Wishing To Viva Records For Making Greatest Hits Heartbreak & Heartwarmth OPM Hit Love Songs Of 2011

Working Title: Love Struck 2012
To Be Produced: Viva Records
Pending Release: Mid-2012 or late 2012

We are familiar about the successful mainstream career of Sarah Geronimo, Mark Bautista, and Rachelle Ann Go—as part of Viva artist singers in the new generation started in 2003—who were maintained their popularity and exposure as being amazed to the ordinary Filipino masses. We, on the other hand, are not familiar about other Viva artist singers—except for mentioning rock band group like Soapdish and Maldita—from 2004 to the present that sometimes their promotion and exposure were limited resulting to premature or short-lived career status, such as for example Nikki Bacolod, Devotion, 17:28, a boyband of 2006 that I forgot, and many others; otherwise appearing on Sunday noontime musical variety show Party Pilipinas on GMA-7 in order to survive, such as XLR8, Pop Girls, and Miguel Escueta. As for Viva Entertainment based in the Philippines, its affiliate, Viva Records, would do their best to promote so much only if they would give high quality musical industry in spite of online music piracy.

Back then, Viva Records introduced a special compilation album released between 2004 to 2008 entitled “Love Struck” that features the past Original Pinoy Music (OPM) hit love songs performed by various Viva artist singers, including Sarah, Mark, and Rachelle. The music album had produced three sequels, such as “Love Struck”, “Love Struck 2”, and “Love Struck: Duets”.

But today, I ever wish to Viva Records that if they would read this blog, they should produce another compilation album about various original, respective hit heartbreak and heartwarmth love songs from 2010 to 2011 performed by various current and new-come Viva artist singers, even a respective Viva actress and a TV show host. If promised, the possible title of future compilation music album, in which it would plan to release by mid or late 2012, should be, say, “Love Struck 2012”.

Here are the list of possible archived OPM hit love songs based on my Internet research over Viva website using Google search to be used for making a future greatest hits album of 2010 to 2011 as I suggested to Viva:

  1. Sino Nga Ba Siya — Sarah Geronimo
  2. Kahit May Mahal Ka Ng Iba — Mark Bautista
  3. Masasabi Mo Ba — Rachelle Ann Go
  4. ‘Di Na Ako Iibig Pang Muli — April Boy Regino & JC Regino
  5. Pagkakataon — Shamrock & Rachelle Ann Go
  6. Wala Na Tayo — BBS with Kean Cipriano & Eunice
  7. Tinamaan Ako — Anne Curtis
  8. Tanging Pangarap — Arianne Aldecoa
  9. Nakatanim — Jay Perillo
  10. Kiss (Never Let Go) — Thyro Alfaro & Yumi Lacsamana
  11. Por Que — Maldita
  12. I Love You — Willie Revillame
  13. This Moment — Lara Cuevas
  14. Kung Siya Ang Mahal — Sarah Geronimo

Future Sarah Geronimo Album For 2012 or 2013?

After One Heart released in 2011, it is uncertain whether singer-actress Sarah Geronimo would stay to Viva as her 10-year contract would expire by 2013. Even the planned production of future debut music album suited for her before 2013 is currently pending. But before it would be too late, I also wish to Viva that they should grant my sample dream song composition for Sarah that I created in 2008 as posted on my blog (http://alberticornelio-philippines.blogspot.com) as well as fewer times of posting over forums fan page. I only wish to work for her as being an amateur—rather than professional—creation only with a consent of Viva management in spite of my unemployment for labor. Even if my composed song for her would take a little revision of every lyrics, only if they would hire for me!


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