Earned High Gross Movies of 2011 From Viva Films Philippines: Where It Would Hold To Pay?

Luckily, Viva Entertainment Philippines has boosted its entertainment industry in 2011 after succeeding its respective highest gross movies like No Other Woman (played by Anne Curtis, Derek Ramsay, and Cristine Reyes) and Praybeyt Benjamin (inspired from classic Philippine movie Kumander Gringa starring Roderick Paulate and played by Vice Ganda for the “remake”) with P 240 million and P 300 million. Now, how would the company to hold a big buck of money for their future entertainment project and even its facility, as well as paying a talent fee for their artists and even a salary for their employees?

According to my own suggested thoughts or ideas, with a total of over P 600 million as of 2011, Viva Entertainment should divide into four out of five: (1) 20% or P 120 million for buying digital HD video equipment for future TV shows, home video systems, and cable TV broadcasting; (2) 20% P 120 million for upgrading film movie equipment, such as advanced film movie cameras, digitally-processed film editing and recording, and digital sound film editing; (3) 5% or P 30 million for upgrading audio recording equipment, if necessary; and (4) 15% or P 90 million for talent fee for artists and salary for the employees, as well as taxes and other utility-based facilities.

The fifth one is that even variety game show host Willie Revillame was publicly announced that his nightly variety game show on TV5 would introduce a new studio having a seating capacity of 1,000 people located on the new TV5 station building in Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Philippines starting January 2012. The funds for the construction of a new stage inside a new TV5 studio complex was not only came from the “money vault” of both Willie’s production company Wil Productions Inc. paid from the sponsors and Media Quest Corporation headed by Smart Communications founder Manny Pangilinan but, according from my own thought via anonymous sources, also came from the aforementioned movie gross of Viva Entertainment as a co-production for them with 35% share or estimately P 210 million and 10% share or P 60 million for a cash prize of the show. (Viva was also produced Willie’s first music album last 2010.) Is my thought true as mentioned or just a speculation? I’ll find out soon only with a reliable sources.

Expect that Viva Entertainment would try their best to promote many Filipino audiences in order to support their future high quality movie shows free of image and sound degradation, unlike their past Philippine movies in the ’80s and ’90s. And else, they would wish an even more movie grosses in the future in order to expand its entertainment facilities.


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