A Something New Look Of Sarah Geronimo’s Comeback This Mid-2011?

As Sarah Geronimo recently took for a study in the United States for five weeks or more following a break of her TV appearance on ASAP in order to train more singing and dancing skills for future recording project and major concerts, we are not sure what would be a major change of her personality in young adult years compared from her previous teen years that became a click for a young audience. But expect that her future comeback would become more mature, bolder, and energetic that would wow for her younger fans, even though she would retain her wholesome image without having to compete and compare with other young adult sexy female artists having a daring image suited only for a present adult audience.

Secondly, report has confirmed that Sarah would have to collaborate with Charice Pempengco in Hollywood for future international recording, as well as her future possible matinee Hollywood movie if possible, right after Charice’s own Hollywood movie project coming soon. Even though Sarah’s movie would not have to compete with Charice’s movie as mentioned.

And thirdly, we wish that (1) her latest music video Kung Siya Ang Mahal as her 2nd single of her album One Heart; and (2) her latest TV ad of Belo Essentials together with Angeline Quinto should release immediately even when she was absent of live TV appearance. Without them, not only we would feel boring to watch other music videos and TV ads respectively, but the concern of this is that she would not easily able to earn a talent fee for her financial needs.

Oh well, I have to share my speculative view whether it would be true or not in time of her future comeback. Here are the lists below:

  • Her singing skill would become naturally leaner and sexier aside from her powerful high note in her previous and present mainstream songs on CD album and FM radio. But she would beware from future criticisms because the attempt of using a sexy singing voice mode would act as like as Paris Hilton’s corny “babying” sexy singing voice.
  • Aside from her improved dancing skill in the future, she would likely to learn acrobatic or gymnastic skills, only if she would take proper nutritious diet and exercise. Remember when she took only veggies and fruits during her teen years in order to eliminate “baby fat” in her belly. We would likely wish that she would learn to split and tumbling, hi, hi, hi, hi!
  • Her acting skill would improve better. But if not, she would likely to practice her real-life sobbing tears in time of her break-up of Rayver Cruz, just as elaborated on March 2011 issue of Yes! Magazine. Crying baby, drama princess!
  • Her personal fashion in apparel, shoes, and make-up would improve more just as like as a typical adult fashion only in wholesome look, reducing or eliminating teen-like look just as in Unica Hija, looking teenybop, slightly corny.
  • Her physical height, currently at 5’5″, would become taller—without wearing high heels—by means of natural method of height enhancement such as corn seed on her toes and drinking non-fat milk, purportedly.
  • Her various personal skills coming from her studies—such as business, academics, or artistry; I thought—would nourish about a bit. But she would beware of future “babying” poor general labor as mentioned above aside from just entertainment.
  • Sarah would retain to follow a traditional family bonding with her parents as well as prayers. But what if she would do alone learning with a personal good habit of communicating? She doesn’t do a “baby act” or “wild cat”!

I’ll see it for her possible change of her career in the future, even her adulthood.

Sarah’s latest debut CD album One Heart is now a near platinum record sales as of June 2011. So keep supporting to buy a copy at leading record bars nationwide.


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