After “Happy Yipee Yehey”, What’s Next Move Of ABS-CBN This 2012?

Last Thursday, January 26, 2012, a broadsheet newspaper The Philippine Star has posted a breaking news in its Entertainment section that Happy Yipee Yehey will end its airing by February 4, 2012. The main reason: the recent noontime TV show of ABS-CBN has not gained TV household count in time of self-firing of controversial noontime TV host Willie Revillame in 2010 as a result of premature ending of Wowowee, and its successor, Pilipinas Win Na Win, was not also successful. 

Someone thought that both the fans—mostly poor people—of Willie watching current nightly show of aforementioned male host on TV5 and the loyal televiewer of Eat Bulaga on GMA-7 may not welcome to watch Happy Yipee Yehey. Why? Not only popularity may be the issue in spite of lack of exposure and energetic lucid jokes of the show just as Eat Bulaga did, but rather a morality and sensitivity of the content would be the root of the issue. This was the main reason in the past why they refuse to watch Magandang Tanghali Bayan in 4th quarter of 1990s because of scandalous situation of the show such as Willie’s rude joke resulting from censorship class suit of MTRCB.

The ABS-CBN management has often felt their comfort zone on such situation. Even their other daytime TV shows has also affected on the drop of TV household count in entire Mega Manila and the Philippines—though their nightly TV shows remain high—in time of Willie’s absence as a result of the fact that some former loyal ABS-CBN televiers on Class C, D, and E households would miss so much without him. Therefore the network would re-adjust the schedule to air both recent and brand new daytime TV shows to give delight to their loyal televiewers—including the reformat of Showtime (starting on February 6, 2012) from being a former morning “interactive talent program” to become a substitute as “a noontime variety show”—in spite of their threat of uprising TV household count of various daytime GMA-7 TV shows such as blocktime movies, Asianovelas, and even a “little trashy quality” local daytime drama.

Until that time, host John Estrada has announced via a cue on the show Happy Yipee Yehey that “ABS-CBN won’t stop promoting their future ABS-CBN (daytime) shows” to all kababayans not only in Mega Manila (for whom they are still watching free-to-air GMA Channel 7 due to their curiosity of clear video signal by means of strong analog TV transmission) but also all parts of the Philippines “in order to give a new hope” for their financial needs by means of game segment of their future noontime show. ABS-CBN has often learned on the statement of “Big Brother”, in January 28, 2012 episode of Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited, saying that every person must know the true reality of the situation “between life and survival”, and so they did based on their own scientific social issues since “they become sensitive and smarter wanting lucid TV shows”.

But in spite of never-ending rants of loyal televiers of GMA-7 belonging to entire Mega Manila and some key provincial areas against ABS-CBN for “being irresponsible” as posted on the Comments at the bottom of entire article of, the TV network w0uld take a long time to heal their pain and trials in order to regain the support of the number of people watching on TV, only if they would regain their ethical standards from Kapisanan ng mga Broadkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP). They promised that producing high quality standard of their current and future TV shows would become stronger on the next level.


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