Top Quality Content Daytime And Primetime Philippine TV Soaps Of 2013

Year 2013 was the most challenging year: the time on recent pork barrel scam; the time of tragic marine event such as corral reef collision in Tubataha Reef and collision between cargo ship of Sulpicio Lines and 2GO passenger ship; the time of recent natural calamities such as earthquake in Bohol and strong typhoon in Eastern Visayas; the time of horrifying bus accident along major roads; and the time of victorious world-class Philippine talent such as various international beauty contest and even boxing match. And aside from this, we often experienced to watch the hottest and the most satisfying Philippine TV soaps of 2013 on conventional free-to-air terrestrial analog TV for most middle to lower class households, while an upcoming roll-out of Digital Terrestrial Television (DTTV) using Japanese platform Integrated Services for Digital Broadcasting – Terrestrial (ISDB-T) was not present until 2015.

But before we wrap up the recent 2013 event and welcoming the year 2014, here are the recent highlights of competing Philippine TV soaps of 2013:

  • The hit daytime family drama Be Careful With My Heart continues to soar top-notch formula of gigling love scenes such as junior-senior (JS) prom night, intentional good kissing couple, marriage engagement, and even grand wedding day. The controversial guy-to-gay relationship primetime drama My Husband’s Lover had often applaused by many lesbian-gays-bisexual-transgender (LGBT) communities and even some loyal GMA-7 TV viewers around Metro Manila and even key major provincial cities, regarding about the sensitive issue of same sex couple in reality as well as the legality of same sex marriage in some key rich countries, in spite of strong scrutiny of many conservative family Christian Catholics in the Philippines that often opposed such explicit practice.
  • The creation of critically acclaimed and highly praised hit teen-romance drama Got To Believe—the title inspired from the lyrics of classic love slow pop song performed by Canadian singer David Pomeranz—has changed the landscape of entertaining many young audiences about the sensitive issue of teen couple in reality that must be controlled by parental consent. The Daniel Padilla-Kathryn Bernardo tandem TV tandem of the show was much better than the original movie version of Claudine Barreto and the late Rico Yan. GMA-7 had often tried to detrone the said TV show of ABS-CBN side in terms of viewership as it introduced the shows such as Prinsesa ng Buhay Ko and Kahit Nasaan Ka Man for most loyal teen to young-adult GMA-7 TV viewers, but although they got a few highly ranked TV household share the quality of the two aforementioned TV shows were not enough. The “Kath-Niel” fans camp, on one hand, had often criticized Prinsesa ng Buhay Ko as an imitation of Got To Believe.
  • GMA-7 had often promised to their loyal TV viewers being requested to the network to produce their own TV soaps claiming to succeed Ina Kapatid Anak on ABS-CBN. It introduced Mundo Mo’y Akin relatively based on the past televised Carlo J. Caparas comic creation Bakekang, but although the show got good high TV household share in Metro Manila and nearby suburbs while waiting to watch the airing of My Husband’s Lover most Philippine entertainment critics often slapped the show as low quality on every content of the story and acting stint.
  • The world of fantasy TV soaps have had gradually progressing in terms of good story. On ABS-CBN side it introduced Juan de la Cruz showing the story of young heroic swordsman against vampire wolves. TV5 introduced Kidlat as a heroic lightning man and Cassandra Warrior Angel as a heroine angel. GMA-7, the only network behind successful mainstream fantasy soap Mulawin in mid-decade 2000s, introduced horror drama Ang Aso Ni San Roque, epic action fantasy drama Indio, mystic-action romance drama Genesis, and Mulawin-based fantasy drama Adarna, but the four mentioned TV shows got only low TV household share even though the network gradually increased TV household share on drama shows such as Mundo Mo’y Akin and My Husband’s Lover.
  • While the show With A Smile failed to detrone Be Careful With My Heart on daytime morning block, GMA-7 continues a strong offensive move against current ABS-CBN afternoon drama block to maintain its daytime afternoon dominance on the majority of only tens of thousands of TV households and even thousands of out-of-home (OOH) free-to-air analog TV units in Metro Manila and its nearby provinces. Among the afternoon drama shows with gradual quality were Mga Basang Sisiw, Maghihintay Pa Rin, Unforgettable, Pyra, and Bukod Kang Pinagpala. Before the hit horror-fantasy comics creation TV show Galema on ABS-CBN was introduced, GMA-7 introduced Kakambal Ni Eliana; both of these were about a person with a snake creature. And aside from Be Careful With My Heart and Got To Believe as a highest grade quality drama programming, GMA-7 runs up with a applausible mature-audience-only drama program Magkano Ang Pag-Ibig?.
  • ABS-CBN took their own pressure to re-adjust their strategy to produce an instant formula of high quality daytime afternoon soaps to give delight of their loyal ABS-CBN TV viewers in spite of low TV household survey in daytime during the absence of controversial variety-game TV show host Wille Revillame in 2010. Among the shows were children musical drama May Isang Pangarap, hit primetime horror-fantasy Juan de la Cruz prequel series My Little Juan, and action drama Dugong Buhay.
  • ABS-CBN TV drama shows such as revival classic TV show Annaliza and Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala, although they got a gradual high quality story and acting stint with some episodes committed an SPG logo advisory from MTRCB due to the depicting scenes of a form of violence, got only low TV household share in Metro Manila and nearby suburbs due to a majority of TV households and OOH watching GMA-7 shows such as Binoy Henyo, Prinsesa ng Buhay Ko, and My Husband’s Lover.
  • TV5 often took an “experiment” to produce their own TV soap a bit gradual quality content with a gradual formula in spite of low TV household survey due to a majority of two major giant local TV networks such as ABS-CBN and GMA-7. Among the feature TV5 soap of 2013 were Misibis Bay, Undercover, and Madam Chairman.
  • GMA-7 introduced a back-to-back revival of past TV soaps in the 90s based on the creation of GMA-7 classic TV drama scriptwriter RJ Nueva. On primetime block it was Annakarerina competing with Juan de la Cruz on the same time slot, and on daytime block it was Villa Quintana.
  • There were a typical fantasy TV soaps of GMA-7 about a mysterious abandoned old house surrounding a secret zone to enter a mystic fairy land. The title of the TV show was entitled Home Sweet Home. In the end, bad luck for the show as it was committed a low quality storytelling. Oh well, ABS-CBN has momentarily substitute such aforementioned junky show and introduced an even better concept: a typical light family sitcom entitled Home Sweetie Home to be aired every Sunday night starting first week of January 2014.
  • As game show segment Pinoy Henyo on Eat Bulaga became a hit, there were a typical family drama that often use and substitute a title called Binoy Henyo, a story about a little boy having an intellectual mind. Sometimes the show may be either a typical mini daily children sitcom or rather a simple fantasy melodrama. However, the show had no serious impact of the content of the story and acting stint to the audience. Not until the ABS-CBN side introduced Honesto relatively based on a fairytale story of Pinocchio.

If you want to know what feature Philippine TV soaps of 2013 got a highest grade of quality content standing on the top rank and what worst feature Philippine TV soaps of 2013 got a lowest grade of quality content, click here in PDF format.


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