Sarah Geronimo On Background Music Of “Ikot-Ikot”: A Rip-Off? (Follow Up)

For the past few months I posted and investigate about the latest hit single Ikot-Ikot from the latest studio album Expressions performed by Filipina singer-actress Sarah Geronimo of Viva Entertainment being aired on radio and TV, here I’ll share a comparison between the two song pieces on the following two music video from, one from Superhuman performed by Chris Brown featuring Keri Hilson, and second just as I mentioned above earlier. The question of whether the music pieces would be likely the same or different (that is, the originality of the content) will be answer by playing these and hear these in order to judge yourself.

Here are my observation:

  • The opening intro and even outro background music between Superhuman and Ikot-Ikot may have a similar melodic tunes by playing a piano but have a different style of composition.
  • The following first and second stanza of Ikot-Ikot starts from low-key mode to an even regulated, powerful mid-range key mode singing skills (a powerful high-key mode on the end portion of second stanza), while the first and second stanza of Superhuman may consist of a powerful mid-to-pre-high-key mode singing skills. Therefore they were slightly the same or different.
  • A chorus lyrics piece portion of Ikot-Ikot is similar to a starting portion of chorus lyrics of Superhuman. Reaching to the near end of chorus lyrics portion between the two songs were quite similar but different in timing of syllable singing style.
  • The bridge lyrics between the two were different: on Superhuman having only low-key mode singing a line of “Look, it’s a bird” — “No, it’s a plane” style; on Ikot-Ikot having a powerful high-key mode singing a line of “I’d been convinced”.

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Sarah Geronimo On Background Music Of “Ikot-Ikot”: A Rip-Off?


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