Which Two Pinoy TV Primetime Dramas of 2011 Will Win An Award?

pinoy tv 2011 drama show quality rank 100 days to heaven vs munting heredera

I often puzzled my mind whether the show quality of recent conclusion of signature GMA-7 primetime family drama Munting Heredera started from 2011 until 2012—different from popular family-oriented Christian-fantasy drama 100 Days To Heaven on ABS-CBN—may be either good or fair. And as for me, I was and other ABS-CBN televiewers were not able to move on our disappointment about a questionable dominance of the said GMA-7 family drama shows of 2011 in Mega Manila based from the People Meter TV survey result from AGB Nielsen Philippines. But 100 Days To Heaven, though not able to promote the show on many Mega Manila households on free-to-air aside from cable TV, remains popular in storytelling and teleplay. But what are the main difference between the two on this thoughts of mine of this blog?

The Child Roles

The name of the three young girl artists and a young boy artist of Munting Heredera was often difficult to memorize, even though loyal GMA-7 televiewers would try it so hard. Even for me. The main role of a young girl named Xyriel Manabat of 100 Days To Heaven, on the other hand, was so easy to memorize and understood.

Sometimes loyal GMA-7 televiewers claimed the “child roles of Munting Heredera was often funny in their looks.” Duh. Only Xyriel Manabat is the only potential smart, funny, and candid roles, unlike the four of them that are only plain and simple, but quite cute.

Concept & Theme

With the twist of clean fantasy scenes mainly because it is a Christian-based scene, 100 Days To Heaven, featuring the role of a businesswoman turning an alter-ego of a little girl, is all about forgiveness from bitter experience of the past such as broken family, intense businesses, and harsh relationship with the people.

Munting Heredera, on the other hand, is about the concern of securing an old businesswoman’s true heir, threatening to murder by a madman desiring to succeed by the three little girls and a boy as a “little heir”, even other “heir substitute”. The show was only a pure drama.

Show Quality

I often informed about the loyal GMA-7 televiewers—mostly some or few loyal GMA-7 artists fans—who were already watched Munting Heredera with a somewhat intentional high praises, claiming the show is so lucid enough. I understand their thoughts, but how about the opinion of many TV critics watching the show? Just as someone said who were not so loyal of the show, “although TV media research claims that Munting Heredera got high TV household and TV audience meter in Mega Manila, this does not mean the show may contain high quality storytelling and teleplay content.” The result? The concept of the story was so little annoying, even though it often let the veteran and young roles to create their own keen acting skills as if likely become effective.

And as for 100 Days To Heaven, the quality of storytelling and teleplay of the show remain so strong over Munting Heredera, since ABS-CBN was so tightly checked in order to assure the convenience for most TV audiences.

Age Appropriate TV Audience: Family-Oriented?

Most people who are not loyal to watch Munting Heredera has often criticized such mentioned GMA-7 drama show, knowing it has often pretended as “family-oriented” but only pure “for adults only” viewing, due to intense violence such as gun-shot murder scenes, mild fistfighting, and mild harsh dialogue. This was marked as SPG or strong parental guidance, with sub-category themes (T), language (L), and violence (K) (meaning in Filipino karahasan). (The SPG classification introduced in 2011 by MTRCB was delayed to implement until February of 2012.)  Otherwise, because of their curiosity of the title of the show and their misconception as a “fantasy TV show” as a result of their viewing attention, former loyal GMA-7 fantasy show televiewers in the past felt disappointed.

To find out why most TV viewership often got their own curiosity and misconception, suppose that GMA-7 aired a trailer of succeeding episode of Munting Heredera about the scene of a little girl going through a well, but another little girl tried to push and lift against her through the water ground of a well. Most televiewers realized the trailer of the scene were about a “wishing well”. They tried to watch it in full scene but they found that none of the fantasy scenes were available.

As for 100 Days To Heaven, the show was almost family-oriented, only if most parents should be guided their children below 7 to 13 years old because of mild violence such as any form of real accident, situational tensions, and mild sensitive dialogue.


Judging the show quality of Munting Heredera for many TV critics was so difficult. But in the case of 100 Days To Heaven, loyal ABS-CBN televiewers and even many TV critics were still giving positive remarks rather than Munting Heredera. Someone thought that the two competing shows were categorized as “Nominees For Best Primetime Drama” (including other pure drama TV shows of ABS-CBN and GMA-7 in primetime slot), but I convinced 100 Days To Heaven would only fall as “Best Horror Or Fantasy Program”. Loyal GMA-7 televiewers would only know their own judgement whether Munting Heredera is either good or fair, even though they were already enjoy to watch it to make their favorite local TV channel become stronger.

Loyal ABS-CBN televiewers who were already watched 100 Days To Heaven, and loyal GMA-7 televiewers who were already watched Munting Heredera, only know whether the show quality of the two competing shows were either good or fair, depending on their own perspective. Meanwhile, the management of Philippine Movie Press Club will have yet to decide which of the two primetime drama Philippine TV shows of 2011 as mentioned on this blog—with the pending inclusion of Budoy as an additional nomination—will be awarded as Best Primetime Drama, in the next season of PMPC Star Awards For Television coming this fall of 2012.


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