The Mega Manila TV Ratings Percentage of 2010 Between Two Giant TV Networks Got Shrunk?

For the past 7 years GMA-7—with the introduction of the infamous “heart” logo referring with their fully true sincerity and integrity of television news and entertainment in the Philippines—got a strong leadership in television audience measurement among fellow Mega Manila (areas that belong to Metro Manila, Bulacan, Pampanga, Bataan, Cavite, Laguna, and Rizal) against ABS-CBN. But today the two giant Philippine TV networks as mentioned got a low percentage of TV ratings about 15% to 20%, both daytime and nighttime, this 2nd qtr. of 2010, compared to the previous 20% to 30%. Another reason for shrinking ratings percentage between two giant TV stations is that TV5 has gained about an overall 6% to 8% (all various TV shows, especially Talentadong Pinoy with 1o% to 15% of audience population every Saturday and Sunday night) of audience population originally a former loyal ABS-CBN and GMA-7 in daytime and nighttime.

If the growing population of Mega Manila of 2010 by about 25 million or more as well as the boringness of the people’s TV viewing habit in some homes may be the common reason of shrinking percentage of Mega Manila audience population, AGB Nielsen Philippines that are responsible for surveying the people on that area watching TV has assured their thorough accurate data without having to criticize by everyone.

A several days ago AGB Nielsen has occured a delay of creating a TV audience data due to insufficient preparation of the number of respondents as well as their computerized TV reception metering panel. After a serious meeting AGB Nielsen has decided to change the rule of surveying a TV audience data as suggested by ABS-CBN by measuring only a percentage of Mega Manila population watching a TV, rather than a conventional surveying a percentage of total number of Mega Manila homes accessing to tune a designated TV channel on their TV sets. From a known “Mega Manila TV Ratings” referring to the number of panel homes, now they recalled as “Mega Manila People TV Ratings” referring to the number of people watching TV.

The main reason for changing the rule of surveying TV audience measurement as suggested by ABS-CBN is that the media research firm like AGB Nielsen should exclude the number of TV sets on the rampant “Japan Surplus” second-hand TV shop in public places that often turn-on all TV sets by tuning only Channel 7 that was often used to “cheat” the results if they continue to use a conventional panel home-based data without basis. According to the new rule, if a lone TV set turning on while on tuned TV channel—such as that of Channel 7 Mega Manila-wide—does not have a people watching such as the case of “Japan Surplus” TV shop, then the revised TV ratings data technique may not counted as “null audience”. (In the past, during a tabulation of surveying TV panel home ratings they found that Channel 7 got a fewer “TV receive count” on their computerized TV reception metering panel due to rampant Japan Surplus TV shop powering on entire TV set, unlike other TV channels—local or cable—as well as ABS-CBN Channel 2 having nominal “TV receive count”.)

With the new rule of TV data surveying, ABS-CBN may be felt confident to save millions of pesos of investment to indicate the number of people watching Channel 2 in Mega Manila as well as other local TV stations and various cable TV channels in response of fair, honest, and decent results in every day and night while GMA-7 is still getting a fewer number of people watching on its home Mega Manila Channel 7.


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