10 Craziest Scenarios Of The Opening Of Tokyo Sky Tree This 2012

tokyo sky tree

May 22, 2012. This was the expected target date of the opening of Tokyo Sky Tree Tower, the tallest communication tower in the world with the height of 634-meters (the number may be expressed in Japanese “musashi”, named after an ancient province of that area) and being awarded on Guiness Book of World Records in November 2011. The DTTV transmission using ISDB-T at all Japanese TV network HD (high definition) channels for the new tower will be launced by 2013* after moving from Old Tokyo Tower, which was not high enough to host full DTTV transmission (but it would remain as a backup) in the future due to emerging skysrappers. (*Source: docstoc.com)

When Tokyo Sky Tree has completely reached through a given height of its structure to construct in February 2011, most Japanese tourists and nearby Tokyo residents and students gazed to the new tower and someone took a photo shoot through it. Even most Japanese news media locally and international news presses all over the world have been the talk of the town about the new tower in Japanese capital being reported and informed through various local and international communities.

And while the organizer of the new tower would expect to fully prepare for the admission for the tourists, expect that they would likely extend the target date for a few days or weeks due to an important maintenance of its structure after it was strucked by the earthquake in 2011, and even the guidelines. Maybe it would be better to wait for a few long time rather have to go in hurry. Very too much excited for everyone, huh?

Anime Characters Meet The New Tower

Most past and present popular Japanese cartoons on TV or movie often hailed for accomplishing the construction of the new tower in Japan as part of the worldwide trend of skysrappers. Imagine if most Japanese cartoon character and even sentai would gaze it with their different scenarios such as fight scene or comical scene. Include to imagine us about Astroboy in the future flying and landing at the top of Tokyo Sky Tree, or even the fight scene of Mask Raider franchise series. The other craziest fictional scenarios are listed below on the following ten coincidental lists:

One, Ultraman would fight a strange monster whose figure was as like as Tokyo Sky Tree as a fake of a real ones.

Two, Gokou of Dragonball riding a flying cloud whirls all around Tokyo Sky Tree.

Three, Naruto transforming a ‘multiple’ Narutos known as kakebushin runs all over the steel structure of Tokyo Sky Tree.

Four, the Bleach ninja league fights against the evil ghosts inside the tube of Tokyo Sky Tree.

Five, Shaider riding a ‘Blue Hawk’ flying motorcycle runs all over the steel structure of Tokyo Sky Tree.

Six, Lupin III tries to find intentionally a hidden treasure inside Tokyo Sky Tree.

Seven, Doraemon and the kids coming from a time machine (1970s timezone to 2012) meets the Tokyo Sky Tree flying in the sky wearing ‘helicopter hat’ over their head.

Eight, Pikachu and the rest of the Pokemon cute monsters take a sight-seeking inside the observation deck of Tokyo Sky Tree.

Nine, various past (say, growing ups) and present teen manga girls characters meet Tokyo Sky Tree.

And on the tenth list, Sailor Moon and the rest of Sailor warriors meet a feminine monster inside Tokyo Sky Tree.

Gimmicks Around The New Tower

Young and old Japanese and foreign tourists would likely enjoy the new tower in spite of higher admission fees at about ¥3000 (U.S.$30) compared to Old Tokyo Tower at about only less than ¥1000. Sometimes they would gaze around Tokyo skyline inside observation deck or otherwise take a photo shoot or videocam only with a consent of the organizer. Add with more recreation features such as restaurants, theater, inns, and many more. There were other possible scenario in reality of the following ten list of gimmicks around Tokyo Sky Tree:

One, bunjee jumping from the top of the tower. (Recent report posted on TheJapanTimes.co.jp)

Two, rope ziplining from the top of the tower.

Three, “Superman” ziplining from the roof of lower observation deck of the tower to the other building.

Four, marathon race from the base to the upper observation deck of the tower.

Five, parkour chasing on the body of the tower.

Six, breakdancing over the floor roof of every observation deck of the tower.

Seven, cosplay gimmicking around the tower.

Eight, various producer of Japanese TV soaps with their artists playing around the tower.

Nine, nude posing around the tower. (Currently banned in reality.)

And the tenth list, “Spiderman” climbing over the steel frame of the tower.

Movie Characters Meet The Sky Tree

If, in reality, the upcoming opening of the new tower in Tokyo would rise at about millions of visitors a year on both Japanese and foreign tourists, speculative sources told that major Hollywood stars and even Japanese and international entertainment artists (for example, Chinese stars, Korean stars, Philippine stars, U.K. singer stars, European stars, Latin American stars, etc.) would also welcome to visit Tokyo Sky Tree, with enough money to pay the entrance fee for the organizer of the tower. And aside from the tourists and the artists, someone thought by coincidental sources that the producer of reality TV show The Amazing Race would have to decide whether their upcoming new season would visit the new tower in Tokyo, which would be introduced by few years to come.

In the meantime, there were fictional, coincidental scenarios on the following ten list of movie characters visiting around Tokyo Sky Tree:

One, Jason Bourne having a sniper to assassinate a Japanese official at the top of the new tower.

Two, Jim of Mission Impossible hanging at the body of the new tower.

Three, The Matrix team standing at the roof floor of observation deck of the new tower.

Four, various superheroes in the U.S. such as Superman, Iron Man, Spiderman, and Batman flies over the surrounding new tower.

Five, the sports cars on proposed second installment of The Fast And The Furious Tokyo Drift (currently speculated) gazes over the new tower.

Six, James Bond chases the enemy around the new tower. (Oh well, we will find out on the upcoming new installment of James Bond 007 series coming this 2012 or maybe next few years.)

Seven, the vampires of The Twilight Saga howls like a wolf at the top of the new tower.

Eight, the spaceships of Star Wars fly over the new tower.

Nine, King Kong (the second?) climbs around the new tower.

And on the tenth spot, Sadako of The Ring scares the spectator gazing around the new tower.

Video/PC Games Series Meet The Sky Tree

If the structure of Tokyo Sky Tree has an advanced state-of-the-art technology similar to traditional pagoda used to resist earthquake and strong winds claiming to be safer than other towers and skyscrappers, there were other potential threats that would endanger to many tourists, such as a possible plane crash (similar to September 11 2011 World Trade Center tradegy in New York) and other collisions, fires, and even overloading. But the Japanese communities have a worry no more, because the Shinto priests have had already ‘baptized for safety and prosperity’. Can this kind of cultural Japanese religion very effective? I think it may or may not, scratching on our heads. Pray to God—as being done by most evangelical minisries and even catholic priests—for the new tower in Japan ‘to be safe and prosper’ is very effective, though.

But what if in this last ten crazy list of possible scenarios many role-playing PC/console games (RPG) characters and objects—in fiction—would surround over Tokyo Sky Tree?

One, the SIMS allows the player to include Tokyo Sky Tree while building custom area of Japan. (From SIMS game series)

Two, Ghost Recon soldiers search the enemy in their secret hideout inside the new tower. (From Ghost Recon: Future Soldier [currently speculated])

Three, Allied soldiers enter Tokyo Sky Tree as a defensive watch tower to hit the enemy outside. (From Command & Conquer: Red Alert)

Four, Allied soldiers enter Tokyo Sky Tree by agressive attack against the enemy. (From Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare)

Five, the Halo footsoldiers in the future enter Tokyo Sky tree as a substitute of command headquarters. (From XBox game series Halo)

Six, a lone Japanese often scarely attack against the spooky, blood-thirsting human monster inside a hunted Tokyo Sky Tree. (From Silent Hill series)

Seven, the ‘super power street warriors’ clash each other outside Tokyo Sky Tree. (From Street FighterMortal Combat, and Tekken)

Eight, the sports car travel every road near Tokyo Sky Tree. (From Need For Speed)

Nine, a lone suspect as a car thief often attacked over the civilians outside Tokyo Sky Tree. (From Grand Theft Auto)

And on the tenth list, a modern-day Arabian assassin climbs over the steel frame of Tokyo Sky Tree reaching through the upper pinnacle. (From Assassins’ Creed [future release of new installment coming soon])


My dear Japan, enjoy the new tower with your own safety. And for many foreign tourists, pray for the new tower in order that it will prosper for the whole Japan.


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