The Simultaneous Death of the Filipino Artists’ Family Relationship of 2011

There was a great shock about the phenomenal simultaneous death of the family relatives of Filipino entertainment artists such as singer Charice Pempengco (the murderous death of his father) and veteran actor Ramon Revilla Sr. (the murderous death of his grandson Ram Revilla) happened at the end of 3rd quarter of the year of 2011. The aforementioned two artist’s (slight) bitter memories have been flourished such tragic event in the history of the Philippines when such family problem was not so cautious to value their lives, without knowing about the dangers of individual conflicts and envies. As for the two, sometimes they don’t care because of their fear that their family in separate event would be hurt so much by hellish interest. We often wondered why such happened, as the “phantom of Death’s time frame” often held these two separate events felt by these two artists. Even the Philippines and the world often seemed aback about their timely bitter lives as their dissidence was faded momentarily.

For Charice Pempengco and Ramon Revilla Sr., this blog and the loyal artists’ fans has been sympathized for the loss of their family loved ones. May God bless them and they will rest in peace.


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