ABS-CBN Pre-Noontime TV Soap Of 2012 “Be Careful With My Heart” May Change TV Viewing Habit

It’s so sad to think that various daytime ABS-CBN shows in 2012 were getting slump in the number of TV households around both Mega Manila and around the Philippines, according to the official TV survey. The main reason is that former loyal TV viewers of ABS-CBN—mostly middle and lower class households—were getting bored without Willie Revillame, a popular controversial TV host during the days of noontime variety-game TV show Wowowee, who was self-fired in 2010. Despite of this, there were several attempt to produce present high quality TV shows such as talk shows and afternoon soaps in exchange with high praises of both the TV critics, the remaining loyal ABS-CBN artists, and the advertisers, but that move may not so effective to re-attract many former ABS-CBN noontime, loyal Willie Revillame, TV viewers. Even the successor of Wowowee such as (one-year run) Happy Yipee Yehey and (3-year current run) Showtime were also failed to promote to watch the show on TV for many households. GMA-7 has remained its daytime dominance such as the block timer Eat Bulaga! and various “tried and tested” afternoon soaps with a respective 25% to 30% and more or less 10% mark of total Mega Manila households on free-to-air TV units [except on the remaining free-to-air TV units outside households such as buses, establishments, stalls, and transport terminals with a total of more than 5,000 free-to-air TV units or equivalent of +2% to +4% mark as “substitute households”, plus more than a thousand free-to-air TV units from Japan Surplus TV shops with +5%(?) “substitute households” mark, as well as cable and satellite subscription], and respective 20% and 10% of total nationwide households on free-to-air.

By the middle of 2012, ABS-CBN had an experimentation of a simple TV soap with the role of Jodi Sta. Maria and Richard Yap, who were only “under low key” of TV exposure to the TV audience. Entitled Be Careful With My Heart (after the title of song performed by Jose Mari Chan and Regine Velasquez in 1908s), the show was originally planned to air on either afternoon slot (which was, in my thought only, part of Kapamilya Gold franchise) or evening slot, but ABS-CBN has had decided they would rather put it on morning slot preempting daily airing of block time TV show Kapamilya Blockbusters. A few months ago the show has gained at about 15% to 20% of total Mega Manila households, mostly mothers staying at home. Even the Philippine entertainment critics were appraised the show because of a typical flavor of mild humor and “love and respect” on the content of its storytelling, in spite of lack of formal posture and eye contact of every acting skills (mainly because of kilig [giggle] factor that it may be often distracted to monitor the quality of the scenes) even though the dialogue and emotions were very effective and high in impact. There were a few moments of delightful scenes about the other cast of the show, such as a mute little girl (played by Mutya Orquilla), the two teenagers, the maids, the distant lower-class family members and its relatives, the two white parrots as pets, and so on.

No one knows when will this daytime morning slot TV soap be end either on next few months or next year, but expect there would be a few more episodes to come as the delightful family stories will progress as part of the improvement of TV viewing habit of the network. Can a loyal (former ABS-CBN noontime TV viewers) Willie Revillame people and GMA-7 TV viewers be welcome to watch the show, giving ABS-CBN a second chance to regain trust, sincerity, and respect to them from mistake? It’s up to them to decide, only if they would re-educate on how to re-access analog TV Channel 2 in Metro and Mega Manila on their old analog TV set.

Be Careful With My Heart airs every morning before Showtime on ABS-CBN free-to-air VHF analog TV Channel 2. To know how to access free-to-air analog TV channel 2 in Metro and Mega Manila, download here in PDF format.


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