Who Was Behind The Philippine Pop Music Heartbreak Hitsong of 1st Qtr 2011?

Disclaimer: The anonymous identity of a name of a person and an actual event depicted on this blog—based on the author’s personal thought promoted for an actual clue of an actual situation and does not reflect from official media press—may be based on real event and may not guarantee its actual authenticity regarded as fictitious. Any similar anonymous identity of a person and any similar event, living or dead, are purely coincidental.

Blind Item: Who is this Filipina young woman, a former teen-girl sensation, singer-actress as she wrote her heartbreak love song and then later convert to a melodic song tune of a known Filipino OPM male pop musician who also composed a past love song together with her wife as a lyricists suited during her teen years?

According to my own thoughts and imagination closely based from an anonymous source, this former Filipina teen singer-actress was desired to create her own personal song composition at home even though her future recording project after the past seven debut albums is still pending. She used a sheet of pad paper as a draft to create her own song in Tagalog for a few days and then her piece hid anything to shelf. A few days later she went to a male pop musician, whether at his resident house or his music business establishment, and reminds him to convert into a beautiful melodic tune suited to her melodic singing skills to sing her own song with effective feelings and expression, with the inclusion of high tone stress notes heard at the near end of song play.

The song was inspired on a real event of her personal life—as elaborated by a recent release of a leading Philippine entertainment news magazine—when she broke up her intent relationship with a former teen actor, who was only one years old difference younger than she.

The song may be regarded as a third installment of her heartbreak hit OPM love songs over the past few years. An actual date of her recent personal song creation occurs at the 3rd quarter of a past year. Her recording company gave permission to them in order to become a full mainstream of a song even though her upcoming new album would cut short for a few months of next year. Even without knowing to her parents of what she was done in an earlier trend, she, the musician, and her recording production team has worked hard for a few weeks, making sure that the song would be good to the ears of every public audiences.

Because of her past real event in Philippine entertainment gossips, the Tagalog heartbreak love song become a boom together with the release of her latest music video in widescreen format based in HD over a leading local analog cable TV music channel. The supporter of a former teen actress-singer has been crazed because of the powerful theme of a song, even on radio and live concerts.

But aside from aforementioned Tagalog heartbreak love songs of 1st quarter of 2011, the Filipina singer-actress was also written another song for other personalities, one song for a known noontime variety game show host who was moved from home TV network to another TV network for nightly TV show airing, and another song for a known male singer as part of their talent management who was moved to another musical variety show on other TV station. The aforementioned two songs often elaborate from the respective event of her experience, for when she was often desire to sing for an actor meeting together as friends and then they broke up together when she saw that he intentionally love a young sexy actress.

She also wrote allegedly an OPM pop dance song—later arranged by another OPM pop musician—as part of her endorsement on locally-made mobile phone products, elaborating an event when she heard a mobile phone call about their break-up. The song was only available on aforementioned mobile phone unit in MP3 format.

Despite the success of a hit Tagalog love song of 1st quarter of 2011, she did not use her name in public to show that she did wrote her respective song because she feared that her parents would be fumed against her, knowing that she would revive a stalled intentional relationship with a young actor. Instead, she only mentions the name of a respective OPM pop musician who produced her numerous written personal songs used to protect her peaceful manner.

This coincidental account was similar to the life of former Welsh soprano teen singer Charlotte Church in UK when she wrote her own song for her first pop-rock album Tissues And Issues while she left classical crossover career and turn into a local—rather than international—mainstream singing belter. Her every song elaborate about her real account of events when she began addicted of cigarette smoke when she was 17; when she met her first boyfriend Steven Johnson and left together because of their rude relationship; and she often forgive herself because of her perdition.

Whether my thought is true enough on that event or just a coincidence, it’s up to the supporter of a singer-actress as well as the media press to guess who was originally done the song before an anonymous identity passed to the local musician to produce it.


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