Sarah Geronimo On Background Music Of “Ikot-Ikot”: A Rip-Off?

sarah geronimo asap 2013 abs cbn

Sarah Geronimo singing the song “Ikot-Ikot” on TV show “ASAP 18”. (Via, used with permission of ABS-CBN.)

I was often listened on the track piece of Ikot-Ikot performed by Sarah Geronimo based in Philippines aired on selected FM radio station such as YES FM and Love Radio, a few months before promoting her latest studio album Expressions that was released already in August 2013. But now I thought that the background music and melodic singing tune—though different in pure Tagalog lyrics—of that track was adapted from the original version of hit RNB mellow slow rap song music of Superhuman performed by Chris Brown and Keri Hilson in mid-decade 2000s.

This is what I worried for Sarah Geronimo together with composer Thyro Alfaro who were created a song that they might be convicted for a lawsuit of infringing original music works, just as happened on the defunct OPM band Orange And Lemons that created a song Pinoy Ako (a themesong of reality TV show Pinoy Big Brother) in 2005 adapted from melodic tune of Chandeliers performed by New Wave band group Care in 1980s. Were there FILSCAP and PARI always responsible to monitor and take action against the owner of such OPM music content without the consent from original (Hollywood [U.S.] music) ones?

Oh well, this (slightly) explosive issue that I shared to post on my thoughts of this blog was only isolated even though it was not yet verified on current reliable Philippine entertainment sources. Whether this OPM song may be a full of acceptance or not in this generation, it’s up to both the Philippine public and the Philippine entertainment press to judge the content of the song.

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2 Responses to “Sarah Geronimo On Background Music Of “Ikot-Ikot”: A Rip-Off?”

  1. Kamote Says:

    hoy yung English mo. Ayusin mo nga!

  2. blog-blog pod murag hawod Says:

    bisayaa na lang ni kay mao ra man gihapon. binisaya kaayo ang pagka-english!

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