How To Record Laging Kay Ganda by Sarah Geronimo From MyPhone QP29 Handset?

Alright, my dear Sarah Geronimo fans! Last time I post a topic on this blog on how to record the song You’ll Always Be My Number One from the website page of the show IDOL on ABS-CBN. This 2011, I often discovered over a computer section on major malls such as SM Cyberzone about MyPhone QP29 handset having with an MP3 format album of Laging Kay Ganda by Sarah Geronimo, which was released last October of 2010 exclusively on that unit known as “music album phone” (MAP). But transfering a song from the handset may not be easy because the contents of the song are currently protected and encrypted with Digital Rights Management (DRM) in response of preventing Internet music file sharing piracy. If you have already purchased a unit with a protected MP3 album of Sarah Geronimo, there is an alternative way to record from a handset playing a protected MP3 format to an audio recording software on your PC. Are you ready for this? Here are the requirements:

  • Your PC (Pentium 3 500 MHz or higher, Windows XP or latest Windows OS version, 128 MB RAM or higher, 20 GB hard drive) (Newer is recommended)
  • Latest sound card components having with stereo line-in (blue) jack, stereo (if available) mic (red) jack, and stereo line-out (green) jack.
  • Two CD/MP3-to-Aux jack connected with RCA jack coupler or CD/MP3-to-car input stereo jack (available in some ordinary electronic shops at ordinary public places)
  • RecordPad Sound Recorder software
  • Broadband Internet connection (384 kbps or higher)

And here are the procedures on how to record:

  1. Log-on to website ( and type “record pad” on the site’s search box. Click “RecordPad Sound Recorder”, download-install-and-run a free audio recording software. (Make sure that your broadband Internet connection to your PC is running even when working on that software to update.)
  2. Insert a jack of its extension line of (1) two CD/MP3-to-Aux jack connected with RCA jack coupler or (2) CD/MP3-to-car input stereo jack to an earphone jack of a handset, and insert its another jack to an either a line-in (blue) jack or mic-in (red) jack of a PC sound card (if required).  Make sure that the above-mentioned audio extension line is connected tightly to access two-channel sound.
  3. handset-to-mic-or-line-in-pcaudio_stereo-rca-or-line

  4. Click an “Options” icon or menu and find a settings to set an audio codec format in “PCM Uncompressed, 44100 Hz, 16 bits, Stereo”. Click OK.
  5. Open a Master Volume icon found in System Tray task bar and adjust to a low level on both “Wave” and “Master Volume” to normalize sound volume (see below). Adjusting to a higher level may cause sound distortion or noise when record.
  6. Click “Record” on a recording software and then play the encrypted MP3 music from the handset. Let it record for three minutes and 50 seconds. Make sure that the recording software must not exceed to “high” on its two-channel volume indicator. When it’s done as the level indicator drops completely, you may edit the recorded sound.
  7. Save an edited, recorded sound and you may export to MP3 (or any audio codec) format file.

Make sure your precious high-quality digitally-recorded analog sound from the site’s complete full-length song play to a recording software should not have a muffled sound and sound distortion even when exporting audio. And when you share your recorded sound of latest Sarah Geronimo protected MP3 song exclusively available only on MyPhone QP29, don’t forget about copyright regulations, because “reproducing a song is forbidden to the public without permission from the original work” so keep it personal!


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