With “Walang Hanggan” in 2012, Marked As A Second Chance To Rediscover ABS-CBN Analog VHF TV-2 In Mega Manila

walang hanggan abs cbn tv soap 2012

ABS-CBN has promised not only to produce high quality content of future 6-to-8-month-to-1-year-run TV soap opera known as telenovela at present but also to gain show and casting appeal to most TV households in Mega Manila, even though the network may sometimes or may not prioritize to produce their own fantasy shows just as GMA-7 did in mainstream in 2005, and in spite that the daytime TV shows of ABS-CBN is currently slumping TV households after the departure of Willie Revillame in 2010. And now in 2012, the network has finally created its own TV soap opera aired on 8:30 p.m. slot, marked as a second chance to rediscover free-to-air analog TV channel 2 in Mega Manila for many ordinary kababayans of that area watching the show.

Entitled Walang Hanggan starring Coco Martin, Julia Montes, Richard Gomez, Dawn Zulueta, Paulo Avelino, Melissa Ricks, Susan Roces, Helen Gamboa, and many others, it is a story on the quest of a lost, typical “infinity ring” held by the two lovers but it was rediscovered by an orphaned young man plowing on a grassy soil who was also missed a tall, 17-year-old teenage girl.

Even though ABS-CBN has remained its dominance through their provincial TV stations across the Philippines otside Mega Manila, watching the said—claiming “phenomenal”—hit TV soap of 2012 may be done only if most middle and lower class Mega Manila households must re-scan their analog TV set (using genuine U.S. analog TV channel standard, not Japanese standard) to tune-in to VHF TV Channel 2 (54 to 60 MHz RF) and even install high quality analog TV outdoor antenna properly.

According to the latest AGB Nielsen TV survey in 2012 via PEP.ph, it claimed that Walang Hanggan reached more or less 30% of overall Mega Manila households in May until recently, both on free-to-air and cable TV. And in National in Kantar TNS TV survey, about 45% of overall households watched it.

But the actual percentage of overall Mega Manila households tuning to Channel 2 on free-to-air (not considering the number of TV units on many households on cable or satellite TV) watching Walang Hanggan every night was unknown, as AGB Nielsen failed to give more proof compared to the actual data of free-to-air analog TV Channel 7 in Mega Manila owned by GMA Network, which remains a highest gainer of analog TV units around Mega Manila, not just in some households but also in rampant Japan Surplus secondhand TV stores, city and provincial airconditioned buses, establishments, mobile TV equipped cellphones, and some shanty stalls for every 18 hours a day.

Just in my thought only, about more or less 26% to 28% of total Mega Manila residents watched Walang Hanggan on free-to-air TV Channel 2 (cable or satellite TV unit in households excluded), compared to 20% to 24% of Mega Manila residents (remaining overall number of free-to-air analog TV units in buses, establishments, and mobile TV cellphones excluded) watching current GMA-7 shows on free-to-air Channel 7. Before, the GMA-7 TV soap Legacy marks 22% of Mega Manila households on free-to-air Channel 7 against Walang Hanggan at default 20% of Mega Manila households on free-to-air Channel 2 in a pilot airing of both two shows on March of 2012. But now some Mega Manila residents who were formerly watched free-to-air Channel 7 were likely to stick to watch Walang Hanggan on free-to-air Channel 2.

The longest-running blocktime noontime TV show Eat Bulaga on GMA-7 remains at about 20% to 25% of overall number of Mega Manila residents watching on available free-to-air analog TV units every Monday to Saturday noon (remaining overall number of free-to-air analog TV units in buses, establishments, and mobile TV cellphones, even in cable or satellite TV units excluded) depending on varying trend of TV survey result.

Overall as of 2012, in my thought only, Mega Manila residents (remaining overall number of free-to-air analog TV units in Japan surplus, buses, establishments, and mobile TV cellphones excluded) having available free-to-air analog TV unit tune-in to Channel 7 at 36% because of Juan For All, All For Juan segment of Eat Bulaga, blocktime movie, and blocktime popular Japanese cartoons, versus Channel 2 at 32% to 34%.

But what would be the reaction for some loyal GMA-7 televiewers in Mega Manila, both in households and outside households with available free-to-air analog TV units, when someone enjoy to watch hit ABS-CBN TV soap Walang Hanggan? Only those people would know their own dismay and insecurity. Even host Willie Revillame and his loyal ordinary kababayans watching both on his studio and on analog TV set tuning free-to-air Channel 5 would not worry that matter as his primetime live variety game show on TV5 (entitled Wil Time Big Time in 2011 until present, formerly Willing Willie in 2010) on 8 to 9 p.m. slot was overlapped by the two dominating hit ABS-CBN TV soaps of 2012, mainly Princess And I and Walang Hanggan.

To know how to tune-in to free-to-air VHF analog TV Channel 2 in Mega Manila, download here in PDF format.


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One Response to “With “Walang Hanggan” in 2012, Marked As A Second Chance To Rediscover ABS-CBN Analog VHF TV-2 In Mega Manila”

  1. John mark serrano Says:

    May signal problem ang channel 2 pero madami padin ang gustong manood kesa sa cheap programs ng Gma.kung nasa hi-vhf channel lang ang abs-cbn mas maganda ang laban.

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