Sarah Geronimo Rendition CD Album 2012 Release Transferred From MP3 Encrypted Song Of MyPhone “Sarah G Phone”?

Had you ever remembered about CD compilation entitled Sarah Geronimo: OPM in black background, black and white photo of Sarah Geronimo, released at about 2008 featuring her past hit Tagalog songs (mainly Sarah’s Tagalog songs from Popstar to Just Me and even other various CD releases outside Viva such as Star Records) together with the movie theme of Baler? Now, there were another Sarah Geronimo album in fall of 2012 under the title “OPM” having a different album cover design in green color graphical detail and even added the word “Pure” and “Classics” before and after) “OPM”, respectively (that is, entitled Pure OPM Classics. However, I thought that such special rendition album may be allegedly made from the past release of encrypted MP3 songs from Sarah G Phone from a known MyPhone handset model QP29.

If you had your own MyPhone Sarah G Phone released in 2010, try to compare with your handset you bought and Sarah G 2012 rendition album “Pure OPM Classics”. Although they have the same song title track contents, hear these two: one on encrypted MP3 songs and the other in full CD quality audio tracks. Are there the same, or rather different? If there were the same, then I thought that Viva had given permission to the maker of MyPhone to distribute the encrypted MP3 song to the Sarah G rendition 2012 CD release, excluding her alternative song Laging Kay Ganda from the handset. But if not, then the version of CD release would be different (regarding an even “cleaner” rendition of Sarah’s singing style and different background music) as that of the handset.

Oh well, Sarah G 2012 rendition CD album was only a part of four-decade anniversary tribute of Original Philippine Music (OPM) among the maker of various Philippine mainstream popular music entertainment industry, in spite of mainstream American and Korean pop music that might often kill the Filipino music talent without the support and cooperation for many Filipino youths and young adults. This move was followed by the upcoming Tanduay Rock Fest Year VI in October of 2012, as well as a showbiz special report about the decade-life of OPM industry seen on ABS-CBN news program TV Patrol and Bandila sponsored by Filipino-based liquor company Tanduay Distillers, maker of Tanduay Rhum.

Sarah Geronimo Pure OPM Classics is priced at Php 320 and is at the bottom position of monthly CD sale purchase charts of fall 2012 following Julie San Jose’s first CD album and Justin Bieber’s second album Boyfriend among various record stores.

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2 Responses to “Sarah Geronimo Rendition CD Album 2012 Release Transferred From MP3 Encrypted Song Of MyPhone “Sarah G Phone”?”

  1. yeu sinh ly Says:

    yeu sinh ly…

    […]Sarah Geronimo Rendition CD Album 2012 Release Transferred From MP3 Encrypted Song Of MyPhone “Sarah G Phone”? « Albert Cornelio Blog Community PH[…]…

  2. narda Says:

    I guess Sarah is back! Her songs are the best!

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