A Tidbits of Recent Trends About GMA-7 (August to September 2013)

ryzza mae dizon vice ganda

Ryzza Mae Dizon (left) and Vice Ganda (right). Possible speculation for competing for Best Variety Comedy Talk Show for upcoming season of PMPC Star Awards For Television 2013.

A New Category of PMPC For TV 2013? According to my own prediction based on possible speculation this fall 2013, the management of Philippine Movie Press Club (PMPC) would try to create a new category called Best Variety Comedy Talk Show for the upcoming season of PMPC Star Awards For Television by early 4th quarter of 2013. Among the nominated two shows were Gandang Gabi Vice of ABS-CBN and The Ryzza Mae Show of blocktimer Eat Bulaga on GMA-7. The panel judge of PMPC who were responsible to scrutinize the quality of the TV show may be carefully propitiate and not take a pressure to treat between the two respective competing humorous hosting stint of Vice Ganda (real name Jose Marie Borja Viceral) and Ryzza Mae Dizon due to a moral conduct and mental capacity reasons, giving a full respect for each other. Recently, The Ryzza Mae Show was already awarded as Best Female Talk Show Host category of the 3rd EdukCircle Awards in September 2, 2013. Are you agree the PMPC may include a new category as mentioned above? Answer this poll question as shown below.

The 30% Mark of GMA-7 In Mega Manila Households Strike Back! In spite of the fact that the current and even the recent GMA-7 soaps of 2013, including the hit controversial guy-to-gay relationship telenovela My Husband’s Lover, had lost their entertainment quality, GMA Network had even got more offensive move against ABS-CBN and its loyal TV viewers thanks to the majority of loyal GMA-7 TV viewers and even some TV viewers of TV5 in Mega Manila households. As the claims from PEP.ph and various Pinoy-based bloggers that were loyal GMA-7 viewers via AGB Nielsen TV Household Survey stating that various primetime GMA-7 shows got more than 30% of households from July to September 2013, ABS-CBN may worry that such camps and even many lower-class households that still use an older analog TV unit may no longer trusted nor fully aware to access analog TV channel 2 in spite on the delay of future roll-out of over-the-air DTV transmission and set-top-box. In order to verify such claims, ABS-CBN and Kantar TNS use a specialized accu-radar-TV-detection mapping survey system (as opposed of conventional TV metering panel from AGB that only applies on urban and suburban communities) that detects the number of analog TV units being tuned on designated free-to-air analog TV channels. Accordingly—not mentioning the number of cable and satellite TV subscribers in Mega Manila for fairness—the proprietary analog TV channel 7 (174 to 180 MHz) of GMA got a total of over 800,000 analog TV units in households (including more or less 30,000 analog TV units on buses, business establishments, stalls, mobile devices, transport terminals, and Japan Surplus) all over Metro Manila and combined suburban and rural communities of Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, and Rizal, versus ABS-CBN free-to-air analog TV channel 2 (54 to 60 MHz) with estimately 600,000 analog TV units in households and ABS-CBN analog TV channel alternatives (TV-10 in Cavite, Laguna, and Rizal; TV-32, TV-34, and TV-46 in some portion of Bulacan) with 40,000 analog TV units.

GMA Ready To Use ISDB-T Transmission? In spite of several criticisms from the friends of DTV Pilipinas Facebook page users and even loyal ABS-CBN TV viewers against GMA Network—the only network being a loyal DVB-T2 transmission—that was responsible to have a delaying tactics to freeze out future roll-out of ISDB-T transmission to all TV networks and set-top-boxes for consumers and therefore survive their current full-power analog TV transmission in Metro Manila to their loyal TV viewers living in middle and lower class households, GMA-7 may still open to accept the use of ISDB-T transmission as one of the most stable platform compatible to the current 6 MHz UHF (former analog NTSC) TV broadcast and 60 Hz AC power like U.S., Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, and Philippines, compared to European DTV counterpart that was stable only on most countries that have 8 MHz UHF analog PAL TV channel bandwidth and 50 Hz AC power. In February 2013 the ISDB-T transmission testing of GMA-7 that ran only 1 week became successful and no problem had been encountered. If DVB-T2 testing—though banned by NTC order but only offer to pass a review from the developer of DVB Group based in Europe—in the Philippines would be available, that might cause a problem of a possible radio interference through analog NTSC TV transmission, 2-way radio, FM/AM radio audio broadcast, and cellphone transmission, due to an incompatible RF and AC power configuration, just as in the case of recent testing of 6 MHz variant of DVB-T2 in U.S. last April 2013 before the development of ATSC 3.0 DTV platform. As of now, the NTC, PTV, and various KBP-member TV networks are still awaiting for the signing of the final draft and official IRR of ISDB-T transmission through Aquino administration later in early 4th quarter of 2013.


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5 Responses to “A Tidbits of Recent Trends About GMA-7 (August to September 2013)”

  1. Lean Michael T. Alvarez Says:

    What is your comment about the overseas subscription of GMA named ‘myGMA’? ‘Akala pa naman namin na ready na sila sa DTTV, yun pala po ay tinapatan nila ang IWantTV ng ABS-CBN.’

  2. Lean Michael T. Alvarez Says:

    Thanks for the info. I believe ‘na tinapatan talaga nila ang IWantTV ng ABS-CBN’. Let’s see who will reign on world wide web stream.

  3. Lean Michael T. Alvarez Says:

    GMA 7 returns back for its ISDB-T test broadcast yesterday, sept.23,2013. You may check the updates at DTV Pilipinas page.

  4. Lean Michael T. Alvarez Says:

    Good evening sir,latest news…the proposal of ISDB-T by NTC and DOTC was brought already to PNoy.See the details at this link:


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