Sarah Geronimo Loving A Future Dream Boyfriend Aged One-Year Younger Than She?

We know that, according to the traditional rule in today’s society, every man is responsible to love every woman who is one or few years old of age younger than a man (for example: man, age 27 years; woman, age 26 years), therefore there are capable to court together. But there is a case when a man who is only one or few years old younger often loves a woman (for example: man, age 25 years; woman, age 27 years). I thought that such case should only be friends together and not capable to court together.

Just as many female artists or personalities around the world often intend to love every man whose age is only one or few years old younger difference than a woman. The mentioned artist was Madonna who was only 40 years of age loving a man who was 30 years of age, bearing two children and become a family. In the Philippines, the most recent was Filipina singer-actress, a former teen sensation, Sarah Geronimo who often intends to meet every leading Filipino male artists such as Rayver Cruz and Gerald Anderson whose age were one years old younger difference than Sarah.

First story: Rayver Cruz became a supporting role with Sarah in the Philippine matinee movie You Changed My Life, with John Lloyd Cruz as a leading role. In spite of the restrictions of Sarah’s parents even though she was now 20-plus years of age, she often meet him secretly without really asking his birth date by means of Internet video call. Soon they were broke up when she heard a mobile speaker phone claiming that he would rather have a relationship with Cristine Reyes, who is one years old older than Rayver. (Cristine and Rayver became a role in Precious Hearts Romances presents Kristine previously aired every night on ABS-CBN.) Cristine, who was responsible of her ranting Twitter message at the end of 2010, had accused against Sarah (though not mentioning Sarah’s name but only aliased “drama princess” and “idol”) for intending to “run” with Rayver, as well as speaking on microphone on a noontime musical variety show ASAP saying “a good dancer may attract sexy women”.

Second story: Sarah and her entertainment company Viva Entertainment have had finally introduced a movie Catch Me… I’m In Love together with Gerald Anderson as a male leading role. Before she and her management had long been delayed in 2009 to do a movie with both Gerald and Rayver in spite of opposition of many fans of Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson, known as “Kimeralds”, even though they had accepted with both Gerald and Sarah on movie an applause. Like Rayver, Gerald was also one years old younger than Sarah.

The latest story was a man named Miguel Villafuerte, son of Camarines Sur governor Raymund “L-Ray” Villafuerte, who was likely to court Sarah in the future. But I convinced whether he would be capable to love with her only if his age should be few months old earlier about May or June (compared with Sarah with a birth month and day of July 25; both Miguel and Sarah with a birth year of 1988), though his birth date not mentioned on most Internet blog sites as well as Philippine entertainment news sites was still unknown due to lack of reliable source. Later I posted an off-topic forum poll on Sarah’s fan site whether she would capable to love with a one-year old difference younger man. Accordingly, 8 votes or 66.67% of respondents agreed while 4 votes or 33.33% of a few respondents and my own vote disagreed. (CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS)

I was often disappointed to Sarah, even Madonna and some other foreign female artists around the world, for intending to love every younger-aged man because of his tall physical appearance, rather than always to love a few-years old man older than she in the future. Her parents Delfin and Divina had realized her own desire wanting to love a dream handsome man despite their own restrictions with her because of hectic studies and career.


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2 Responses to “Sarah Geronimo Loving A Future Dream Boyfriend Aged One-Year Younger Than She?”

  1. ehh Says:

    Honestly, who cares if the woman is younger than the man?? I don’t believe age matters (cliche as it sounds) but maturity. What if the man is older, even years older than the woman, is still unresponsible? I hope you aren’t judging people like Sarah. I don’t see any problem.

  2. sam Says:

    age doesn’t matter. period. there is no law that states a man should be older than a woman for the two of them to be together. What matters is what they feel towards each other, love, responsibility, commitment, respect.

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