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Natali Kim’s “Infinity.Dream” on Wattpad: A Likely Typical Musical Children Drama Novel?

December 20, 2014
natali kim eternally wattpad infinity dream

Graphical art cover of Natali Kim’s Wattpad novel Infinity.Dream.

In the past, we were often familiar to aware the physical release of every children’s book with an even modest, family-oriented contents that may be either educational or entertaining. Gone are the days of hit fairytale book Harry Potter adapted thru movies, various Grimm’s fairytale series, fairytales adapted thru Walt Disney Pictures, or even various children’s short stories on literature textbooks. But now, not only on a conventional paper-and-ink-based physical book material but also on electronic-based reading material—known as E-books—found on modern-day E-ink tablet display device or even Apple-based or Android-based tablet PCs to enjoy child-friendly-oriented reading contents.

And what if a worldwide leading fan-based online novel creation Wattpad may open the door for a possible project to produce child-oriented novel contents? Of about millions of feature Wattpad fan-based novel titles created by millions of amateur novelists around the world (thousands of which were in the Philippines), majority of every contents—in spite of its sensibility of every story—were often either a romance, action, suspense, fantasy, or horror, and the characters on the majority of which were only teens and adults. Not all feature Wattpad novels may feature a main character of a child, though. But here I’ll share a feature Wattpad novel having a major portrayal of a female child and even a supporting child characters written and created by Canadian teen novelist Natali Kim (EternallyNatali) who joined on her Wattpad account since summer of 2013 at her age of 13.

Entitled Infinity.Dream, the novel portrays a 9-year old girl named Maira Treslyn who—wishing to become as a gifted professional child pop music singer in the long run—wanted to honor her father as a politician being framed of graft and corruption charges. Despite of many sensitive environment that might clouded and plagued her normal psychological and social interaction, she as a minor was often faced many challenges and obstacles that might endanger her music entertainment career, such as bullying inside school and many places; and intrigues and controversies (even surrounded by paparazzi).

I became loyal for reading her crafted novel as I thought I would likely watching a Japanese animé cartoon on movies or TV, since the story settings were a typical fictionalized “fantasy” world different on our real world, and the appearance of every characters were likely related on various Japanese manga cartoon. Currently, her novel registers an average of 500 to more than 1,000 reads per chapter or about a total of more than 10,000 reads of entire chapters from June to December 2014, and it will continue to grow web reading audience count by means of promotional campaign to support it thru Facebook or Twitter.

Thought to be slightly a child-oriented Wattpad children novel in spite of some little bit of foul language in English such as “f” and “s” and some sensitive mild explicit context that requires parental or adult discretion when reading with a minor (currently “PG-13” on the novel being moderated by Wattpad webmaster staff), she who was unminded to follow the rules was often cautious when entertaining her own story craft of the role of every fictional child characters concerning racial age-related issues. Although if a feature Wattpad novel has a teen character so therefore its genre should be in “teen fiction” category, it was unclear whether Wattpad may suggested to include “child fiction” category for Natali Kim’s novel, even on future child-friendly-oriented novel.

Possible Adaptation?

Natali Kim’s signature Wattpad novel—currently at 18 chapters being crafted from June to December 2014 and will continue to finish it at projected total of 50 to 60 chapters by 2015 or 2016 with a consent of her parents and even her busy schedule such as studying, various school activities, and family bonding—may be a part of candidate adaptation through either a movie or TV, whether animated drawing or camera-shoot-based. If this would be possible in the future only if she could finish it, the primary step to negotiate may be a various Japanese animated TV production companies such as Toei, Fuji TV, TV Tokyo, TMS, TV Mainichi, or anything. Another optional step to adapt may be rather produce it in either animated cartoon or camera-scene-based in the U.S. or Canada, filtering out some foul language and sensitive story plot from her original text of Wattpad novel.

But what if there were a possibility that various local TV media outlets in emerging countries—say, the Philippines—would adapt Natali Kim’s novel with a full consent and respect, just as I—the blogger based in the Philippines—had discover it? For example—even if this might be possible in reality in the near future as I rather suggest only—local TV network ABS-CBN would try to adapt her novel, re-substitute from original surname of every fictional characters and choosing the right scene shooting location in real world while preserving the original story plot of her novel in a typical Filipino-pop-culture-flavored TV show concept. (That is, 40% original story plot and 60% re-substituted character and location settings.)

Related Trending Feature Wattpad Novel

In 2013, Summit Media Publishing Philippines had begun to compile various feature Filipino-based Wattpad novel titles being managed by Pandayan Workshop for various amateur online novelists such as She’s Dating The Gangster, The Bet, Hopeless Romantic, The Filthy Rich Bitch, Seducing Drake Palma, AFGITMOLFM, etc., under a signature pocketbook production Pop Fiction. Viva Entertainment Philippines and PSICOM negotiated each other to produce a physical copy of four-part series Diary ng Panget and two-part series Talk Back And You’re Dead before adapting in movie version. Precious Pages Corporation—the original producer of Precious Hearts Romances pocketbooks for the past few decades—was also competing between Summit and Viva-PSICOM as they also compile key select feature Filipino-based Wattpad novel with the introduction of PastryBug pocketbook. Anvil Publishing introduces Noreen Capili’s (noringai) signature Wattpad novel Buti Pa Ang Roma, May Bagong Papa and Parang Kayo Pero Hindi currently available in physical book copies in leading bookstore in the Philippines.

A few of the recent production in Philippine movie or TV based from various feature Filipino-based Wattpad novels in 2014 were Diary ng Panget and Talk Back And You’re Dead (produced by Viva Entertainment Philippines and PSICOM); She’s Dating The Gangster (produced by ABS-CBN Star Cinema); Noreen Capili’s (noringai) My App Boyfie [as featured on hot-adult contemporary fantasy-drama anthology Wansapanataym] and Bagito (produced by ABS-CBN TV Entertainment Group and co-produced by Cinemedia and Dreamscape, respectively); and various week-long-season-run titles—including OwwSic’s Diary ng Hindi Malandi (slight lang)—under main banner TV drama anthology show Wattpad Presents on TV5 Philippines (produced by Media Quest Philippines, an affiliate of MVP Group that runs PLDT, Smart, and Cignal Satellite DTV).

By 4th quarter of 2014, Paramount Pictures in Hollywood is planning to produce a film adapting Anna Todd’s Wattpad novel After trilogy, and will be shown in the U.S. and key select countries worldwide by 2015 or later.



The 2014 KathNiel Movie “She’s Dating The Gangster” Surpassing Classic ’80s Or ’90s Pinoy Movie “Ang Utol Kong Hoodlum”?

March 9, 2014
kathryn bernardo daniel padilla

Kathryn Bernardo And Daniel Padilla on the recent “Got To Believe” “Best Fair Ever” Event. (Photo courtesy of Facebook fan page with hashtag “#G2BBestFairEver” via

After the successful ending of hit teen-oriented primetime TV drama Got To Believe on ABs-CBN last March 7, 2014, the fans of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla—known as “KathNiel”—would be excited to watch an upcoming Philippine-based online novel adaptation She’s Dating The Gangster, to be shown on movie theaters between 2nd and early 3rd quarter of 2014 produced by ABS-CBN Star Cinema.

Hmm, will the movie—the story about a teen boy named as Kenji de los Reyes (Daniel) who joined a gangster and intend to have a relationship with Athena Dizon (Kathryn)—surpasses a known classic ’80s or ’90s Philippine action-romance movie Ang Utol Kong Hoodlum formerly played by Robin Padilla?

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What Target Audience Would Gain On Various Philippine Movies Of 39th Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) 2013 Entries?

December 18, 2013

Whether or not most Filipino citizens would support various 39th Metro Manila Film Festival 2013 Philippine movie entries in order to gain a target gross income of about Php 800 million to be used for a relief effort of Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) at about 10% share (or estimately Php 80 million), here are the list of target Filipino audiences of various movie titles of the said festival, a possible number of movie theaters per feature movie titles per establishment, and a projected rankings in terms of gross earnings:

Identity of Target Audience For Feature Movie Title

  • For the fans of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla of hit teen romance primetime drama Got To Believe, ABS-CBN Star Cinema together with Regal Films introduces Pagpag: Siyam Na Buhay.
  • For the fans of loyal televiewers of longest-running noontime show Eat Bulaga, M-Zet Films, an entertainment production company behind Enteng Kabisote (a set-back of hit fantasy sitcom TV series Okey Ka, Fairy Ko) film franchise partially owned by Vic Sotto, My Little Bossing starring Ryzza Mae Dizon and James “Bimby” Yap-Aquino.
  • For several TV viewers of ABS-CBN watching a hit TV talk sitcom Gandang Gabi Vice hosted by Vice Ganda who also appeared on daytime interactive talent show Showtime, Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy produced by ABS-CBN Star Cinema and Viva Films.
  • For most adult male folks who wanted to watch Pinoy action movies even though they (and even many rich-class Filipino citizens who only support Hollywood movies) may not welcome to support Pinoy Movie junkies (including a possible top-grossing MMFF 2013 movie entries as shown above earlier), Boy Golden (starring ER Ejercito) and 10,000 Hours (starring Robin Padilla), both produced by Viva Films.
  • For a fellow Visayan (and even other Filipino folks around the Philippines) Catholic followers in the Philippines, Pedro Calungsod: Batang Martir starring Rocco Nacino.
  • For some ABS-CBN, GMA-7, or TV5 TV viewers that often support stage-comedian veteran actress Eugene Domingo, Kimmy Dora: The Prequel of Kiyeme.
  • For some loyal GMA-7 TV viewers, young or old, Kaleidoscope World starring Yassi Pressman and Sef Cadayona produced by iACT Productions and MEDIAKOM and released thru GMA Films.

Number of Movie Theaters Per Title And Movie Rankings

  • About two or three movie theater rooms per establishment, such as major malls or any form of amusement centers, would be possibly assigned among the “big three” movie titles because of strong charismatic popularity to the audience, namely My Little Bossing, Pagpag: Siyam na Buhay, and Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy.
  • Only one movie theater rooms per establishment would be assigned on the remaining five feature movie title entries under the “big three”, namely Boy Golden, 10,000 Hours, Pedro Calungsod: Batang Martir, Kimmy Dora: The Prequel of Kiyeme, and Kaleidoscope World.
  • Of the eight qualified feature movie title entries, a possible projected standing in terms of movie grossing according to my own prediction would be My Little Bossing at first rank, Pagpag: Siyam na Buhay and Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy at a wrestling second to third rank, and the rest would be fourth to eighth rank.

Oh, by the way, the suggested movie ticket price of various commercial Philippine movie theaters (if and only if about more than 100 to 200 available legitimate movie theaters) would be about projectedly Php 150.00 to Php 190.00 per audience fitted for most average to lower-income families. Even though all feature movie titles are already produced in full 16:9 widescreen compatible to 720p, 1080p, 4K, or 8K digital video format on future digital TV broadcast, some feature Philippine movies offer Dolby Digital audio track, some conventional (voice-dubbed) analog mono audio track.

“My Lady Boss” Not Able To Lead “It Takes a Man and a Woman” In 2013?

April 15, 2013


Heads up, my dear GMA-7 viewing fans in Mega Manila! Before I discuss in full, I’ll always respect to enjoy to watch the past Marian Rivera TV shows on your conventional free-to-air analog TV set such as Marimar, Darna, Amaya, and recently the Philippine adaptation of hit Korean drama Temptation of Wife, as GMA network wanted to get more financial income from advertisers everyday because of your support to them. And now this 2013 are you ready to watch Marian Rivera’s upcoming movie together with Richard Gutierrez entitled My Lady Boss just as in their past movie show My Bestfriend’s Girlfriend produced by GMA Films? Did you have enough money to watch it at about present 160 pesos per person?

Although the movie was originally slated in February 2013, various showbiz news reports have had said it was postponed on second time on target date of April 10. Why? Not only about the problems of distributing the processed film rolls through various movie theaters or even a lack of managing a given time frame, but probably it might reflect from the recent dominance of the third installment of Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz entitled It Takes A Man And A Woman (after A Very Special Love and You Changed My Life) about projectedly more than Php 280 million in two weeks (source:, causing a possible flop of the number of moviegoers in time the show starts in two weeks, even without your support to them.

Sometimes the successful third sequel of Laida-Miggy franchise of respective Sarah-John Lloyd movie tandem (as compared to the past two sequels mainly because of improved acting stint and flow of story on the content of the third one) may often marked as “mysterious”—not just a word “phenomenal”—not only loyal Sarah Geronimo fans and some loyal various ABS-CBN artist who support the movie but also “most moviegoers who were not loyal of both ABS-CBN and GMA-7” have intentionally intended to watch it aside from watching mainstream Hollywood movies.

And in the case of My Lady Boss, expect that GMA Films, in spite of their postponement in unknown reason, has promised the quality content of their movie show may become very serious in terms of good story and good acting stint for Richard and Marian in order to wow every loyal GMA-7 TV viewers and even every couples wanting a good love story movie. (The theme of the movie is about taking respect of every female boss even when taking an intentional love affair.)

Alright, fine! I was often understand your sympathy and disappointment as you ever wanted to watch My Lady Boss, even though you were often not welcoming to watch a Sarah-John Lloyd movie produced by ABS-CBN Star Cinema because of your own mannerisms and favoritism. Whether I would watch My Lady Boss or not, it’s my own decision being authored on this blog, but don’t bash me on that matter. It’s your own decision to support to watch My Lady Boss. You may opt to think by opinion yourself without throwing to bash yourself against loyal fans under ABS-CBN artists camp, even me.

The showing date of My Lady Boss this 2012 will have to be announced by GMA Films, so you may opt to tune-in to GMA-7 on your TV set or visit on Facebook fan web page of the movie for an important announcement in an instant wall post update. Regal Films, the main producer of aforementioned movie together with aforementioned co-production, will pre-empting the Marian-Richard movie show and give way to another drama movie project entitled The Bride & The Lover showing this May 2013. In the meantime, whether you would welcome to watch free-to-air ABS-CBN Channel 2 in Mega Manila or not, click here to download for details in PDF format.

A Lone Development of Low Movie Quality In Commercial Philippine Cinema Industry

April 6, 2010

We often excited to watch high quality film movie in many US movie titles due to the use of advanced  film movie and audio system technologies in order to produce clear image and clear sound. In this modern times the US movie industry as well as other foreign movie companies in rich countries has often maintain and preserve high quality film movie based on required high standard in growing demand for movie theaters around US and around the world. They earned millions of dollars coming from the audience who has satisfied such for their viewing pleasure.

But in most developing countries like the Philippines, many commercial local movie industry like Sampaguita Pictures (in monochrome), Regal Films, Viva Films, Octoarts Films, and many others (all in color in second to fourth), has relied only a cheap, low quality film movie equipment technology. If we often to watch many local Filipino film movie titles in the ’50s, ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, ’90s, and 2000s to the present, its film movie quality often generates lack of sharpness, dull chrominance, a few white or black spots and scratchline marks, low sound fidelity resulting to distortion, and some frame distortion. That was only due to a “dirty” film process and even “shabby” editing before distributing over local theaters around the Philippines.

But what is the main difference between traditional low film movie quality in Philippine cinema and high quality film movie in the US and foreign films in rich countries? Here are the following facts on this blog:

  • One of the first consideration is the use of film movie camera, film movie strip reel, and film movie audio amplifier. Ordinary film movie camera as well as its partly inferior film movie strip used in Philippine movie may tend to generate blots or scratch marks and distortion in picture due to mechanical and optical idling as well as sharpness and contrast quality problem, unlike high quality movie film, camera, and lens in most US and various foreign film in rich countries  that are branded such as Panavision and Technicolor. Ordinary film movie audio amplifier equipment such as ordinary sound field modulator and ordinary home-made microphone in mono track only, on the other hand, often generates like a “dubbing” sound caught from the voice of an actor and actress in time on shooting and even distortion due to low sound fidelity (about 10,000 Hz), unlike using stereophonic boom microphone and hi-fi sound field amplifier (using analog Dolby sound movie system up to 15,000 Hz; now Dolby Digital, DTS, or SDDS by digital pits in film with over 20,000 Hz) in popular US film.
  • Another consideration is about the transfer from movie scene to video format for making home video. One of the conventional method is the use of analog video grabbing unit that consists of camera tubes capturing over a movie projector. The main disadvantage of that method is that it lacks crystal-clear contrast detail. US film counterparts often uses digital processing equipment unit that consists of image sensor such as CCD or CMOS sensor that captures a single image and a console that converts from a bitmap image to analog composite video (now MPEG frame capture in making DVD or Blu-ray home video).
  • The last consideration is to remaster or restore nearly deterriorated picture in film on most classic Philippine film titles digitally. This method—as demonstrated on the experiment of remastering the movie scene of atomic bomb experiment coverage in an episode of an informative science/entertainment program How Can They Do That? on CBS Television in 1995(?)—enables to remove spots and scratches, stains, dusts, and distortion by means of a computer or console having with a specialized movie image remastering software similar to a various image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop and Corel Photo Paint. However, local Philippine movie companies have not yet aware or informed about that new technological breakthrough as they have only focus to preserve rather than restore manually that can easily damage the original picture quality.

The local Philippine movie industry was unaware about the advancement of high quality traditional film movie technology made by US film and other foreign films in rich countries that was flourished in the ’70s to the present due to the lack of funds and lack of developmental and informative empowerment to upgrade their equipment. Without taking action to improve their equipment aside from lighting equipment, the Filipino audience may be felt disappointed and may not be able to miss out future new local movie titles that may be only offer cheap storytelling script such as light sitcoms, older action scenes, bleak drama acting scenes, and even controversial erotic scenes that became fad in the past.

Despite of this, some independent film makers in the Philippines different from commercial ones like Unitel that produced American Adobo, Inang Yaya, Nasaan Si Happiness?, and La Visa Loca has successfully complied to use newer traditional film movie equipment technologies in mid-decade of 2000s just as the commercial US film. Panorama Pictures that produced Ploning has also complied on that latter. Small player film makers that produced Ang Pagdadalaga Ni Maximo Oliveros, Jay, Serbis, Dead Na Si Lolo, and many others—known as independent DV film (DV stands for “Digital Video), or colloqially known as indie film—that can be seen only on independent film festivals often use a newer built-in 24-frame digital video camcorder unit  that was part of the evolvement of digital cinematography, or digital movie, in which its cost is cheaper than traditional film.