Future Project of Past ABS-CBN Show Remake?

We have had already seen and heard about the wave of TV remakes adapted from foreign TV shows such as Spanish Telenovela and Korean Telenovela through the mainstream Philippine local TV media (such as Marimar, Rosalinda, My Name Is Kim Sam Soon, and Lalola on GMA-7; My Girl and the upcoming Elisa and Maria La Del Barrio on ABS-CBN), even most local artists portrayed themselves as a foreign character of aforementioned genre developed by most local TV creative team. Although most Filipino masses were satisfied to watch locally adapted foreign TV shows as a hip, others felt so corny regarding a poetic-like surreal–rather than naturally real-life–teleplaying, as well as racial concerns.

Aside from this, and even already produce a TV adaptation of a classic local Philippine movie (such as Bituing Walang Ningning and Pangarap Na Bituin portrayed by Sarah Geronimo on ABS-CBN, Sine Novela series on GMA-7 afternoon slot, Sine Serye series on ABS-CBN, Katorse and Sabel on ABS-CBN, and Agimat series on ABS-CBN), what if they would rather produce a remake of their previous local TV shows?

ABS-CBN has conceptualized the remake of their previous local TV drama as an alternative from making future original work of local TV drama in case of future scripwriting constraints. While the success of producing a remake of Maria Flordeluna, Mara Clara, and an upcoming Mula Sa Puso inspired from original version has been praised with good positive reviews not only on most TV critics but also on most televiewers in spite of lack of originality regarding the deficient inclusion of designing a vintage scene (that is, the aforementioned TV show remakes apply only present scene, such as the inclusion of hi-tech gadgets in 2000s and even a “hi-fi” lifestyle of 2000s), the network has done their best in order to promote every TV audience to support their adapted works with an even fresher casting, scenery, and teleplay. At present only select past local TV drama shows have been offered for a remake from ABS-CBN and they don’t just produce it without the consent from their loyal televiewers.

In the near future ABS-CBN has planned to produce a remake of classic ABS-CBN TV shows that was previously not aired nationwide but only Metro Manila in the ’50s and ’60s to be broadcast in digital full HD (1080p or higher) cinematic video format from original monochrome analog 4:3 525-line (480i NTSC) video. They have also planned to use the latest computer-generated visual effects technology in case they would produce classic scenery such as vintage cars and vintage buildings. It would take a few years to plan in terms of casting, scriptwriting, designing, production, and operational cost. This is a major big step to re-cater every viewing experience and wow every television audiences with an even fresher, re-conceptualized classic TV shows while maintaining adapted original works.

GMA Network, however, have not yet to plan a possible remake of their classic local drama TV shows in the ’60s to ’80s, if available from reliable archived sources. Instead, they would attempt to revive from classic TV shows originated from RPN-9 and IBC-13.


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