Robin Padilla Returns On ABS-CBN This 2011

Remember when action star Robin Padilla last appeared on action drama TV show Basta’t Kasama Kita together with Judy Ann Santos on ABS-CBN last early 2000s, as well as his guest appearance on Wansapanataym. Now, after two years of his break from his previous TV appearance on GMA-7 such as Asian Treasure (together with Angel Locsin), Joaquin Bordado, and Totoy Bato (together with Regine Velasquez) in mid-2000s, Robin goes back to ABS-CBN in 2011 on the latest action drama series Guns And Roses together with Bea Alonzo.

Now the question is: can loyal fan of Robin Padilla be ready to watch Channel 2 of ABS-CBN again in Mega Manila (not mentioning nationwide and worldwide TV broadcast of ABS-CBN) if they would left to watch Channel 7 of GMA Network momentarily?

Before Robin Padilla left ABS-CBN in early mid-2000s, he often saw a great advantage of clear analog TV video signal of Channel 7 in Metro Manila because of strong analog TV transmission as well as greater household count of estimately 30% tuning on aforementioned channel compared to 25% of household on Channel 2, so therefore he was confident to earn high talent fee given from GMA-7 via advertisers.

However, Robin gave short of his future project on GMA-7 after his finale of the show Totoy Bato was so unpopular because of the problem in scriptwriting quality. While his daughter Bella Padilla, who is now part of GMA artist family, currently appears on Channel 7 in 2010 until present, Robin changes back his mind to appear again to ABS-CBN because of his belief of the network’s nationwide TV dominance.

Loyal Robin Padilla fans, mostly ordinary men, would welcome to tune back to Channel 2—only if they would use only a genuine branded analog TV set rather than Japan Surplus TV—from Channel 7 where he appeared previously, but they would require to buy high quality outdoor TV antenna—such as Baron Antenna—in order to access Channel 2 since it does not absorb to ordinary or substandard TV antenna to analog TV set, unlike Channel 7 that requires only indoor antenna or a lone antenna wire.

Another problem: Channel 2 would impossible to reach 30% of Mega Manila household once ABS will have to launch the show Guns And Roses but only 26% to 28% as overshadowed by Wil Time Big Time and other primetime shows on TV5 registering 18% of household, as well as primetime GMA-7 shows registering only—projectedly—20% to 24% of household in 2011.

And aside from TV household count, another issue is the TV audience count known as “People Meter”—a survey system that measures a number of people watching TV not only in household but also outdoor TV viewing—made by AGB Nielsen launched in 2010. To address this problem, ABS-CBN would plan to re-launch mobile LED TV wall just as they done to air the finale of Mara Clara last May 30 to June 3 of 2011 in order to gain People Meter data survey in Mega Manila by promoting the people to watch. Here’s my own speculation: ABS-CBN mobile LED TV wall uses ISDB-T-based digital terrestrial television (DTT) set top box (STB) that accesses Channel 2 in DTV format instead of using satellite dish with DTV satellite STB or outdoor TV antenna with analog TV tuner box. The ISDB-T DTT transmission of ABS-CBN, which is part of the initiative for the full shift from analog to digital back in 2007 that was previously done a test trial using only DVB-T, is currently under “test broadcast” stage and not accessible for public DTT reception due to the encrypted DTV content.

That would be a great challenge for Robin Padilla to appear again on ABS-CBN, so I’ll see whether the kababayans around Mega Manila would favor to watch his latest TV show or not. So good luck of his new TV show.


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