The Best & Worst Daytime & Primetime Soap Operas Of The Philippines 2011

Year 2011 has ended, and now we are now entering the year 2012 when it was claimed to be a near doomsday year event that we ever feared but it was rejected by various scientific expert as a mark of “psychoscience” made by ancient and religious beliefs. Aside from this, I will only consider to discuss on this blog about the most popular and worst featured daytime and nightly daily soap operas in the Philippines currently released in 2011. While various Philippine TV networks currently airing a conventional 525-line (480i in equivalent digital video signal) analog TV broadcast are waiting for the public release of pending final draft of revised Implementing Rules and Regulation (IRR) for operating Japan-based Integrated Services for Digital Broadcasting-Terrestrial (ISDB-T) Digital Terrestrial Television (DTTV) (adopted in mid-2010) made by National Telecommunications Commission (NTC), they often worked hard to produce their own seasonal title TV soaps in order to wow every TV audiences even only SD video format ideal for analog TV set for emerging households, rather than HD widescreen video format for widescreen flat panel TV. But not all TV soaps released in 2011 may guarantee high quality storytelling, theme, and teleplaying having a slight ‘corny’ while focusing only ‘popularity level’.

Here I listed a countdown of the best and the worst teleplay concept quality among the featured seasonal title Philippine TV soap operas of 2011, but not based on TV Household and/or Audience Count around the Philippines from legitimate TV surveying agencies. Not only one but also tied in two, three, or few shows per counting list. Aside from ABS-CBN and GMA-7, TV5 was also joined a line of their drama shows every night after the nightly variety game-show of Willie Revillame.

Nightly TV Soaps

10 — Glamarosa/P.S. I Love You (TV5)

The respective mentioned TV drama show topbilled by Lorna Tolentino (playing the role of medical beauty cosmetics) and Alex Gonzada (playing the former role of Sharon Cuneta in classic 80s matinee Pinoy movie) shows that the two often energized their acting skills a little bit steady in spite that the storytelling of two mentioned TV drama show has a little simplicity of drama scenes.

9 — Iglot (GMA-7)

As a precursor between the previous Mulawin franchise TV fantasy series of GMA-7 and the classic visual-effect-based Philippine movie Anak Ng Bulkan, the show topbills the scene of a monstrous creature of a little chick born from a rocky egg shell held by a little orphaned girl, on which the egg came from a volcano eruption. The show was often inserted a drama scene with mild real-life violence.

8 — Futbolilits/Daldalita/Magic Palayok (GMA-7)

Futbolilits, I thoughtly speculated, was supposed to be a reality sports show of real-life inspiring Filipino boy soccer athlete team in a journey through worldwide junior soccer competition to be produced by GMA News & Public Affairs. However, GMA-7 was momentarily shifted as a fictional, storytelling sports drama soaps on the role of little kids as soccer player, as produced by GMA TV Entertainment Group.

On the other hand, the two featured 6’o clock fantasy show may give a full delight to younger audiences, such as the role of a little girl (played by Jilian Ward) from being talkative and stupid resulting to a “magic-wand” punishment and the role of a magical cooking pot, respectively.

7 — Time Of My Life (GMA-7)

The show has a resemblance of the dance drama show Good Vibes (in which its theme is about family siblings and friendship) on ABS-CBN previously aired every Sunday afternoon after ASAP, but has changed in concept fitted for primetime program, claimed for having a surprisingly energetic dance moves scenes portrayed by various dance talents of GMA-7 appeared in Party Pilipinas, including Starstruck cast Mark Herras, Rocco Nacino, and Kris Bernal. The theme is only about the issue of any form of “mild” scandals encountered on various dance talent cast of the show resulting a momentary break-up. The drama acting skills on most young roles were often flawed a little bit, while the dance scenes was fine in dance steps but its impact is a little bit dull.

6 — Sa Ngalan Ng Ina (TV5)

The comeback appearance of Nora Aunor through this TV drama offering of TV5 may have only a little bit of “wows” of her drama acting skills after a few years of resting. The drama storytelling, as it often portrayed to her as a life of a lonely mother, was lightly simplistic, while the drama teleplay gaining with a few mild violence such as personal conflict and misunderstandings, may be slightly distorted.

5 — The Sisters (TV5); Maria La Del Barrio/Ikaw Ay Pag-Ibig (ABS-CBN)

Former GMA-7 artists Nadine Salmonte on the block of TV5 plays a role of a twin sister in separate places, adapted from comic novelist Rod Santiago. The storytelling and teleplaying was only oversimplicity with a few powerful theme.

Meantime, Maria La Del Barrio (played by Erich Gonzales and Enchong Dee adapted from original Mexican drama played by actress Thalia) has often a slightly lowered powerful teleplay having a good storyline as well as romantic scene. Finally—as a precursor of past Christmas drama such as Sana Ngayong Pasko and Jilian: Namamasko Po on GMA-7—the Christmas fantasy drama Ikaw Ay Pag-Ibig (played by Xyriel Manabat, Zaijan Jaranilla, Mutya Orquillo, and  Louise Abuel) has a Christian-based fantasy scene depicting the search of the lost replica of baby Jesus) has often not only being surreal in visual effects but also being surreal real-life teleplay.

4 — My Binondo Girl/Green Rose/Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin (ABS-CBN); I Heart You Pare (GMA-7)

This fanfare-based drama show of ABS-CBN played by respective artists Kim Chiu (the role of a young woman finding a way to reunite with his distant father in spite of his fortune-seeking needs in Chinese culture, as well as she often transformed as a male imposture), Anne Curtis and Jericho Rosales (playing the role of a young woman who missed a young man blaming to be a murderer), and Coco Martin (playing a role of twin brothers in separate role between a rebel forces and a legitimate army from the government) were often giggled by most fans watching them on TV such as a few young romantic scene, even though the respective theme of the show was good while the drama teleplay creation (except My Binondo girl) was slightly dull and unnatural.

Meanwhile, the humorous scene of I Heart You Pare played by Regine Velasquez (but when she became pregnant, it was momentarily shifted to Iza Calzado) as an astranged singer pretending to be a gay while in her genuine gender was often appraised with good teleplay and several comical stint.

3 — Amaya/Machete/Dwarfina (GMA-7)

The epic action show was inspired from actual historical event in the Philppines about the fall of a princess of Pangasinan, played by Marian Rivera. The dialogue was a purely Tagalog words in order to make it very natural and effective by historical means. It was often featured a past first few week episodes of a controversial scene of skimpy underwear costume for an actress while covering with her long hair without seeing her breast, which was disappointed by most historian in western Visayas.

In spite of the fact that the TV adaptation of classic adult-fantasy movie Machete (portrayed by Aljur Abrenica as a wooden statue turning a human figure) would contain sexual scenes as being feared by most adult televiewers giving forbidden to their younger audiences, the show had claimed to minimize such case in order to yield for them as to give a full delight.

Finally, the dramatic teleplay of Dwarfina (played by Heart Evangelista as a fairy, with Dennis Trillo as a leading male role as a normally human being) seemed good, but not at best. And even though the fantasy scene with a bit of special effects was very good.

2 — Munting Heredera (GMA-7)

The show was topbilled by veteran actress Gloria Romero (playing the role of an old woman as a former heiress in spite of the decline of her financial gain) and director Mario De Los Reyes. It was considered one of the known lucid TV show that has been praised by most televiewers of GMA-7 in remaining 15% to 20% Mega Manila households (not just considering the number of people of intentional viewing of TV sets attuned to Channel 7 in city or provincial buses) where they were dissatisfied to watch various (sometimes fanfare-based) drama shows of ABS-CBN and even TV5. And as for most loyal GMA-7 fantasy show junkies, young or old, they often thought that it was considered a fantasy show and family-oriented (with the inclusion of the scene of trio female child artists playing the role of alleged young heiress) because of their misconception and their curiosity of the title, but in the end they would often disappointed to watch it because of the lack of its fantasy scenes but rather a adult-reality-based mild violence that would be inappropriate for young audiences. Whether or not meant to be a good quality theme, storytelling, and teleplay of the artists being performed, only the management of Philippine Movie Press Club (PMPC) would decide to judge betting as “Best Primetime Drama” in the next season of PMPC Star Awards For Television Awards this 2012.

1 — 100 Days To Heaven/Budoy/Nasaan Ka Elisa (ABS-CBN)

The acting skill of child actress Xyriel Manabat portraying an alter-ego of turning a little girl from being an adult of Madam Ana Manalastas of her assassinated passing through-and-from heaven (co-portrayed by Coney Reyes) was excellent of memorizing an entire dialogue as a typical adult speech and manner, with her infamous line “Kuha mo?” (“Get it?”). Aside from this, the storytelling, theme, and teleplay was simple, natural, and effective. Although it is Christian-based, it was often considered a real fantasy show. I thought it would bet as Best Horror Or Fantasy TV Program (or rather “Best Primetime Drama” in spite of being a fantasy scene?) on the next season of PMPC Star Awards For Television this 2012.

When ABS-CBN was momentarily shelved the pending story of future show entitled “Utoy” (in which it was supposed to play a role of Makisig Morales and Dolphy as a talent of a clown), the network decided to produce a different soap entitled Budoy portraying the life of a lone autism, played by Gerald Anderson. His comical role as mentioned with a little-boy-like-speech and even child-like acting movement may be regard as very natural and effective. And the theme, teleplay, and storytelling were very good.

Finally, the adaptation of hit Spanish American Telenovela to the Philippines (played by Melissa Ricks as Elisa, a young woman who was trapped by a stanger) was appraised by most entertainment press. The teleplay was very good.

Daytime TV Soaps

6 — Alakdana/Blusang Itim/Kokak (GMA-7)

In the tradition of hit fantasy soaps with 3D visual effects every night on GMA-7 started in 2003, the network had decided to produce a daytime fantasy show series claiming to be a hit for most televiewers right after watching Eat Bulaga! First was Alakdana, a story of a girl who have a tail of scorpion. The second and the third are the featured movie adaptation for TV, such as Blusang Itim, a story about a magical black veil that enables an ugly physical appearance of a young woman turning into a real beauty; and Kokak, a story about a young woman turning into a frog once a man kiss her.

As for Alakdana, the show was supposed to be a one-night-weekly mini horror series about the life of a human scorpion woman seeking a revenge for humanity, but it was later substituted as a melodrama. Kokak, on the other hand, was already featured in the fifth season (2010 series to present) of Wansapanataym on ABS-CBN starred by Cristine Reyes, but the version of GMA-7 in full all-5 day-weekly show was starred by Starstruck finalist Sarah Lahbati.

5 — Ikaw Lang Ang Mamahalin/Kung Aagawin Mo Ang Langit (GMA-7)

GMA-7 is currently producing a real-time creation of the cast and the place of aforementioned two shows in 2011, in an attempt to improve effective drama scene just as their past drama shows in the 80s, 90s, and early mid-2000s. There were often a slight rowdy theme, storytelling, and teleplay on these two shows. The acting role for most young stars (except Patrick Garcia appearing in Kung Aagawin Mo Ang Langit) were often clumsy a little bit such as the attempt to play a mild violence such as fistfight and even cruel dialogue and even a romantic role, mainly because of their limited energetic skill. (For a full detail about the story and character of these two shows, check out and type <title of the show><space> under a search keyword text box.)

4 — Sisid (GMA-7)

Inspired from youth-oriented Australian epic TV series Ocean Girl, GMA-7 has created a version in adult-oriented drama. Sisid features a young woman who lived in the barrio-town seashore (played by Jackie Rice as her lead role). When she fled as conflict arises, she moved to metropolitan Manila to find a way the real root of her identity and origin of her biological life. For Jackie, her acting role had improved a bit, among other cast.

3 — Sinner Or Saint/My Lover, My Wife (GMA-7)

Sinner Or Saint is one of the darkest soap opera about obsession for romance, played by Dennis Trillo, Bianca King, and Alessandra de Rossi. While some of the scenes may not be appropriate for younger audiences because of erotic scenes, sensitive adult dialogue, and murder scenes, the theme, storytelling, and teleplay creation were often a mixture of “good to very good”, but not at best.

My Lover, My Wife (played by Maxene Magalona as main role), on the other hand, was also about obsession of romantic partners in the shadow of revenge. The result of the teleplay of erotic scene was often good.

2 — Pahiram Ng Isang Ina (GMA-7)

When I was a little boy I remembered about a cartoon drama movie Nobody’s Boy when I watched a TV, only a few portion of the scenes. And now, closely similar to Carlo J Caparas’ comics novel TV adaptation Pieta (starred by Ryan Agoncillo) already aired on ABS-CBN, GMA-7 had their own version of story creation: the role of a mild rebellious boy seeking a revenge from a syndicate trying to grab her mother.

1 — Reputasyon/Angelito (ABS-CBN)

While this featured afternoon soap was not enough a hit among the number of TV households overshadowed by daytime afternoon soap of GMA-7, Reputasyon only became a hit with a good positive reviews of storytelling creation and teleplay, according to most local entertainment critics and even social media Internet. Cristine Reyes plays the role of Agnes, a young woman as a teacher who was blamed for an affair with a male provincial governor. When this man as mentioned was suffered a heart attack, he pushed to Agnes—who was supposed for begging for a treatment of her father as a farmer—into bed, but she didn’t knew that a paparazzi took a photo shot. Such scandalous plot was done by Catherine (played by Aiko Melendez), a former restaurant-bar dancer and governor’s wife. Agnes must find a way on where is the root of such scandal connecting to Catherine, in spite of injustice.

On the other hand, Angelito plays the role of a teenage boy (starred by JM de Guzman) who took his girlfriend to become pregnant under their age of below 18. His girlfriend’s father and brother tried to kill him from being irresponsible… When his girlfriend bore a baby boy, they tried to escape over his girlfriend’s parents, but while in a bus station his girlfriend—threathened on a warning gunshot of her father—left him carrying a baby boy. As Angelito missed his girlfriend for a momentary separation, he as a teenage father continued to nurture a baby boy in an urban shanties of metropolitan Manila.

Worst Daytime and Nightly TV Soaps

4 — Mutya (ABS-CBN)

Different from Dyesibel, the version of Pablo S Gomez comics TV adaptation foretold about a little girl as a mermaid (played by Mutya Orquilla). One of the slight corny scenes was the intention to sing her a song entitled “Sana’y Pag-Ibig Na Lang” that’s so annoying. The second corny scenes was the underwater battle scenes that seemed so surreal and difficult to maneuver to play—often suitable for young audiences—different from real bloody killings on many action movies.

3 — Bangis (TV5)

While this fantasy TV series generate only near-surreal 3D animated texture and motion for a giant crocodile, the aforementioned may play a role as a friendly creature for the family of a boy who took for a care. The acting skill creation in melodrama style on some scenes was so clumsy.

2 — Babaeng Hampaslupa (TV5)

The show was likely known as a precursor of Philippine movie series franchise Mano Po produced by Regal Films. Sometimes there were a mixture of a setting of a theme and storytelling such as the seperation between the rich and the poor places, the finding of a lost beloved baby girl ’till her grown up as a young lady (portrayed by Alex Gonzada) from the beginning, and the conflict because of their different culture. The acting skill creation as well as a dialogue such as grieving and crying for the cast was so clumsy and unnatural.

1 — Nita Negrita (GMA-7)

This controversial daytime drama soap about the story of a dark-skinned girl (portrayed by Barbie Forteza) who was mysteriously born naturally in the face of real-life white races became a concern for some people—not only in households but also around passengers riding a bus with TV—who complained to watch it as a racist.


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