Hoax, Rumor, Or Speculation This 2012? My Thoughts Or Suggestion To GMA Network And Philippine-Made Mobile Phone Brands For Future ISDB-T Rollout

Dear everyone, permit me to share my own thoughts and suggestion with little controversy, as every side of GMA Network and various Philippine-based mobile phone makers would depend their objection after reading on this blog. That should try to expect to be ready for the future rollout of adopted Philippine-variant (not Japanese or Brazilian) Integrated Services for Digital Broadcasting-Terrestrial (ISDB-T) platform.

Issue Number 1:

As GMA Network would still favor DVB-T2 platform as opposed to the official adoption and future rollout of ISDB-T platform in 2010, the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) had a difficulty to assign a new UHF channel compatible for Japanese-based DTTV platform under the standard 60 Hz AC power and 6 MHz TV channel bandwidth (NTSC analog TV signal) rather than a European DTTV platform that is suited only 50 Hz AC power and 7 to 8 MHz TV channel bandwidth (PAL/SECAM analog TV signal), since most UHF TV channels currently assign analog TV broadcast. Aside from ABS-CBN and PTV that were already assigned on respective UHF TV channels 43 and 48 on ISDB-T transmission under test broadcast (even though GEM TV that formerly assigned on channel 49 had lasted ISDB-T test broadcast for four years since 2008), I wish that the Philippine telecommunications government body should try to assign channels 52 to 59 for various small-player TV network such as TV5, RPN, IBC, SBN, DZEC-TV (a.k.a. Net 25), RJTV, BEAM, SMNI, UNTV, and ZOE TV. But what about DTTV channel assignment for GMA Network? In the past, it was speculated that the NTC would assign on channel 27 to be offered for GMA Network, but the problem is that the channel is currently assign on analog TV relay feed of GMA News TV in Cebu and Davao.

To GMA Network management reading on this blog, I wish that they should momentarily try to assign on channel 47 ideal for their upcoming DTTV broadcast by (the) next (few) year(s). But before they should do this, I wish that they should create a Memorandum of Permission (MoP) document paper to be signed by the former management of Associated Broadcasting Company (ABC-5, now TV5) that ran a defunct trial UHF analog TV channel 47, so therefore GMA Network would give way to assign UHF TV channel 47 for their future DTTV broadcasting before the analog-switch-off (ASO) deadline of their current VHF analog TV broadcast.

UHF channel 47 is more stable RF signal gain and fewer signal coverage ideal for 240-meter TV tower (like GMA Tower of Power in Quezon City, Manila, Philippines) than a speculated TV channel assignment, either 26 or 27 based on standard U.S. TV broadcast system. The standard transmitting power output (TPO) for ISDB-T broadcast in Metro Manila is 3 kilowatt equivalent to 60 kilowatt TPO on analog TV, and the standard TV tower height is (1) 180 to 200 meters on UHF channels 50 to 59; (2) 200 to 250 meters on channels 40 to 49; and (3) 250 to 300 meters on channels 21 to 39, based on drafted implementing rules and regulation (IRR).

Issue Number 2:

As Philippine-based mobile phone handset makers such as My Phone, Cherry Mobile, Torque Mobile, and Starmobile have had already produced dual network SIM cellphone unit started in late mid-decade 2000s, I wish that they would be ready to produce ISDB-T receivers before rolling out by (the) next (few) year(s) before 2015 ASO deadline. Had they already hold IRR draft from NTC about a required standard specs of ISDB-T receivers? Had they a trained electronics worker to construct ISDB-T receiver unit based on its actual circuitry produced from Japan aside from producing mobile phone handset circuitry, with enough full electronics manufacturing quality control? If they did, then the possible branding of respective phone makers as mentioned above would be “My DTTV”, “Cherry DTTV”, “Torque DTTV”, and “StarDTTV”.


Time would tell whether my own suggestion or thoughts would be true on that promise based on actual, factual event sources or only a matter of hoax, rumor, or speculation.


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One Response to “Hoax, Rumor, Or Speculation This 2012? My Thoughts Or Suggestion To GMA Network And Philippine-Made Mobile Phone Brands For Future ISDB-T Rollout”

  1. Albert Cornelio Says:

    RJTV UHF channel 29 in analog TV was momentarily back on air last November 20, 2012.

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