“My Lady Boss” Not Able To Lead “It Takes a Man and a Woman” In 2013?


Heads up, my dear GMA-7 viewing fans in Mega Manila! Before I discuss in full, I’ll always respect to enjoy to watch the past Marian Rivera TV shows on your conventional free-to-air analog TV set such as Marimar, Darna, Amaya, and recently the Philippine adaptation of hit Korean drama Temptation of Wife, as GMA network wanted to get more financial income from advertisers everyday because of your support to them. And now this 2013 are you ready to watch Marian Rivera’s upcoming movie together with Richard Gutierrez entitled My Lady Boss just as in their past movie show My Bestfriend’s Girlfriend produced by GMA Films? Did you have enough money to watch it at about present 160 pesos per person?

Although the movie was originally slated in February 2013, various showbiz news reports have had said it was postponed on second time on target date of April 10. Why? Not only about the problems of distributing the processed film rolls through various movie theaters or even a lack of managing a given time frame, but probably it might reflect from the recent dominance of the third installment of Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz entitled It Takes A Man And A Woman (after A Very Special Love and You Changed My Life) about projectedly more than Php 280 million in two weeks (source: PEP.ph), causing a possible flop of the number of moviegoers in time the show starts in two weeks, even without your support to them.

Sometimes the successful third sequel of Laida-Miggy franchise of respective Sarah-John Lloyd movie tandem (as compared to the past two sequels mainly because of improved acting stint and flow of story on the content of the third one) may often marked as “mysterious”—not just a word “phenomenal”—not only loyal Sarah Geronimo fans and some loyal various ABS-CBN artist who support the movie but also “most moviegoers who were not loyal of both ABS-CBN and GMA-7” have intentionally intended to watch it aside from watching mainstream Hollywood movies.

And in the case of My Lady Boss, expect that GMA Films, in spite of their postponement in unknown reason, has promised the quality content of their movie show may become very serious in terms of good story and good acting stint for Richard and Marian in order to wow every loyal GMA-7 TV viewers and even every couples wanting a good love story movie. (The theme of the movie is about taking respect of every female boss even when taking an intentional love affair.)

Alright, fine! I was often understand your sympathy and disappointment as you ever wanted to watch My Lady Boss, even though you were often not welcoming to watch a Sarah-John Lloyd movie produced by ABS-CBN Star Cinema because of your own mannerisms and favoritism. Whether I would watch My Lady Boss or not, it’s my own decision being authored on this blog, but don’t bash me on that matter. It’s your own decision to support to watch My Lady Boss. You may opt to think by opinion yourself without throwing to bash yourself against loyal fans under ABS-CBN artists camp, even me.

The showing date of My Lady Boss this 2012 will have to be announced by GMA Films, so you may opt to tune-in to GMA-7 on your TV set or visit on Facebook fan web page of the movie for an important announcement in an instant wall post update. Regal Films, the main producer of aforementioned movie together with aforementioned co-production, will pre-empting the Marian-Richard movie show and give way to another drama movie project entitled The Bride & The Lover showing this May 2013. In the meantime, whether you would welcome to watch free-to-air ABS-CBN Channel 2 in Mega Manila or not, click here to download for details in PDF format.


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One Response to ““My Lady Boss” Not Able To Lead “It Takes a Man and a Woman” In 2013?”

  1. Effie Trinket Says:

    Your blog isn’t that really pleasant to read. You tend to beat around the bush, and most of the time, your sentence structure is somewhat annoying aside from the content which I find illogical.

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