ALBCOR: Sarah Geronimo & Viva Entertainment Have Not Yet Discovered My Song Craft Blog

sarah geronimo viva records entertainment philippines 2012
sarah geronimo song craft by albert indoy cornelio
For the past four years I had composed my own songs that I posted on my own blog (, and that I wished to sing for Sarah Geronimo, only if she gave permission to Viva Records. But sometimes she and her recording company have had not yet discovered this as they only focus to produce respective three albums between 2009 to 2012. Although my composed songs were only “copyleft” or public domain but not yet copyrighted since all of these were only a draft and may be changed under attribution, I convinced that their promise to favor my craft would likely shelved. There were several times I posted a message on the artist’s fan site forums, fan wish note card for artist’s birthday, Twitter, Facebook, and even snail mail to call for Viva management, but I failed and seemed hopeless.

Working as an amateur song writer but not having an experience in music lesson courses was only my secondary and optional labor that I wished to work for Sarah while I am still unemployed after my studying experience in 2-year college courses in computer programming. I did not have a PRC license, nor have I had professionally trained, but only sub-professional CSC exam to qualify my primary work as a government employee. My father was a former PAGASA employee. My mother was a house sales agent having only a commission-type earning rather than a regular salary just as my father did.

I had started to compose my own dream composition in 2008 a few months before my graduation and then I posted on my blog and later on the artist’s fan site forums ( I added up an audio clip download on my melodic song tune of my dream song composition for Sarah, since I was not well in music writing notation but I only knew a ruling of melodic song composition a bit.

I tried to join a music festival in 2010 from Kapisanan Ng Mga Broadkaster Ng Pilipinas (KBP) via its partnership with Filipino Composers Development Cooperative (FILCOMDEC) by means of bringing my sample song composition materials entitiled Indak-Suyo (even though it remains in public domain state for distributing through that independent music organization just as seems like Creative Commons licensing), but frankly I did not qualify me due to lack of my additional music materials and financial needs.

There were many trials and promises that I waited to discover my craft (depending on the quality of every lyrics of my song composition) for many years. I would ever respect—though I am not against—for both Sarah and Viva management if and only if they have a meaningful promises. But I read a latest article from Viva website last August 2012 that Sarah Geronimo would produce her last album before her 10-year contract would end by 2013. Will Viva, I thought, had promised to sing my song composition for Sarah, or rather use only another song from professional OPM composers for her?

Paging Viva management, try discover my song composition for her before you planned to produce her last album, even though you were not able to hire me to work with her as a song writer. What’s important is to entertain my song craft—even revise it a bit with the help of your Filipino professional musicians and song writers, since it was only public domain—for her to sing on audio or concert for many fans.


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