Fearless Forecast: “Captain Barbell” Season 2 Gaining More TV Audience Count in Mega Manila?

In spite of mandatory drop of household TV ratings in Mega Manila on Monday-to-Friday night-time TV show in an eve of airing Willing Willie on TV5 and an improvement of analog TV transmission on ABS-CBN happened since 4th quarter of 2010 until today of 2011, GMA Network remains stable of intent increase of a number of TV audience in People TV Ratings and a stable daytime household TV ratings not only on households but also outdoor TV viewing such as buses, business establishments, and transport terminals. But expect that the network would launch the airing of the second season (succeeding from the first season) of beloved fantasy TV show Captain Barbell (this coming Monday night, March 28, 2010) played by Richard Gutierrez as a male superhero adapted from the works of comics from Mars Ravelo, only if younger audiences would participate to watch aside from both adult viewers on household and outside TV viewers.

According to my own forecast, about 8% to 10% of Mega Manila population that are of children on household would watch the aforementioned fantasy TV show, while 6% to 8% of adult viewers on household would watch it, and 8% to 10% of people that are on outdoor would intend to watch TV for the TV show. Overall, the TV show would gain 24% to 26% of available TV viewing population every night. Aside from mentioning Mega Manila People TV Ratings, the TV show would momentarily gain projectedly 30% to 40% of available number of households from a recent 24% on various present nightly Monday-to-Friday GMA-7 shows, momentarily dropping 10% to 20% of available households on Willing Willie.

Various nightly ABS-CBN TV shows would remain a low 6% to 12% of available Mega Manila population on every households only, while TV5 would remain at 3% to 9% of available TV viewing population.

10% of available TV viewing population would rather watch only various other local and cable TV channels, while 40% of population would abstain to watch TV due to hectic working, traveling, and leisure hours.

GMA Network had 50% of available TV households in Mega Manila since the premiere airing of the first season of Darna played by Angel Locsin as a female superhero, while 40% of available households gain on various past GMA-7 shows such as Marimar, Captain Barbel Season 1l, and Darna Season 2.


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