What’s Benefiting An HDTV Household Unit In Philippine DTT Broadcast This 2011

Finally, the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) has finally adopted a digital terrestrial television (DTT) format called Integrated Services for Digital Broadcast-Terrestrial (ISDB-T) from Japan last June of 2010 as a major standard for Philippine DTV broadcast streaming, not only give a free-DTV-viewing experience just as (a near phase-out of) terrestrial analog TV but also benefit for middle and lower class Philippine residents.

While the NTC would release an Implementing Rules and Regulation (IRR) by July 1 of 2011 before rolling out a full commercialization of ISDB-T broadcast format, TV networks such as NBN, GEM TV, ABS-CBN, and TV5 (GMA-7 has not yet ready) are now ready to broadcast such format in full stream by August of 2011 or by 2012.

Meanwhile, we wish that most major appliance stores, electronic shops, or outdoor stalls would release commercially an ISDB-T set-top-box (STB), costing about only P 1,500 per unit (versus DVB-T/T2that would benefit for ordinary Filipino community. And not only that, they should also consider to buy a low-cost widescreen LCD TV display available in retail mall stores as a replacement of CRT TV, rather than to buy a large, expensive widescreen LCD TV (even 1080p or UHDTV resolution) costing about P 20,000 to P 500,000.

The following example listed below shows a brand of low-cost LCD widescreen TV display ranging from P 5,000 to P 9,000 I often looked around retail mall stores. These units use only 720p format, in which they are compatible to 1080p as a substitute of 1080i format, a 720p equivalent system.

  • Astron 15″ P 6389
  • Changhong 19″ P 9490
  • Coby 22″ P 7999
  • Coby 24″ P 9699
  • Coby 15″ P 5499
  • American Home 22″ P 7499
  • Matrix 22″ P 8999
  • Matrix 15″ P 5499
  • Pensonic 19″ P 6499
  • Pensonic 22″ P 7499
  • Fukuda 15″ P 5499
  • Xenon 19″ P 7499
  • Xenon 22″ P 9399
  • Sanyo 19″ P 8499

Other locally-made and/or Chinese-made LCD widescreen TVs not listed above include—if available— Promac and Sansui ranging a size of 15″, 19″, 22″, and 24″ and a price of P 5,000 to P 9,000, respectively.

After this, setting between 720p LCD TV and ISDB-T STB is very simple as well as installing DTV antenna, as shown below. Correction: the cost of entire unit shown in the figure, including DTV antenna, is only abot P 7,000 to P 11,000.


Oh well, I’ll see if most ordinary people would benefit it in the near future.


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2 Responses to “What’s Benefiting An HDTV Household Unit In Philippine DTT Broadcast This 2011”

  1. Les Says:

    Where can I purchase the ISDB-T set top box?

  2. albcorph Says:

    @Les ISDB-T set-top-box is not yet available as of press time. Just wait for the release of IRR maybe at the end of 1st qtr of 2012.

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