Manila Standard Today: Skycable Explains Transmission Glitz

SUBSCRIBERS to SkyCable complained about poor or lost signal of their favorite TV channel, some of them going to the extent of accusing the cable company of sabotage.

We got word through e-mail from the company explaining the circumstances that brought about the “lost signal.”

We’re reprinting it, in case we might misquote or misinterpret what the company said. Here it is: “At around noontime of Sunday Sept. 23, 2012, our Sky Customer Service Help Desk started receiving complaints of intermittent freezing of the GMA 7 channel, which was being shown on Channel 12 on the Skycable digital platform. We checked the problem, and found out that this was also affecting two other channels—the Sky Preview Channel on Channel 11 and the ShopTV channel on Channel 13. This was apparently caused by an activity we implemented to prepare for additional HD channels on our platform.

We looked at several solutions, and determined that the best one would entail a signal interruption of several minutes affecting around half of the channels in the Skycable line-up. We felt that implementing this solution during the afternoon and primetime viewing hours would further inconvenience our subscribers, therefore, we decided to work on this in the early morning hours of Sept. 24, Monday.

The interim solution was to simulcast the GMA 7 feed on to Channel 85 on our platform, which we did around 3 p.m. on Sept. 23. We then run a Technical Advisory on GMA 7 informing the viewers of the technical problem and asking them to tune in to Channel 85 for a better feed.”

So far, the complaints have dwindled to almost nil. I personally didn’t notice the intermittent freezing, although I did notice that when I was surfing channels, I saw blank screen on Skycable’s channels 11, 12, and 13. But since I was more interested to watch a show on another channel (higher number), it didn’t occur to me as a major glitz.

I just hope the Kapuso followers who are Skycable subscribers are now happy they get channel 12 clearly.

Boboy Romero, head of Globe Business, welcomed their most valued clients to a special screening of The Hobbit during their Appreciation Night at Imax Theater at the Mall of Asia.

Globe Business holds such events for their VIP clients from time to time as a gesture of thanks and celebration.

“Our clients are important to us; we strengthen our ties as we partner with them in their business’ growth,” Romero said.

Source: Red, Isah V. Red, “Skycable Explains Transmission Glitz”. Manila Standard Today, January 07, 2013 at 7:01pm (


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