, believing that making brand new song for her would now “in crisis”.

Despite of this, I created a brand new song for her by posting my unusual blog site that was made during my college years in 2008. The site includes my composed songs consisting of “pop-rap-dance” Tagalog song like Indak Suyo, a sentimental love song like Ladydelle, a “rap-mellow” Tagalog song like Lumbayan and Sulyap Na Kiligan, etc.

The lyrics of my composed songs include a timing and a tone musical notation by text (my toning musical notation is not yet perfect) to sing.

I also record digitally in MP3 format to sing myself a song I composed and I upload in downloadable link “Sample Audio Clip Download Here”—happened in 2010.

I wish that Viva management should read my unusual past blog site as well as reading on this blog site after I failed to inform sometimes. Hopefully in the future they would grant for me with proper process and full consent to release my dream song composition for Sarah Geronimo.

So visit my blog site here.


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