The Best Of Asian Artists Of 2011 On Facebook: What’s Your Bet?

Dear people of America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia, have had you ever enjoyed to watch popular Chinese movies full of Kung Fu scenes such as popular stars like Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Bruce Lee, and Stephen Chow? Not only that, there’s a popular Philippine classic movies of the ’70s to ’90s–in spite of low quality film shot and monaural audio compared to Hollywood movies such as crystal clear detail and hi-fi surround sound at present, though not exported to play worldwide–such as the popular role of Sharon Cuneta, vilma Santos, Robin Padilla, Fernando Poe Jr., German Moreno, Nora Aunor (who appeared in Himala as awarded by CNN Asia Pacific Screen Awards in 2008), and Ramon Revilla Sr. (who appeared in “Agimat” movie franchise series). Another is the popular Japanese cartoons and sentai such as Ultraman, Voltron, Pokemon, Zoids, and many others. And there’s a Philippine music of the ’70s to present, often called “original Philippine music” or “OPM”, such as APO Hiking Society, Gary Valenciano, Regine Velasquez, and Francis Magalona. These are the examples of the popular Asian entertainment that contributed their economic and social development on the Asian shores in order to compete with a popular Hollywood movies and music from the U.S.

And in the middle of 2011, a Facebook page entitled The Best In Asia ( was launched a vote featuring a selected Asian artists that contributed their local Asian entertainment industry from being a good role model in and out of the scene in the eyes of good perception of the Asian public. The author of the Facebook page, allegedly originated whether in the Philippines or any Asian countries, was unknown. Who are these on the page? Let’s find out.

Included Popular Asian Artist

Firstly, I’ll mention Filipino artists. The included feature artists posted on the picture of Facebook page were:

  • Ogie Alcasid (who contributed popular Tagalog sentimental love songs in the ’80s) [Currently at lowest number of “like” votes.]
  • Sarah Geronimo (who contributed her wholesome image during her teenage years in 2003 aside of singing and acting.) [Currently at highest “like” votes.]
  • Enchong Dee
  • Gerald Anderson (who appeared on reality TV show Pinoy Big Brother)
  • Kim Chiu (who appeared on reality TV show Pinoy Big Brother and part of the cast of a TV novel Sana Maulit Muli released thru China and some Asian countries)
  • Erich Gonzales (who appeared on movie remake TV novel Katorse)
  • Sam Conception (who appeared as a finalist in Little Big Star and currently in dance TV drama novel Good Vibes)
  • Christian Bautista (who was also entered and exposed in Indonesia from Philippine shores contributing his singing career) [Currently at highest “like” votes under Favorite male singer category]
  • Coco Martin (who appeared in popular Philippine digital movie Noy)

The rest of the posted picture of Facebook page, currently at the lowest number of “Like” votes over Filipino artists at about more than 100, were the Korean, Indonesian, Taiwanese, and Japanese artists appeared in various matinee TV series, as well as the female artists behind Korean TV novel series Autumn In My Heart and Jewel In The Palace, and even a popular Korean pop music. I can’t even memorize the names… but I only knew Filipino artists as mentioned above, because I am only a Filipino citizen authored on this blog.

Not Included Popular Asian Artists

Since the purpose of the Facebook site features only selected “good role model” Asian artists being nominated for the awarding as favorite bet, there were the shortlisted Asian artists because of several reason. Who are these?

  • Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes of Philippines (who appeared in the remake version of hit TV soap series Mara Clara in the ’90s portrayed by Judy Ann Santos and Gladys Reyes. Featured artists are in new entry but does not have succeeded career status.)
  • Barbie Forteza of Philippines (who appeared in matinee TV series First Time and currently Tween Hearts. She also appeared in controversial TV drama Nita Negrita in spite of racial concerns to the televiewers.)
  • Marian Rivera of Philippines (who appeared in Philippine version of Mexican TV drama Marimar, portrayed by Thalia. Later appeared in Dyesibel, Ang Babaeng Hinugot Sa Aking Tadyang, Darna, and currently Amaya. Sometimes considered slightly wicked because of her misbehavior.)
  • Charice Pempengco of Philippines (who became a runner-up of Little Big Star. She later became an international star thanks to a YouTube video clip being a guest of a Korean talent TV show Star King. Not counted for the nomination because of little local entertainment scene, such as her localized music album in 2008.)
  • Agnes Monica of Indonesia (who appeared during her respective childhood and teenage years as a singer and later became as an actress. Already featured and appeared in [], but possible nomination for the site was uncertain.)

How To Vote?

If you like to bet a featured Asian artists, just go the Facebook page ( and click the “Like” button in order to vote. Then click a “Photos” page, click the category, click a photo of featured artists and click “Like” to vote. Try to visit over Google search or Wikipedia article page to know more about the bibliography and career status of featured Asian artists. So vote wisely!


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