Re-promotion of Awareness of Watching ABS-CBN In Mega Manila This 2013?

ALBCOR Household TV CH2 Manila

As ABS-CBN stands only second place in Mega Manila over GMA-7 for the past few years, the network had no plan to “re-educate” to most middle-class and poor-class households on how to tune-in to free-to-air VHF TV Channel 2; or even a live outdoor promo (as being compared on popular TV show segment Juan For All, All For Juan of hit noontime show Eat Bulaga on GMA-7) on searching a household being tuned to Channel 2. Though it had only focus to revitalize the content quality of various TV shows rather than to popularize the show to bitten up the viewing public, ABS-CBN management had feared that their TV station would mark a zero-rate of Mega Manila households due to the majority of tuning-in of free-to-air VHF TV Channel 7 over a variety of reasons: (1) inaccessibe to most Japan Surplus second-hand analog TV set due to a different RF spectrum; and (2) unawareness on buying and installing a standard high-quality outdoor TV antenna.

But now ABS-CBN would open the door a move to re-promote or re-educate to them just as I mentioned above, if and only if they have a funding, effort, and resources, even mostly a respectfulness to the people on informing and entertaining with full of revitalized moral conduct. An example, though currently proposed or being on-hold, is by means of (1) the use of photocopy-printed flyers or (2) downloadable content in PDF format containing an instruction in Tagalog dialect Filipino language of how to tune-in to Channel 2.

Or even a possible special seminar or other form of event aside from a typical meet-and-greet stage-show activities at present times. So here are the following three events about visiting a Mega Manila household being tuned to free-to-air VHF TV Channel 2:

  • Back in the year at about 1996 to 1999 (I can’t yet ever remember the exact date), the now-defunct ABS-CBN noontime show Magandang Tanghali Bayan introduced a special segment about the promotion of many households that already tune to the said noontime show on their TV sets in exchange of cash prizes. I can’t yet remember the title of the segment of that show, but I was often guessed as “MTB Barangay Patrol”.
  • When the fifth season of daytime talent show Showtime in 2012 was introduced on noontime block a second time, then it introduced “Showtime Bida Patrol” that was promoted some households that were tuning to that show.
  • On March of 2013, ABS-CBN introduced a TV show break plug segment entitled “Huli Kapamilya” aired before the break over various ABS-CBN TV soaps. No cash prize have been given to those households that have already tuned to free-to-air VHF TV Channel 2 (excluding various cable TV service like Sky Cable) but only just a simple visit to show that there were loyal to watch that channel.

As the pressure of ABS-CBN and its management continues following an even tougher competition like GMA-7 and even TV5 along Mega Manila, what’s more important is to take a long-term solution on how to revive the awareness to watch Channel 2, even an upcomimg digitalization of free-to-air TV broadcasting such as the recent adoption of ISDB-T that was currently finishing the IRR draft to be roll-out by 2014 or 2015 before the analog TV switch-off on New Years Day of 2016.

To know how to access free-to-air analog TV channel 2 in Metro and Mega Manila, download here in PDF format.


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