ABS-CBN “Cries Foul” Against GMA-7 Mega Manila Redominance TV Survey Claimants in 2011?

The Lopez-owned TV network in the Philippines has felt their fear that their local analog terrestrial TV channel in Metro Manila would lost its exposure by the eyes of Mega Manila people, following that their current noontime TV show, afternoon shows, interactive talent show Showtime, and morning shows only registers low TV audience count and low household TV sets in 2011.

This in turn when a controversial TV surveying system made by AGB Nielsen (as heavily influenced by GMA Network and reported by PEP.ph) such as People Meter introduced in 2010 and TV Household Meter currently from 2005 has claimed that GMA-7 gains fewer audience count on both household and outdoor and regains TV household count as well as rampant ‘Surplus TV’ and some appliance stores, even establishments and moving vehicles with TV. Accordingly, GMA-7 was restrengthened TV show offering such as popular Japanese cartoons, block time movies, and afternoon TV drama shows, even in longest-running noontime show Eat Bulaga!, due to the perception of many people to watch with high praise after they were dissatisfied to watch both ABS-CBN and TV5 shows.

And as in the case of current ABS-CBN noontime show Happy Yipee Yehey!, the loyalist of Eat Bulaga on GMA-7 and even the loyalist—mostly poor people—of Willie Revillame’s nightly variety game show on TV5 may not welcome to watch it due to several reasons, saying it was so boring and corny because of little lucid jokes and even the absence of Willie Revillame due to his self-firer in 2010.

However, ABS-CBN has its question: is the TV surveying result accurate due to the people’s perception to repromote to watch GMA-7, or is it being ‘vandalized’ in spite of widespread Surplus TV, TV in establishments, and motorized TV?

ABS-CBN has been consulted to Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS) media research in 2006 (later renamed as Kantar TNS in 2010) whose purpose is to correct the flaws from TV surveying data made from AGB Nielsen. Instead of using a conventional TV metering panel being controlled by household only as being devised by AGB Nielsen on their server system, TNS uses only an advanced digital mapping TV surveying system being controlled by legitimate PC programmer as media agent located at its satellite offices not only in Mega Manila but also nationwide. (CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS) For fairness of accuracy, the TNS TV surveying system first focuses only on terrestrial analog TV transmission rather than combining with cable and satellite TV transmission, since the latter has different media surveying agent.

While ABS-CBN has declined to release a version of a full accurate terrestrial analog TV surveying system in Mega Manila made by Kantar TNS by this date fearing that it would be the same—though different—as that of a version of AGB Nielsen, here are my own scenario to show that GMA-7 currently gains TV audience count in Mega Manila:

  • About thousands of TV sets on most buses and other motorized vehicles have been tuning on Channel 7 around Metro Manila. Since a bus carries about 50 passengers, thousands of units with TV set would gain about more than 100,000 passengers that intentionally watch Channel 7 per hour, with a total of more than 1 million passengers as a substitute of TV audience in 12 hours.
  • About approximately 1,000 TV sets in business establishments and various shanty areas around Metro and Mega Manila have been tuning on Channel 7, loading about tens of thousands of available people watching TV in 8 hours.
  • In spite of rampant Japan Surplus TV and some appliance stores that would interfere legitimate terrestrial analog TV household count, in reality only about 8% to 10% of Mega Manila households (under classes B, C, D, and E) with terrestrial analog TV sets on both morning and afternoon slot watching Channel 7, as well as watching Eat Bulaga! and various evening GMA-7 TV shows with about 15% to 20% of households down from 30% from 2005 to 2010, tying up on ABS-CBN and TV5 shows as of that date. (Happy Yipee Yehey! on ABS-CBN only registers about 2% of TV viewing population and 6% to 8% on TV households, claimed by AGB Nielsen) The actual TV audience count in households for Channel 7 by 2011 was unknown, but it would gain only less than 1 to 1.5 million views in 18 hours, down from 3 to 4 million views from 2005 to 2010. This prediction of mine is currently coincidental and not based on actual result.

If the TV survey from AGB would be true, that would be a ‘big slap’ from millions of loyal televiewer of GMA-7 and their favorite artist of the network in Mega Manila against ABS-CBN. Even though they would reject to hear a word ‘sorry’ from ABS-CBN management “as a mark of their shame”, they said. Or else they would hate to watch ABS-CBN shows as a plan to close it again, just as the closure during Martial Law years. And hell yes, they would stick to watch GMA-7 on their analog TV set forever so that their favorite analog TV channel from GMA Network as being incorporal (meaning being dependent of direct promotions to many people) would become rich thanks for watching a TV ads in order to buy products as a root to pay from the sponsor of the advertisers. Loyal televiewers of ABS-CBN, though respected, did not felt the rants of them.

ABS-CBN has no plan to have defamatory speech against GMA-7 in spite of their own questionable TV surveying result from AGB, but rather respected to them because of contribution of promotional and financial needs. Even though the remains from being corporal (meaning being helped from private sector and the sponsor of media advertisers by limited financial means) TV network as a member of the Kapisanan ng mga Broadkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP), they would give their best to restore their TV entertainment values and that would be careful so much for moral reason. It would take a long few years to heal their wounds on how to repromote many people to watch their analog local TV channel before they would apologize from past mistakes. And while digital terrestrial television (DTTV) broadcast in the Philippines using ISDB-T started in trial period in 2008 has not yet to become mainstream, the ABS-CBN terrestrial analog TV broadcast would lost its exposure by the eyes of the loyal televiewer of GMA-7 and some other people in Mega Manila not only on the issue of analog TV reception problem, but also been criticized from being irresponsible saying that the management of the network would “likely become evil” just as for example in Ultra stampede tragedy in 2005.


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3 Responses to “ABS-CBN “Cries Foul” Against GMA-7 Mega Manila Redominance TV Survey Claimants in 2011?”

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