10 Craziest Reasons About Sarah Geronimo’s “One Heart” Album

Note: The dialogue expressed by the author of the following article of this blog is based on his personal thoughts on the issue and may not reflect from nor intend to insult through the contents of the release of Sarah Geronimo’s 8th studio album One Heart, which was only clean and wholesome melodic lyrics that can be heard from kids to young adult. The author is open to hear from the web users reading this blog a possible complaints in case they thought if it is there an abuse and would take his displinary action whether he would change or delete the contents of this featured article, so therefore he would like to apologize to them. Viewer’s discretion is advised.

Sarah Geronimo One Heart CD Album Art

Oh well, Sarah Geronimo fans are excited to miss her latest 8th studio debut album One Heart after a few months of delay after the airing a music video of her hit single Sino Nga Ba ‘Sya in early 2011. In spite of negative feedbacks from some concerned loyal Sarah G fans about the lack of upbeat pop-dance song (just as heared on U.S. pop music acts) being bored of sentimental song and a possible intrigues of Sarah-Rayver-Cristine issue, Viva Records was still confident of promoting her latest recording project only a little expense of musical content. But before various record bar stores would release her album this May 14, 2011 or today, I would like to share my humorous thoughts on this blog about the reason for missing out its contents.

Sino Nga Ba ‘Sya

Composed by Vehnee Saturno who produced Sarah’s past hit song “Forever’s Not Enough” and “How Could You Say You Love Me”, the song was about a young woman who react her own feeling when her boyfriend was loving with another girlfriend. This was inspired from her true event when her rumored boyfriend, actor Rayver Cruz of ABS-CBN Star Magic who is only one years old younger than Sarah, left her as confirmed by Sarah’s friend’s mobile phone call when he often befriend with Cristine Reyes as his substitute girlfriend, who were became a lead role of “Precious Hearts Romances Presents Kristine” on ABS-CBN. Sarah was often reacted her own feeling–in spite of her parent’s restrictions–with a dismay, resulting with–together with her strong sobbing tears–emotional pain and heartbreak realizing that “her dream true romantic experience would stall”. Therefore her hit dosed song, aired on her hit music video in the first quarter of 2011, would relieved her painful feeling and often resuscitate her mental romancing by means of self-anger in times that her future romantic break-up would come. Here are my thoughts of the ten craziest funny lines of the “chorus” lyrics of “Sino Nga Ba ‘Sya”:

One, “Sino nga ba siya sa isip mo / at kayang mabuwang mo sa kanya…” (Obsessed because of her physical material beauty?)

Two, “Sino nga ba siya sa nadama mo / at kayang mong maalindog sa kanya…” (Loving with a GRO, ooooh!)

Three, “Sino nga ba siya sa labi niya / na may puno ng kamandag na hinalik mo…” (Who’s she, Valentina?)

Four, “Sino nga ba siya sa ugali niya / na may tinding kayabangang minahal mo…” (Maybe Marian Rivera?)

Five, “Sino nga ba siyang minahal mo / na balak tumatalik nang mahalang…” (Rude sex, of course, he, he, he, he!)

Six, “Sino nga ba siyang binulabog mo / at ‘di ka humingi ng paumanhin…” (That’s what most clumsy man often disturb young women… Embarrassment!)

Seven, “Sino nga ba sinisigawan mo / na may poot ka na walang kabuluhan…” (Moron man?)

Eight, “Sino nga ba sinasampal sa ‘yo / nang dahil sa kapakalan ng mukha mo…” (That’s what every woman hate ugly-faced, bad-mannered man, he, he, he, he! That dialogue is “Only in the Philippines”.)

Nine, “Sino nga ba siyang hinahangaan mo / bigla kang hinimatay pagkawala niya…” (Dying sexy actress, as a man being as a fan for her become depressed?)

And on the tenth list, “Sino nga ba siya sa ganda niya / kaya balak mong kiligin nang madla…” (Again, just as I mentioned on the first list, obsessed too strong for her!)

Kung Siya Ang Mahal

This was a follow-up of “Sino Nga Ba ‘Sya”, composed again by Vehnee Saturno a few weeks or months before the latter song, was about a lone young woman reminding to her ex-boyfriend loving another girlfriend to give respect together with good-mannered romancing, right before she left him in vain. Unlike its aforementioned first sequel of the song, it become a fewer hit not only for her loyal fans but also for non-supporter who were giving a good positive reviews after they heard on FM Radio in the Philippines such as Love Radio, Yes! FM, WRR, and Energy FM. But here are the ten craziest ways of pleading her boyfriend based on the message of the song “Kung Siya Ang Mahal”:

One, “original girlfriend” would become a maid as a special substitute girlfriend once she would serve her boyfriend’s “another girlfriend”, and once she found that “another girlfriend” became “toying” to “original girlfriend’s” boyfriend, she would smack like a punching bag against “another girlfriend”.

Two, “original girlfriend” would become a nun once her purpose is to monitor her boyfriend’s “another girlfriend” and when “another girlfriend” did evil for “toying” “original girlfriend’s” boyfriend, “original girlfriend” would pray to the Lord and remind Him to punish “another girlfriend”. (“Go to hell!”, she said.)

Three, “original girlfriend” would become a news anchor once her purpose is to report the fact that her boyfriend befriends “another girlfriend” and reminds to the audience is to punish “another girlfriend”.

Four, “original girlfriend” would become a teacher and reminds to her students not to imitate her broken relationship with her boyfriend loving “another girlfriend”, therefore she commands them to take a “corporal punishment” against “another girlfriend”.

Five, “original girlfriend” would become a lawyer and her purpose is to judge against her boyfriend loving “another girlfriend” for a corny punishment such as feather tickling.

Six, “original girlfriend” would become a lone protest rally and her purpose is to boycott against “another girlfriend”, utterly shouting with a (mild?) foul words. (What is it? Censored! :p )

Seven, “original girlfriend” would become a DJ and plays several “heartbreak song” rather than a friendly “love song” dedicated her boyfriend loving “another girlfriend”, such as Sarah G’s hitsong “How Could You Say You Love Me” and “I Still Believe In Loving You” several times. (Maybe the audience would be bored to hear heartbreak song, or else they would tend to complain.) Or worse, she would sing her own self-composed heartbreak song on her mind with a full of explosive voice targetting the two for splitting with their relationship together.

Eight, “original girlfriend” would become a police woman and her purpose is to arrest her boyfriend for loving “another girlfriend”. But instead of putting him into jail, she would squat him and tickle him with a stun gun at low voltage. (Maybe his armpit…? He, he, he, he!)

Nine, “original girlfriend” tends to “crucify” her boyfriend by means of “Teddy Bear” posture style, so she would like to giggle and cuddle him to make sure that he would love her again and left “another girlfriend”.

And on the tenth list, “original girlfriend” tends to hang both her boyfriend and “another girlfriend” for her own corny ritual such as “sun dance” and “power hug” as if she would giggle for their guilt.


This was the first time when Callalily frontman Kean Cipriano, in his Twitter message account site, met with Sarah Geronimo to become a duet for the non-hit song “Bata”. I often realized and convinced that the content of the song was either the same or different from the version of “Batang-Bata Ka Pa” performed by APO Hiking Society and later revived by Sugarfree, which was now disbanded. While I’m not sure about this but I would miss it to hear for the release of her latest album once I would buy it, here are my thoughts of the 10 craziest theme about the song “Bata”:

One, it is about the romancing little boy and girl who were tickle together with a “Teddy Bear” style of posture, believing they would promise to love together with a corny stuff.

Two, it is about the romancing little boy and girl who were talking together for having a “baby talk” style like “a doo, doo, da, da”. What the heck about that, about their cuteness or rather, an unknown mannerisms?

Three, it is about the romancing little boy and girl who were meeting with their parents having with a “nursery school” style of confessing. What kind is this, just like playing with a doll house?

Four, it is about the romancing little boy and girl who were teasing together like a clown merrying with a lousy motivation.

Five, it is about the romancing little boy and girl who were drawing together having a stick figure appearance embracing together, reminding a promise to love together. What kind of background drawing would appear aside from boy-and-girl stick figure, such as birthday party or playground or mostly, disco party?

Six, it is about the romancing little boy and girl who were singing together… But what if they would rather sing “Eh Kasi Bata”.

Seven, it is about the romancing little boy and girl who were studying together such as reading books… Wehh, but what if they would rather look every page of a book rather than to read, but their learning skills a little bit, and then they giggle together?

Eight, it is about the romancing little boy and girl who were eating together in fastfood chain teasing together for love promises while they would stumble to play around other people… (What’s this, just like food fight?)

Nine, it is about the romancing little boy and girl who were exercise or play together while they were looking together not only their physical looks but also their cuddling acts. (Not so funny I mentioned, what if I’ll say they would have a chicken dance, lion dance, or any other wholesome animal dance steps style of exercise.)

And on the tenth list, it is about the romancing little boy and girl who were playing together while being naked in the rain, believing they would promise to love together. Take note: they don’t tend for a rude sexual contact (unlike someone watching adult porn video) but rather a “nudist style” for their sensuality. What else? While they would watched their nakedness, they often jump or jog still while facing with their cute smile. Eeeeeee, he, he, he, he!

One Heart

Sarah Geronimo chooses the title of her 8th studio album–included the same title of her non-hit song–in which its theme was about a lonely heart of a young woman trying to dream a true, matured romantic feeling for a dream boyfriend in spite of her difficult times. What else this 10 craziest reasons of using the title of her album? (I would short these lines…)

One, it is all about jolly good time of romancing.

Two, it is all about a slapstick style of hurting each other for loving.

Three, it is all about a not-so-happily-ever-after but rather a hang-up romantic promises.

Four, it is all about a half-hearted romantic bone-head.

Five, it is all about live-and-kickin’ hearted romantic gigle, applausing many outsiders.

Six, it is all about a stupid lying of loving, shrinking their heart (opposite just like Pinocchio who often tell a lie so his nose streches) as if they would stall their romantic feeling.

Seven, it is all about a boo-boo never-ending confession, having with a poem style of romantic clown acting.

Eight, it is all about ill-fated, stalled pumping of their romantic heart, or else with hiccups.

Nine, it is all about bunjee-jumping style of success or failure of romancing.

And on the tenth list, it is all about breathe-in breathe-out relaxation of shaky romantic confusion.

Well good luck for the release of her album, whether many people who were not loyal to her would like to buy it or not.

Sarah Geronimo’s One Heart is available on Odyssey stores at leading malls nationwide.


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