A Future Metro Manila DTTV Tower? (Part 2)

dttv tower metro manila

Last time I posted a blog about the possibility of building a future DTTV tower located at the mountainous areas of Rizal near Metro Manila skyline, where this was suited for a wider DTTV transmission coverage around Mega Manila areas.

But today a reliable source from the website of Manila Standard Today last January of 2012 (in which it was now momentarily deleted the article for further correction) stated that the future construction of DTTV tower would be in the former open site near between Manila Seeding Bank complex and slum houses around EDSA and Quezon Avenue, Quezon City. The exact design and height of the new tower different from current Tokyo Sky Tree in Japan was unknown, but according to my thought its height would only about between 400 to 450 meters tall, in which it is enough to succeed current height of skyscrappers. The pending project, at the cost of $200 million to $400 million, was made by Mitsubishi Electric together with Japan International Cooperative Agency (JICA) in order to adopt ISDB-T DTTV transmission in the Philippines, only if the Philippine government would do a favor.

And while future construction of taller DTTV tower in Metro Manila was not yet started in reality, another possible way to install and launch ISDB-T transmission momentarily in Metro Manila is the GMA Tower of Power, in which because of the highness of its structure—with the height of 777 feet or 237 meters high—it would serve as DTTV transmitter in order to widen transmission coverage. I thought that all KBP-member TV networks in Metro Manila—including the MVP Group, owner of Smart Network, PLDT, and TV5, in an unsuccessful attempt to buy the whole facilty of GMA Network—would buy and reinforce the tower with consent of GMA Network in order to unite for ISDB-T DTTV transmission.


One Response to “A Future Metro Manila DTTV Tower? (Part 2)”

  1. Lean Michael T. Alvarez Says:

    What happened? What is the progress of this plan? ‘Wala pang nangyayari.’

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