10 Craziest Lists Of Gigs On Sarah G Live TV This 2012

sarah geronimo live abs cbn 2012

Braver. Bolder. Fiercer. These are the three words for former teen sensation Philippine singer-actress Sarah Geronimo who is now turning at early mid-20s of her age. As her showbiz career as part of Viva artists would have an upcoming early 10th year anniversary concert this 2012, it was uncertain whether she would stay on the said agency or move to either Star Magic or other artist agency, or even move to other recording company as her 10-year Viva exclusive contract will expire by 2013. And now she must have to improve her own gifted talent following her upcoming solo televised concert Sarah G Live on ABS-CBN after leaving Sunday noontime musical show ASAP (All-Star Afternoon Party) as her “training ground” in the past. Before, Sarah would desire and try to perform her own solo TV show just as on the past solo variety TV shows like Vilma Santos, Nora Aunor, and Sharon Cuneta, only with consent with Vic del Rosario of Viva Entertainment Philippines.  She convinced that—even though her fans was so confident to watch—the TV audience would have a mix of reviews about her upcoming televised performance depending on the quality of her improved singing and dancing skills,  in reality, on stage inside TV studio. But she should have better prepare for more serious tasks…

The problem now is that ABS-CBN was not now well in free-to-air (terrestrial) Analog TV Household Count in Mega Manila this 2012—excluding to consider its local TV airing on cable or satellite TV that remain stable in video signal—following the failure to succeed its daytime TV show slot such as unsuccessful noontime show Happy Yipee Yehey.  (I know that loyal televiewers of longest-running noontime show Eat Bulaga on GMA-7 and even former daytime “Classes C, D, and E” televiewer of ABS-CBN who were still loyal to watch controversial variety TV show host Willie Revillame on TV5—Willing Willie then, now Wil Time Big Time—may not welcome to watch recent ABS-CBN noontime shows, including a reformatted Showtime due to their personal, pop-culture-flavor, and ethical reasons.) The network has faced its biggest challenge on how to repromote to watch Analog TV Channel 2 in that area even without the upcoming full commercialization of ISDB-T (Integrated Services For Digital Broadcasting-Terrestrial) free-to-view DTTV (digital terrestrial television) signal  awaiting for IRR (Implementing Rules And Regulation) from Philippine’s National Telecommunications Commission (NTC).

Sarah, too, has been affected on the threat of eroding her TV exposure on free-to-air Analog TV Channel 2—excluding her exposure on current TV ads that remain stable at all local TV channels—as well as ASAP, leading by a dominant competitor GMA-7 in Mega Manila. (Remember that her musical drama IDOL in 2010 was not enough hit in TV audience count on controversial People Meter on that area, leading over various GMA-7 shows every day and every night, not only on households but also outside households.) If free-to-view DTTV signal would commercialize in the country in the future, then ABS-CBN would not occur a problem to the viewing public, even its offer for her.

On this blog, we will ravel the misadventures of her promotion of her upcoming nightly solo variety show on ABS-CBN in order to lead out—except ASAP—other TV variety shows like Party Pilipinas on GMA-7. The first four list of the ten craziest situations of her gig starts in my humorous thoughts.

GMA-7 Show Guessings

I only wish that if she should sign a non-exclusive TV contract giving a way for a crossover of all local TV networks such as ABS-CBN, GMA-7, and TV5, she would have to promote momentarily—according to my thought—on various TV shows such as Eat Bulaga, Wil Time Big Time, and Master Showman in order to regain her TV exposure to the audience while she was being a regular appearance on ASAP. However, the camp of Sarah Geronimo has decided that she should stick to exclusive contract mainly because the network could give higher talent fee than that of non-exclusive contract, and that she should stay to ABS-CBN momentarily based on their request.

I remember when Sarah became a guest TV appearance on various GMA-7 shows in 2003 such as drama anthology Magpakailanman, musical variety show SOP, and singing talent show Search For A Star. But then loyal televiewers of GMA-7 have had ever forgotten when Viva had transferred Sarah to ABS-CBN in 2004. In spite of every struggles of ABS-CBN to broadcast Sarah’s TV appearance such as Sarah The Teen Princess, Bituing Walang Ningning, Little Big Star, Pangarap Na Bituin, and IDOL following a mix of reviews from every entertainment press, the network would give their best to give excitement not only their remaining loyal televiewers but also to promote other people…

But before ABS-CBN would start to air Sarah’s solo TV variety show every night starting February 26, 2012, she would rather promote various GMA-7 TV shows first—although in reality GMA Network may not yet able promise to reappear her at present—in this 10 craziest possible situation according to my coincidental thoughts:

One, Sarah G Live at Beauty Queen finale.
Two, Sarah G Live at My Beloved graphical heaven scene.
Three, Sarah G Live at Biritera opening guest stage.
Four, Sarah G Live at Munting Heredera thanksgiving dinner.
Five, Sarah G Live at Daldalita birthday party.
Six, Sarah G Live at Broken Vow field shooting showing a woman falling from the bridge into the river.
Seven, Sarah G Live at Amaya finale tribal party.
Eight, Sarah G Live at The Good Daughter prom night.
Nine, Sarah G Live at Alice Bungisngis And The Wonder Walis Halloween party.
And on the tenth list, Sarah G Live at her mall show on some episode of Pepito Manaloto.

Gigs On School Or Venue

I often watch her past gigs outside her TV appearance such as major concert, mall show, and private party lunch in Metro Manila. Even her nationwide and worldwide tour was fine in order to see her appearance not only her many fans but also around many kababayans around the Philippines and Filipino communities around the world, respectively. Such was done for several years until today, sacrificing every hardship of both Sarah and her entire Viva management, earning altogether from the sponsors and other private sectors… But there were some unusual gigs of her that had not yet encounter on the following 10 craziest possible situation for promoting her upcoming solo variety show:

One, Sarah G Live at UST High School Alumni Party
Two, Sarah G Live at Concert At The Park classical music performance
Three, Sarah G Live at the animal pet show
Four, Sarah G Live at her own Jollibee birthday party
Five, Sarah G Live at some public high school gig promotion
Six, Sarah G Live at the major Pinoy rock concert as guests
Seven, Sarah G Live at the military anniversary party
Eight, Sarah G Live at her own promoted condominium opening
Nine, Sarah G Live at the protest rally party in Makati
And on the tenth list, Sarah G Live at her own future graduation of UP Open University

Avoiding Novelty Dance?

Just I mentioned on the intro on this blog, Sarah had improved her singing and dancing skills even when she was absent for three months on ASAP last 2011, giving a way for a serious dance lesson in the US. The choreographer of the dance group G Force, in a press conference of her upcoming solo musical variety show, had amazed her quick improvement with a proper routine, since she was likely become a “fast learner” who follows instructions from a given professional advice. To show that her gifted talent had nourished so much, she was often perform every week on her own segment entitled SOS (“Sarah On Stage”)—formerly called “The Other Side Of Sarah”—on ASAP as her “training ground”.  It took several years to perform before Sarah had decided to do her own concert show only with consent of Boss Vic (del Rosario) and entire Viva management, even her fans’ camp.

Before, Sarah had only a simple dance steps during the start of her career at teen years, in music videos, major concert, and even televised performance. In order to slim down her belly—known as “baby fat”—as a result of wearing a girdle on her lower belly, she—together with an advice of her mother Divine—began to take a balanced diet such as eating fruits and vegetables, even regular excersise (as well as working with a treadmill, as seen on Lucky Me Supreme TV ad). After a long time, she began to wear a slimmer dance costume, and so her fans and even the audience were so surprised…

So let’s see if her upcoming solo performance would become so hot for every televiewers, young or old. In the meantime, there were some unusual novelty dance steps that should be avoided for her momentarily in order to prevent a mark of corny performance scenes, right here on these 10 craziest items of possible scenario:

One, Mag-Exercise Tayo (from Yoyoy Villame)
Two, Spaghetti Song (from Sexbomb Dancers)
Three, Kiliti Ako D’yan (from Baywalk Bodies)
Four, Chicken Dance Song
Five, Babae Ako (from Tuesday Vargas)
Six, Hindi Ako Bakla (from Michael V)
Seven, Itaktak Mo (from Joey de Leon)
Eight, Shembot (from Eat Bulaga)
Nine, Jump Brother (from Eat Bulaga)
And on the tenth list, Kendeng-Kendeng (from Willie Revillame)

Coincidental Real Stories That Should Avoided

We have often seen, read, and hear about the report of the life of every Philippine entertainment artists in this generation. Some artists were good mannered; others being problematic—just as for Marian Rivera, for example—in their career. As for the case of Sarah Geronimo, the only issue—while maintaining her wholesome image and even humane manner dedicated for today’s youth—not only about her parent’s restrictions but also from being a single, trying for an intentional affair for most men—such as Rayver Cruz and Gerald Anderson—who were only one year younger than her age. Another concern was her own privacy of every situation, just as I stated on these 10 craziest coincidental scenarios that she could be avoided to answer for many entertainment press people:

One, her father had occasionally became a game fowl player (sabungero).
Two, her elderly sisters altogether in their twenties and her brother in early preteens would have to revive to play children’s games, recently(?).
Three, her parents had joined Obando classical folk dance.
Four, her mother who became a dressmaker in the past would try to revive an old fashioned dress design at present. Maybe reflect from Unica Hija?
Five, she was often liked girly animé (Japanese cartoon) character.
Six, she was often to begin to crush every boys during her high school days.
Seven, she had often create a private long distance communication with so many boys.
Eight, she had often wear a wholesome two-piece swimsuit on private swimming pool of her rented house.
Nine, she was often dreamed of becoming sexy-naked, privately in her imagination?
And on the tenth spot, she was bottom-nude while she was in toddler years and sometimes in mid-age child years. Even at present?


Whether or not every people would enjoy to watch Sarah’s solo nightly variety show, it’s up to them to watch out for to prove that her improved singing and dancing performance leads out other artists from a rival variety TV show of a rival TV network. Also, when she will perform, she may even have to maintain ethical matters.

Sarah G Live premieres on February 26, 2012, every Sunday night at 8 p.m. on ABS-CBN Channel 2. In order to get a free-to-air (terrestrial) analog TV Channel 2 in Mega Manila, click here to download an info.


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