Sarah Geronimo Should Sign A Non-Exclusive Contract On 2012, But It’s Too Late…


We already heard on many Philippine media entertainment news on this year 2011 and that past few years away about the rumors of the transfer of many artists on television. One of the past issue was the transfer from the TV artists of ABS-CBN through other TV networks such as Jolina Magdangal, Patrick Garcia, Dennis Trillio, Martin Agustin, Claudine Barreto, and Heart Evangelista, who were now part of GMA-7 artists family. And now recently Sharon Cuneta and Derek Ramsay on their rumored transfer to TV5 right after Dolphy, Willie Revillame, Tintin Bersola-Babao, and Aga Muhlach. But how about Sarah Geronimo, a singer-actress as part of Viva artists, who should always being a TV appearance crossover on ABS-CBN, TV5, and GMA-7 for maintaining her exposure aside from singing alone?

Recently, Sarah signed another one-year contract of 2012 for an extension of her TV appearance as host and performer on ASAP as well as her upcoming movie from ABS-CBN Star Cinema. The request for having another exclusive contract of ABS-CBN to Sarah Geronimo came from the decision of her supporter, but not just her own decision. They believed that being signing an exclusive contract would give a higher talent fee compared to non-exclusive having only a limited talent fee. This would not happened again for giving a limited talent fee for her on her past movie with John Lloyd Cruz in 2008 as being criticized by her supporter.

The only problem now is that her exposure on mainstream TV aside from airing her hit love song on FM radio as well as her current TV and radio ads would began to erode, mainly due to the fact that her musical variety show ASAP on ABS-CBN as well as her past musical drama IDOL was not well on both TV Household and TV audience count in Mega Manila (not mentioning nationwide and worldwide). We only know that terrestrial analog TV channel 2 (54-60 MHz) in Metro Manila is not detectable to a rampant Japan Surplus TV set due to different radio spectrum (Japanese TV channels 1 to 3 at 90-108 MHz) and can be detectable only on both a genuine standard US TV channel system on commercial analog TV set and even high quality outdoor antenna. And while digital terrestrial television (DTTV) in the Philippines using Japan-based ISDB-T has not yet commercialized in full run, it would be too hard for her to succeed, as many ordinary Filipino people (and even though loyal GMA-7 artists—even Marian Rivera fans—may not welcome for her) did not aware of her.

If she would rather sign a non-exclusive contract, then she would have a chance to promote as a guest appearance through other TV shows of other TV networks such as Eat Bulaga! and Master Showman on GMA-7 (except Party Pilipinas) and Wil Time Big Time on TV5, but this does not mean she would left ABS-CBN as she is currently perform on ASAP and even upcoming drama shows or even a drama episode of Maalaala Mo Kaya. The supposed move from Viva Television—as announced by Willie Revillame on his nightly variety game show in 2010—for Sarah as a host of upcoming singing talent show entitled A Star Is Born on TV5 was scrapped momentarily, mainly because she would have as a resident judge of upcoming worldwide franchise talent program The X Factor Philippines, as well as—though unclear—her own solo musical or talk show on ABS-CBN.

And how about her current endorsements? About millions of pesos being gained for her. Even Sarah became an endorser of the Philippine-based mobile phone maker MyPhone in 2010. Not only on aforementioned GSM-based handset, but according to my own thought via anonymous sources, also like to introduce a brand of mobile or set-top-box DTTV set by 2012 in order to compete other DTTV products from other Philippine-based mobile GSM handset products such as Cherry and Torque. The full basis through reliable sources would be given very soon.

About nearly one and one-fourth year to go before her exclusive contract from Viva Entertainment would expire. It’s not certain whether or not Sarah would left Viva Talent Center and entering through the part of ABS-CBN Star Magic Talent Center, but it’s up to the decision of her supporter even if it would partly consider her exposure to the eyes of the public, not only the loyal televiewer of ABS-CBN but also the loyal televiewer of GMA-7 as well as those people who are not yet experienced to watch a TV set.


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4 Responses to “Sarah Geronimo Should Sign A Non-Exclusive Contract On 2012, But It’s Too Late…”

  1. uhmmm Says:

    sorry… wala akong naintindihan,, hahaha,, magtagalog ka na lang pls… kakapagod magbasa ng article mo!! basta hindi ko maintindihan.. grammar check ka muna ha?!

  2. thyron Says:

    please sarah
    dont attempt to move 2 oder station ha.
    plz2> marMING Ngmamahal sau sa abs

  3. james Says:

    its ok

  4. deiz18 Says:

    ABS dapat c sarah.. ok ?

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