Top 20 Year-End Countdown Of Feature Songs Of 2013 On Mega Manila FM Radio Airwaves

So what are the main criteria to qualify the feature songs of 2013 being aired on various FM radio stations in Metro or Mega Manila Philippines to reach the top rank standings?

  • Number of successive airplay or play count of feature brand new songs everyday per year at all FM radio stations, whether variety or pop music broadcast format.
  • Number of successive requests of feature brand new songs from the listener by phone call, SMS, Facebook, or Twitter to various FM radio stations.
  • Overall impact of majority of number of listeners being heard of popular feature brand new songs on FM radio.

So here are the shortlist of top feature songs of 2013 based on number of requests and successive play count on various FM radio stations in Metro or Mega Manila:

20. Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie — Beenie Man
19. Girl On Fire — Alicia Keys
18. Diamonds — Rhianna
17. When I Was Your Man — Bruno Mars
16. Sa Isang Sulyap Mo — 143 (with a version of Bryan Termulo)
15. Help Me Get Over You — Jonalyn Viray (from My Husband’s Lover OST)
14. Sana’y Magbalik — Jovit Baldivino
13. Ikot-Ikot — Sarah Geronimo
12. Segundo — Yael Yuzon
11. Dati — Sam Conception featuring Tippy Dos Santos and Quest
10. Lord Patawad — Basilyo
9. Bumalik Ka Na Sa Akin — Silent Sanctuary
8. Chinito — Yeng Constantino
7. Treasure — Bruno Mars
6. Wrecking Ball — Myley Cyrus
5. Just Give Me Your Reason — Pink featuring Nate Ruess
4. Roar — Katy Perry
3. Sirena — Gloc 9 featuring Ebe Dancel
2. Buko — Jireh Lim
1. Gentleman — PSY

Runner Up (not included on Top 20 list):  Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke; various Julie Ann San Jose singles such as I’ll Be There, Bakit Ngayon, and For Everything on some variety FM radio stations such as Barangay LS and Energy FM (due to a shorter play count on regular airing in spite of numerous request); various songs exclusively aired on DWRR-FM “MOR” such as Oha! (Kaya Mo Ba ‘To) by Enrique Gil; Nasa Iyo Na Ang Lahat by Daniel Padilla (due to a shorter play count on regular airing in spite of numerous request); various foreign pop songs featured only on pop music FM radio stations.

Sources: My own partial fabricated results closely based on recent results of various FM radio program specials from Energy FM, Pinas FM, Monster Radio RX, RT FM, Magic FM, Home Radio, and DWRR FM. FM Radio stations such as Big Radio, Win Radio, Love Radio, YES FM, iFM, Barangay LS, and Star FM may not have FM radio program specials of year-end countdown.


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