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Albert Cornelio’s Three Feature Wattpad Stories of 2015

March 30, 2015
wattpad kahiyas singers ang tatay kong nakikisalamuha ng boyfriend ko nikki meets sophie albert cornelio

Here I create my own three feature stories of 2015 on Wattpad.

Becoming a professional novel author to produce high quality storytelling on most commercially available physical book print copies may not be easy to qualify to work on various mainstream book publishers. For starters, young or old, they may create their own experimental, original story craft in any form of genre—such as drama, fantasy, action, etc.—and share it through many Internet users to read who have the power to judge their own favorite story content by means of “vote”, using a social-based online freeware novel site Wattpad.

Over 14 million feature social-based novel titles on Wattpad have been produced by various Internet users as online amateur novelists all over the world for the past 10 years. In the Philippines, over 10 thousand feature social-based novel titles on Wattpad have been produced by various online Filipino amateur novelists—mostly some female high school or college students—and featured on various local pocketbook such as Summit Media’s Pop Fiction, Viva-PSICOM, Precious Pages Lib Creatives Pastrybug, and many others. The select feature Filipino-based Wattpad story was also adapted on mainstream movies and television.

One of the most popular Wattpad stories all over the world were Anna Todd’s After, Natali Kim’s Infinity.Dream, Age of Adaline, sci-fi adult cartoon Neptune Road, I Love You, Bestfriend, and many others. In the Philippines, there were Diary ng Panget, She’s Dating The Gangster, Talk Back And You’re Dead, Marcelo Santos III’s Para Sa Hopeless Romantic, Noringai’s Bagito, Ilurvbook’s The Bet, forgottenGlimmer’s Reyna ng Kamalasan, erinedipity’s The Break-up Planner, etc.

This time in 2015, as being a blogger and remain unemployed, I will try my best to create my own original story on Wattpad, although some portion lacked expansion of story plot due to time-consuming and constraints of exploring my ideas. Presenting my own three novels such as Kahiyas Singers, Ang Tatay Kong Nakikisalamuha ng Boyfriend Ko, and Nikki Meets Sophie.

My Current Feature Wattpad Novel 2015

As I mentioned earlier, it’s up for me to try to expand or revise the quality of my feature Wattpad story in due time, only if you ever suggest to comment for me. In the meantime, here are the following overviews, with links to click to visit:

  • Kahiyas Singers. Three girls Maicy, Bessy, and Aira bonded together to sing as Kahiyas Singers group when there were kids and teen years. When they broke up as they turned young adult, there were three separate events where Maicy became a public elementary music school teacher, Bessy became a resto-bar rock band singer, and Aira became a successful solo pop singer. In spite that Aira had several times of intrigues as being reported by various local Philippine entertainment press on a fact that she was hidden from being a intentional prostitute, she had to continue her struggles in showbiz career without revealing her hidden truth to the public. Maicy and Bessy, on the other hand, had begun to reunite their friendship as they attempt to reunite with Aira, whether a success or a failure.
  • Ang Tatay Kong Nakikisalamuha ng Boyfriend Ko. A responsible father who worked as a psychologist doctor in a private high-class hospital had gave respect to his loving 16-ear old daughter after his wife died from pregnancy conceiving problem. One day, in a famous historical park in Manila, he, together with her daughter, saw his daughter’s boyfriend. As he often gave a respect and joy with the two, he was likely intend to mingle his daughter’s boyfriend.
  • Nikki Meets Sophie. As part of a post-season of hit daytime family drama Be Careful With My Heart on ABS-CBN, I often create my own original Wattpad fan fiction story together with current airing of Janella Salvador’s Oh My G. In the year 2015, 16-year old Nikki-Grace Lim who will graduate from high school often watch the TV show Oh My G, the story of a 16-year old Sophie Cepeda who missed the passing of her parents who were murdered by a gunshot of many criminals. Both Nikki and Sophie had similar physical faces. When Nikki was slept, she dreamed and entered Sophie’s world.

My Upcoming Feature Wattpad Novel

If I could ever complete the story as shown above, here are my upcoming Wattpad story by next year:

  • Ang Bunsong Kapatid na Babae Kong Nakikisalamuha ng Boyfriend Ko. A second installment of Nakikisalamuha series, it is a story of two teen girl siblings when a 13-year old girl often met and mingle a 16-year old older sister’s boyfriend.
  • Ang Nanay Kong Nakikisalamuha ng Girlfriend Ko. A third installment of Nakikisalamuha series, a loving mother often met her son’s girlfriend.
  • Mallows Necklace. Based from public domain original version of MarNella Wattpad fan fiction Infinity Necklace by Katrina Sanchez with a further revision of my own version, Nikki-Grace Lim, who wore a simple, casual “Mallows” nylon string necklace made from a gift of her boyfriend Niccolo before she left for a vacation abroad, was lost during her 18th birthday debut party.

Schedule of Updating New Chapter

KAHIYAS SINGERS—Every April 2015 and on June 2015 onwards

ANG TATAY KONG NAKIKISALAMUHA NG BOYFRIEND KO—Every May 2015 and on June 2015 onwards

NIKKI MEETS SOPHIE—Weekly right after updating my new chapter of Kahiyas Singers and Tatay Kong Nakikisalamuha ng Boyfriend Ko


Janella Salvador’s Concept TV Show “Oh My G”, A Typical Crossover Adoption of Her Favorite Expression

January 6, 2015
janella salvador abs cbn ohmyg

A billboard for promoting the concept teen-oriented daytime TV soap “Oh My G” based from Janella Salvador’s (as Sophie Cepeda on her show) popular tagline “Oh my gee!” from her former portrayal as Nikki Grace-Lim of hit daytime TV family drama Be Careful With My Heart. (Uploaded image from Twitter courtesy of ABS-CBN.)

The hit daytime family drama Be Careful With My Heart has ended. In order to succeed the former one being aired every pre-noontime, the creative team of ABS-CBN Entertainment Group has attempted to produce a concept TV show not only delight the fans of loyal adult TV viewers of the said former show but also some young viewers in a modest, positive reception of storytelling. The working title was “O.M.G.”, and after a few months of voluntary brainstorming session to create a story done by various scripwriters and even casting, they revealed a typical concept TV novel show Oh My G, based from Janella Salvador’s popular expression “Oh my gee!” from her previous portrayal as Nikki Grace-Lim of Be Careful With My Heart.

Partly seem original, though, isn’t it? That was the only way to offer for this 16-year old teen actress as part of being a member of ABS-CBN Star Magic Glee since she was joined in mid-decade 2000s (following after her TV guessings with her mother Jenine Desiderio on Contrapelo Sa Pula Sa Puti segment of top-rated and longest-running noontime variety TV stage show Eat Bulaga) before she was appeared on the said daytime family drama on ABS-CBN in 2012, having with her current physical height of 5 feet and 6 or 7 inches tall. Last late October 2014 in an interview on the show Aquino And Abunda Tonight a few hour after a presscon of the last 46th-episode series finale of Be Careful With My Heart and few nights before Himig Handog P-Pop Love Songs 2014 finals night, Janella revealed that she was ready to work the said concept teen-oriented daily TV show, in spite of the fact that the creative team of the TV network did not have a serious offer of original acting portrayal craft for her who had only a current limited quality of her acting stint.

With this concept TV novel show, the staff of Oh My G would be confident to give delight for the TV viewers as they promised that they would try their best to improve and enhance her acting skills from her acting workshop session and even the content of the story as much as possible, depending on the reception of various critics of Philippine entertainment press. As other ABS-CBN teen female artists such as Kathryn Bernardo, Julia Barreto, and Liza Soberano (as part of “ASAP It Girls” member of noontime variety musical TV show A.S.A.P. [“All Star Afternoon Party”] on its current 20th-year season) were competedly supported by the majority of teenage fans, Janella Salvador’s current personal figure as a simple yet delightful teenage actress in the history of Philippine entertainment industry may be likely dedicated to veteran actress Gloria Romero who was now a few decades of her experience.

But this is not the first concept TV show that uses a near-crossover female teen portrayal of the former one with her favorite expression as mentioned above. Even various Hollywood feature 3D animation movie introduced an upcoming release of crossover co-cast portrayal, such as Talking Penguins from Madagascar (already released in TV series on Nickelodeon) and the yellow-skinned Minions of Despicable Me (see illustration below). And even a concept classic feature 3D animation PC action game in late mid-90s Serious Sam was slightly imitated the characters with its different settings from the controversial violent yet popular classic early mid-90s MS-DOS-based PC action game Doom Trilogy and its classic successor Wolfenstein.

oh my g abs cbn madagascar despicable me be careful with my heart

The Trailer, Her Popular Expression, And The Plot

janella salvador oh my g abs cbn

Janella Salvador on shooting of her upcoming concept TV show Oh My G. (Courtesy of Facebook page/ABS-CBN)

Janella Salvador’s popular expression “Oh my gee!” had stated several times on her former portrayal as Nikki Grace-Lim of the entire episodes of Be Careful With My Heart. The word “gee” alone may not just indicate “Lord Holy God of Heavens Above” or “Saviour Jesus Christ”, but rather indicate and implies only her fictional, personal gesture and emotional cuteness. The adult TV viewers of the show had often curious her simple yet effective portrayal as a possible sign of an intentional loyalty to her aside from the main cast Jodi Sta. Maria as Maya and Richard Yap as Ricardo “Ser chief” Lim and even its various supporting cast.

The creative team had decided they would adapt her popular expression to become a mainstream series, and claimed it would be a better successor of Be Careful With My Heart. Before, the concept TV show “O.M.G.”—previously petitioned to define as, say for example, “Oh My Giselle”, “Owesome Misty Girl”, or “Only Me Gracious”—was previously available only for iWanTV app on prepaid mobile smartphone service SIM card ABS-CBN Mobile as a typical 5-minute mini series skit, according to the presscon last early December 2014 after the final airing of Be Careful With My Heart, but because of the request of the majority of many fans of Janella Salvador, ABS-CBN management had granted to do this.

In the official trailer of the show seen on ABS-CBN VHF Channel 2 at the end of 2014 until present and even on YouTube in HD 1080p format, Janella Salvador portrays as 16-year old Sophie Cepeda. Sad and alone at home that often missed her parents, she took on her laptop personal computer in color LED-backlit LCD display with Internet to access various social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter. As she was accidentally typed “#GODISNOWHERE”, an annonymous FB user account under “Friend Request” icon that often called “GOD” had contacted, realizing she was often said “God is no-where”. Though “GOD” may likely said “God is now here” as seemed so confusing with the same text “#GODISNOWHERE” rather than “#GodIsNowHere”, Sophie was shocked on the monitor, and she said softly on her mind, “Ooohhhh—-mmyyyyy—-geeeee?!?!”

Before the official release of an official trailer on TV, the “prequel” teaser trailer that uploaded and released two months ago on YouTube showed that Sophie was trapped in her dream after a blackout on her home, as while she was holding her mobile smartphone finding a way to trace a strong cellphone signal in a clear grassy mountainous area she fell on the bottom and her arms was held by an unknown man. When she looked at him as “GOD”, she was surprisingly said, “Oh my gee!”

And here is the latest trailer of the show:

The behind-the-scene of the show states about its concept, claiming it was dedicated from being a devotee of Saint Teresa of Avila for Janella and her mother Jenine Desiderio and ABS-CBN president Ms. Charo Santos-Concio:

TV vievers, and even the the loyal viewers of Be Careful With My Heart, should try to admit to watch the main female 16-year old teen characters of the concept TV show as she enters the scene as a 4th-level high school student, according to the behind-the-scene photo clips of official Facebook page of the show. The two teenage boys at the age of 17-years old, namely Gabby (Marlo Mortel) and Harry (Manolo Pedrosa), often compete each other to meet and have an affair with Sophie.

Such typical plot of teen love triangle of the TV show may be marked a possible strategy to attract for many young fans on which two male artists would be compatible to form as a love-team for Janella Salvador in real life. Marlo Mortel—who was portrayed as Niccolo of Be Careful With My Heart as Nikki’s boyfriend—was the first, and later Manolo Pedrosa; both of which were seperately appeared on separate episode guessings of longest-running drama anthology Maalaala Mo Kaya with Janella Salvador. Previously, ABS-CBN had conceptualized a typical modern-day epic drama Princess And I in 2012 when the show had set up three male actors Enrique Gil, Khalil Ramos, and Daniel Padilla, claiming on which of these three would be capable for Kathryn Bernardo (portrayed as Mikay as a lost princess in Bhutan), but in the end the show chose Daniel.

The Shooting Scene Format

Just as in the past and present ABS-CBN TV soaps such as Be Careful With My Heart, Dugong Buhay, Juan de la Cruz, Got to Believe, The Legal Wife, Bagito, Dream Dad, Forevermore, and many others, the show will still use a true 24-image-direct-capture-set-frames-per-second digital movie in high definition 1080p widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio Motion JPEG 2000 format. Though the original format may be downscaled to letterbox 4:3 480i/p scene compatible to current 525-line NTSC-M analog TV broadcast, the full HD content may be either re-broadcast using future roll-out of ISDB-T or may be streamed on broadband Internet via iWanTV or But for more exciting viewing experience, the original 1080p resolution may be easily remaster using a near native 4K detail upscaling digital video graphics hardware found on most 4K UHD resolution LED-backlit LCD TV displays such as Sony and Samsung to become 4K resolution 2160p scene.

However, I only expect to wish that ABS-CBN—even other competing local terrestrial TV networks such as GMA, TV5, PTV, etc.—should try to purchase 4K UHD resolution digital video camera unit and broadcast on trial ISDB-T transmission using a newer HEVC video codec that’s 30% less data than a standard H.264 video codec, even on possible production of 4K UHD resolution content on future brand new ABS-CBN TV soaps.

The Official Theme Song?

On the trailer of the show, there claims its theme song performed by Janella Salvador often uses a typical concept song music tune of Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe. However, due to a possible infringement, the TV show now uses a Janella Salvador version official theme song I Can originally performed by Donna Cruz from ’80s classic movie Do Re Mi.

Closing And Announcement

Although I was open to support the concept TV show of 2015 as being a fan of Janella Salvador and even Sarah Geronimo, and as being the owner and author of this blog and remain unemployed, I was often disappointed for heeding my own lone petition to—but I am not reflected as an employee of—ABS-CBN to try to adapt Kimberly Joy Villanueva’s (iluvrbooks) Wattpad novel The Bet on TV to be possibly portrayed by Marlo Mortel and Janella Salvador as Drake and Sophia instead, from the originally planned 2015 movie version portrayed by successful primetime soap Forevermore stars Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano, now currently on-going as claimed. I was often so proud to both Enrique and Liza for offering such TV soap as director Cathy Garcia Molina had a way to enhance their acting skills as a result of intentional increase of their charisma thru the viewers, as well as the surprising increase of visitors visiting the shooting location—called “La Preza” farm—in Benguet as a typical tourism spot in reality.

So, what’s next with my own Plan B petition? If the supposed release of Philippine movie adaptation version of Wattpad novel The Bet under ABS-CBN Star Cinema (under the ongoing negotiation with Summit Media Publishing that produces Wattpad-adapted story Pop Fiction pocketbooks) might fail, I wish to author Kimberly Joy Villanueva that her novel should try to adapt on U.S. movies instead, just as Paramount Pictures had successfully planned to adapt Anna Todd’s (imaginator1D) Wattpad novel After now released on books only on U.S. under Simon & Schuster publication. Oh well, the possible negotiation might take a few long years to grant Kim’s wish, seriously. If so, then her novel may be with slight changes regarding re-enhancing original story plot and surnaming of main characters Drake and Sophia (for example, “Steiffer” for Drake and “Tyndrall” for Sophia).

The second Plan B? I also wish to Kimberly Joy Villanueva (as being a fan of Taylor Swift) to try to adapt her partly finished Wattpad novel My Imaginary Boyfriend to be featured on TV fantasy drama anthology Wansapanataym on ABS-CBN. My own suggested casting—although remain unofficial in real life—would be Miles Ocampo as Annalisse from the novel with two male stars to be announced, one human and another imaginary.

The third Plan B? Watch out for my own original drafted Wattpad story to be released soon as I was already created my user account on the said online novel creation. Problem is, I was currently alone at home as of now, so I was not able to have a workshop with Pandayan Bookstore out of home to show my sample story craft but I’ll give my best as much as I can.

Oh, by the way, the upcoming concept youth-oriented TV soap Oh My G would likely dedicate to all feature Filipino-based Wattpad novels such as She’s Dating With A Gangster, The Bet, Hopeless Romantic, and many others written by various amateur online novelists featured on Summit Media Pop Fiction pocketbooks as I often loyal to them. I thought that the quality of the story of the show would be likely optimized to become realistic compared to various Wattpad-based online Filipino novels.

Also, I also dedicate for being loyal of reading 13-year old Canadian author Natali Kim’s (likely child portral story) Wattpad novel Infinity.Dream that may be possibly adapted in local Philippine TV only with full consent and approval. (The possible casting as I suggest if approved would be Mutya Orquia as Maira.)

Oh My G airs January 19, 2015 on ABS-CBN VHF Channel 2 Mega Manila and various terrestrial analog TV channels on ABS-CBN regional stations in letterbox SD format analog TV broadcast, with re-run in Full HD 1080p format on iWanTV (exclusively on Sky Broadband and Bayan DSL subscribers in select Metro Manila areas), iWanTV app on ABS-CBN Mobile, and 

The Top Play Views Of Himig Handog P-Pop Love Songs 2014 Music Videos On YouTube

September 30, 2014
himig handog p pop love song 2014 music video youtube daniel padilla janella salvador

Daniel Padilla’s Simpleng Tulad Mo and Janella Salvador’s Mahal Kita Pero, both of which were the two song entries of the recent Himig Handog P-Pop Love Songs 2014, tops the two music videos in terms of higher play view count on YouTube with a projected 1 million. (Screenshot courtesy of ABS-CBN Star Music thru YouTube.)

Not only we would desire to see a current number of play views of various music videos owned by Vevo (a collaboration with MCA Universal, Sony, and EMI) on YouTube, but we might ever desire to see a current number of play views on Philippine-based commercial music videos on the said popular video sharing site as of today. One of the recent example was the hit Korean music video of Psy’s Gangnam Style in 2012, registered a total of over 1 billion play view count with an estimate of over hundreds of million Internet media audiences around the world.

Here I visit YouTube and I research the current number of play views of feature music videos of Himig Handog P–Pop Love Songs 2014. Just as we would read on Billboard charts or even locally–made music charts by means of song request, this blog will only mention these title feature videos—without mentioning its number values—from lesser number of play views to a greater number of play views. Some feature music videos that have had a highly registered number of play views may reflect on depending an estimate number of Internet media Filipino audiences—say, only tens of thousands—as well as the majority of the supporter of fans of the artists being performed on video. On the other hand, some feature videos that had lesser play view count may have a possibility of high quality “song theme message” as an important winning piece to have a bigger award on the finale of performance night. So here are the list with a remark of the impact of the contents:

TOP 15: JOVIT BALDIVINO – Dito. Though the quality of every theme of song lyrics was so much better as well as its music video, the song having with sentimental soft musical piece may not so attractive to every upbeat music-conscious young listeners of the new generation.

TOP 14: JED MADELA – If You Don’t Want To Fall. Very orchestrating to hear Jed Madella’s powerful singing skills that’s applausable to good reviews. But were there someone applause for the fans of other artists on the said song festival?

TOP 13: EBE DANCEL and ABRA – Halik Sa Hangin. An interesting song dedicated for the fans of said two respective artists, one who was a former lead singer of the band Sugarfree, and another a well-performed fliptop rapper seen on YouTube.

TOP 12: MARION AUNOR featurig RIZZA CABRERA and SEED BUNYE – Pumapag-Ibig. The bossa nova music style may be ideal for rich-income class community, if someone would be interested to hear whether the content may have world-class quality.

TOP 11: JESSA ZARAGOZA – Bumabalik Ang Nagdaan. A song ideal for the said artist, will the former fans be able to inform and support her special comeback to entertain for every Filipino masses, just as she became famous in the ’90s?

TOP 10: BUGOY DRILON – Umiiyak Ang Puso. A very emotional song, there may be a gradual apreciation on the majority of the audience to support its content being performed by this artist who had a further improvement of his singing skills.

TOP 9: JURIS – Hindi Wala. A very refreshing song, the fans of this female artist may have had a fair nod to hear that.

TOP 8: HAZEL FAITH DELA CRUZ – Everything Takes Time. Remember this candidate artist who was also appeared as a co-star on Be Careful With My Heart as a lyricist for the song festival? I often got informed on an informercial before a break of the said daytime family TV soap (in some episodes before the target date of the songfest finale concert) together with Janella Salvador.

TOP 7: JUGS and TEDDY – Walang Basagan ng Trip. Dedicated for the fans of respective rock group Itchyworms and Rocksteady, the music was much a craze; much banging to hear the song as a wake-up call for person’s emotional frustration.

TOP 6: ANGELINE QUINTO – Hanggang Kailan. Though her powerful loud voice with high notes carrying with that feature song had controlled so much, some had often criticized that they don’t like such kind of her singing skills but rather wanted a simple and refreshing singing vocalization.

TOP 5: MORISSETTE AMON – Akin Ka Na Lang. A possible winning piece, the majority of the audience could be hardly applause and amaze for her powerful very high notes, a difficult skill that other ordinary first-time female singers can’t.

TOP 4: MICHAEL PANGILINAN – Pare Mahal Mo Raw Ako. According to a reliable exposé, this song that was intentionally dedicated for most lesbians-gays-bisexual-transgender (LGBT) community seemed so little sensitive when observing the content of its lyrics.

TOP 3: KZ Tandingan – Mahal Ko o Mahal Ako. As she gradually improve her singing skills with some portion of high notes and effective emotion to sing, the supporter of this artist based in Mindanao as well as many critics often satisfied to hear such refreshing song melody.

TOP 2: JANELLA SALVADOR – Mahal Kita Pero. Whether this song would be effective as a typical themesong for a pair-up with Janella Salvador and Marlo Mortel in future TV or movie projects after a near conclusion of two-year run Be Careful With My Heart in November 2014 as speculated, we’ll find out soon. [Or you may check out my Twitter post on my song craft to the artist as an alternative for her future TV or movie show project.] Thanks for the support of her fans.

TOP 1: DANIEL PADILLA – Simpleng Tulad Mo. The KathNiel fans fever continues to support for outshining this feature song being performed by this artist as their favorite, giving a intense impact of perception to the audience.

Best Song Standings And Special Standings

For those who missed to watch the TV special of recent song fest contest, here are the list of feature songs that gave best song standing and special standing:

5th Best Song: Hindi Wala
4th Best Song: Walang Basagan ng Trip
3rd Best Song: Mahal Kita Pero
2nd Best Song: Halik Sa Hangin
Grand Best Song Winner: Mahal Ko o Mahal Ako
Star Records CD Buyer’s Choice: Bumabalik Ang Nagdaan
Star Studio Magazine Voter’s Choice: If You Don’t Want To Fall
MOR FM Listener’s Choice: Simpleng Tulad Mo Online Voter’s Choice: Mahal Ko o Mahal Ako
ABS-CBN Mobile Voter’s Choice: Simpleng Tulad Mo
TFC Viewer’s Choice: If You Don’t Want To Fall
Star Cinema Moviegoer’s Choice: Halik Sa Hangin
MYX Best Music Videos (thru YouTube): Mahal Kita Pero

An Overview Of ABS-CBN Himig Handog P-Pop Love Songs 2014 Song Finalists

September 9, 2014

himig handog p pop love songs 2014

The leading song writing competition of ABS-CBN this 2014 season is back! After a successful hit popular song Nasa Iyo Na Ang Lahat as well as other songs from 2013 season of the said festival, there are so many surprising high quality song content with a bit of thematic impact of listening taste that could cater for the fans of various singing artists of ABS-CBN. Not only the TV viewers may buy a genuine CD copy (availabe in local record stores until 3rd week of September 2014) or legal MP3 download of Himig Handog P-Pop Love Songs 2014 to listen the fresh original song content created by candidate amateur song lyricists but they should watch an uploaded music video of the song on YouTube produced by digital film makers of various colleges and universities. So, what are the actual overview of various songs of the said 2014 season song festival as well as its music videos? Here are my own views:

  • Mahal Kita Pero. This song may be apply to a typical teenage relationship on hit daytime family drama Be Careful With My Heart where Nikki (played by actress Janella Salvador who sang the song during audio recording session) who had given an intentional promises to have a future affair with her boyfriend Niccolo (played by actor Mario Mortel). For Janella, this was the first time to work such matter even though—through the tutor of her mother Janine Desiderio—she doesn’t have a future recording project.
  • Simpleng Tulad Mo. If you watch the music video of the song on YouTube, it may be regarded as an extended epilogue of hit teen drama Got to Believe as both Joaquin (played by actor Daniel Padilla who sang the song) and Chichay (played by actress Kathryn Bernardo) paint together separately a typical pop artwork of graphical fantasy of teenage relationship. The theme of the song is about a simple and ordinary life of every manners of a boy or a girl in spite of lack of experience.
  • Walang Basagan ng Trip. This typical “Itchyworms versus Rocksteady” song tandem performed by respective lead singers of the band Jugs and Teddy as current co-host of daytime talent show Showtime on ABS-CBN gave a serious craze of its theme about a rumbling romantic relationship during nightly outdoor activities after work, such as r0ck music clubs or concerts.
  • Akin Ka Na Lang. This potential winning song piece performed by The Voice Philippines Season 1 finalist  Morisette Ammon—who also sang the theme song of afternoon drama Moon of Desire—often register with perfect high notes with feelings, on whick its main theme is about an important trust of a chosen relationship.
  • Bumabalik Ang Nagdaan. While Jessa Zaragosa only became dire of future recording project after she became famous on her hit songs Bakit Pa and Di Ba’t Ikaw in early 2000s, this song is almost compatible to her to sing as a “special comeback”. The theme of the song is about how to restore romantic sincerity and dignity from painful relationship of the past.
  • Mahal Ko o Mahal Ako. Singer KZ Tandingan had slowly improved for registering some high notes with this song feature about intentional chosen incompatible relationship.
  • Hindi Wala. In my thought, this song was originally intended to perform by Callalily lead singer Kean Cipriano, but due to his busy activity it was later turned over to former MYMP lead singer Juris to sing a piece. The theme was about indecision to love each other.
  • Halik Sa Hangin. Former Sugarfree lead singer Ebe Dancel and fliptop rapper Abra collaborate each other to sing a darker theme of the song about a lone man who had a painful break-up of a sour relationship with his girlfriend. On a normal lyrics he took a momentary comfort zone for a long time, but on rap lyrics because of his frustration he was endangered to have a suicide.
  • Pumapag-Ibig. The melody of its background acoustic music and the content of the lyrics of a song was almost bossa nova, a specialized jazz-based and latin-based musical genre. Performed by Marion Aunor and musician Seed Bunye, the theme was about a further excuse of romantic affair.
  • If You Don’t Want To Fall. Singer Jed Madella had maintained a baritone-like conventional powerful singing skill for decade, with an effective natural feeling and emotion of the content of this feature song, on which its theme is about long-term modest romantic relationship.
  • Everything Takes Time. This upbeat melody performed by lyricist and interpreter Hazel de la Cruz often contains a theme about a “true love waits” basis.
  • Hanggang Kailan. Oh well, this powerful song performed by Angeline Quinto may be likely an extended theme song of hit adult drama The Legal Wife starring Angel Locsin, Maja Salvador, and Jericho Rosales aside from the main song Hangggan Kailan Kita Mamahalin. Although the song was only applied for the song festival, in which its theme is about everlasting love affair.
  • Dito. Last 2013, FM radio stations Love Radio and Yes FM in Mega Manila only aired Sana’y Magbalik as their own choice rather than to air the entire songs from Himig Handog P-Pop Love Songs 2013. This 2014, will these two FM radio stations would attempt to air this feature song performed by Jovit Baldivino just as mentioned from the former one on previous song festival season? The theme is about wishing for a coming back a relationship when two lovers became friends from the past.
  • Umiiyak Ang Puso. The song performed by Bugoy Drillon was almost a heartbreak song about a man who grieved his guilt for breaking up his beloved woman.
  • Pare Mahal Mo Raw Ako. The last of the song I posted on my views—though less popular with a bit of twist of its theme—candidate lyricist and interpreter Michael Pangilinan performs a song narration about a man who console with his male friend who wished to come back his broken relationship with his girlfriend.

See Also

An Overview Of ABS-CBN Himig Handog P-Pop Love Songs 2013 Song Finalists

No More Negra Skin But Wooden Skin On “Mirabella”

March 24, 2014
julia barreto mirabella abs cbn

Julia Barreto playing the role of a teenage girl being covered with a wooden skin stigmatized from magical tree. (Images posted from blog site via, used with permission.)

In real life, every white people should respect every black people, and even a normal physical races should also respect an ethnical physical races. This sensitive issue about racial discrimination being alarmed by international diplomat government body United Nations (UN) as a form of criminal liability should be considered to educate or inform to ordinary people, for avoiding any form of racial abuse not only verbal but also visual, either on indoor or outdoor places or graphical image on TV, movie, print, or Internet. Not only worldwide but also here in the Philippines.

This was the case of an upcoming TV fantasy-drama on ABS-CBN about a teenage girl who was stigmatized from a mysterious magical tree forming a wooden skin on her entire body since birth, played in a role by a “fourth” generation of Barreto sisters named Julia Barreto in Philippine entertainment industry currently in sibling rivalry: the third was Claudine, the second was Marjorie (mother of Julia and wife of Dennis Padilla), and the main veteran ones was Gretchen. Yes, I mentioned her “J” name a teener age, just as you watched on her current TV ad endorser such as Palmolive, Cherifer, Pond’s, Jollibee, and Modess.

Mirabella was based from the recently shelved classic Philippine movie adaptation to TV Cofradia when a fellow (young) Netizens who were a friends, relatives, or fans of Julia Barreto suggested to ABS-CBN to change the TV show concept, due to a fact that a reliable research found that the main lady role of the classic movie was a brown-colored skin or negra. The TV project was (more than) one years in the making since 2013, and the show was started in March 23, 2014, a slightly long delay due to a busy vacant TV timeslot of various ABS-CBN TV shows, including a one-year run 6 p.m. slot TV drama Annaliza to finish it.

In order to impress the televiewers without having to distract to watch on a possible racial discrimination, the role of Julia Barreto as “Mira”, who was 16 years old during a digital movie scene shooting in 2013, use only a brown-colored lines resembling a “wooden ring of tree cut” over her skin by means of either a thorough make-up or video graphical representation. That concept is much better than using a conventional painting of brown-colored make-up on her entire skin and face that can easily cause a negative reception to both the televiewers and even Philippine entertainment critic to complain as a typical racist TV show status, unlike a previous “negra-serye” on TV Nita Negrita and Luna Blanca on GMA-7.

My Wish For Future Julia Barreto Movie Project(?)

Aside from Mirabella, I wish that ABS-CBN Star Cinema should try to adapt a Philippine pop online novel (as popularized from Wattpad) The Filthy, Rich Bitch for Julia Barreto as a potential possible role in film movie scene shoot in the future. I was often curious to look and observe a graphical drawing of a young lady wearing a light green-yellow gown on a front cover pocket book of the novel as mentioned, which is distributed and published by Summit Media and is now available on National Bookstore and 7-Eleven branches released in early 2014, aside from She’s Dating The Gangster and Diary ng Panget currently adapted in movie version in 2014 season.

The 2014 KathNiel Movie “She’s Dating The Gangster” Surpassing Classic ’80s Or ’90s Pinoy Movie “Ang Utol Kong Hoodlum”?

March 9, 2014
kathryn bernardo daniel padilla

Kathryn Bernardo And Daniel Padilla on the recent “Got To Believe” “Best Fair Ever” Event. (Photo courtesy of Facebook fan page with hashtag “#G2BBestFairEver” via

After the successful ending of hit teen-oriented primetime TV drama Got To Believe on ABs-CBN last March 7, 2014, the fans of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla—known as “KathNiel”—would be excited to watch an upcoming Philippine-based online novel adaptation She’s Dating The Gangster, to be shown on movie theaters between 2nd and early 3rd quarter of 2014 produced by ABS-CBN Star Cinema.

Hmm, will the movie—the story about a teen boy named as Kenji de los Reyes (Daniel) who joined a gangster and intend to have a relationship with Athena Dizon (Kathryn)—surpasses a known classic ’80s or ’90s Philippine action-romance movie Ang Utol Kong Hoodlum formerly played by Robin Padilla?

Further Reading:

Got To Believe Best Fair Ever 2014 (#G2BBestFairEver)

March 3, 2014

The hit teen-oriented nightly TV drama series of 2013 Got To Believe that started on August 26, 2013 has come to an end on March 7, 2014. But although the scenes of the show—as well as Be Careful With My Heart, Juan de la Cruz, Dugong Buhay, etc.—use a true 4K resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels) 24-frames-per-second (fps) Motion JPEG 2000 (MJPEG2) digital movie format made from digital SLR cameras, and while ABS-CBN currently uses full-power analog TV transmission NTSC-M [standard definition (SD) 525-line video scan or 480i in equivalent digital video resolution] that will discontinue on New Year’s Day 2016 giving a way for digital TV switch-over, I wish that the network should try to re-broadcast the said TV show in full high definition (HD) digital video content 1080p in the future over the recent adoption and trial roll-out of Japanese platform ISDB-T UHF DTV transmission. [The DVD release of Got To Believe is now available in the market (in MPEG-2 widescreen video dual resolution synchronized from original master MJPEG2 scenes).]

Before the show would bid goodbye to the TV viewers who—even the majority of the (teen) girl fans of KathNiel (stands for Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla as the lead role of the show)—impressed to watch it as well as a good positive reviews from various Philippine entertainment newspaper press, I visited over the Facebook and Twitter fan page of the show <#G2BBestFairEver> about the recent “Best Fair Ever” amusement event at Circuit Makati last March 2, 2014. I wasn’t able to approach the said event because I didn’t have to get a ticket pass, but here are the following images I downloaded from the fan page:g2bbestfairever-001g2bbestfairever-001_2g2bbestfairever-002g2bbestfairever-002_2g2bbestfairever-003g2bbestfairever-003_2g2bbestfairever-003_3g2bbestfairever-004g2bbestfairever-005g2bbestfairever-005_1g2bbestfairever-006g2bbestfairever-007g2bbestfairever-008g2bbestfairever-009g2bbestfairever-010g2bbestfairever-013g2bbestfairever-014_1g2bbestfairever-014_2g2bbestfairever-015g2bbestfairever-016g2bbestfairever-017g2bbestfairever-018g2bbestfairever-019g2bbestfairever-019_2g2bbestfairever-020g2bbestfairever-021g2bbestfairever-021_2g2bbestfairever-022g2bbestfairever-023g2bbestfairever-024g2bbestfairever-024_2g2bbestfairever-024_3

Uploaded images from the users of and with search keyword “#G2BBestFairEver”. Used with permission via

2014 Net Income Target of ABS-CBN To Reach More Than 2 Billion Pesos?

February 26, 2014

In spite of recent typhoon-struck areas in Eastern Visayas in November 2013 resulting a slow recovery of both free-to-air and cable TV broadcasting, there were a prediction that ABS-CBN would intend to reach more than 2 billion peso net income target for the year 2014 following the successful two respective “300 million peso gross income per movie title” of January to February 2014 produced by ABS-CBN Star Cinema such as Bride For Rent and Starting Over Again for a total of 600 million pesos. The affiliated movie company of the network would try their best to earn more movie gross sales in the coming months of March to December 2014, if and only if the quality of their upcoming future movie titles should always be perfect fitted for most meticulous movie audiences. The current cost of modernized movie theater establishment to enter is 150 to 180 pesos per person.

According to my own respective casual analysis and prediction, the following two graphical text presentation, though my draft may not based from actual reliable sources from business news, shows that (1) ABS-CBN have had recently reached a total of more or less 3 billion peso net income of 2013 (of combined 2013 mid-term national and local election TV ads, TV and radio broadcasting spending thru regular advertisement and stock market, Internet videostream service iWanTV and, and recent various 2013 Star Cinema movie titles); and (2) the network would generate a projected hundreds of millions of pesos of movie gross sales of future Star Cinema movie titles for the month of March to December 2014, in addition from the recent 600 million peso total movie gross sales of two movie titles of January to February 2014 and of the projected 1.2 to 1.4 billion peso net income (including a new mobile videostream app service iWanTV of second generation ABS-CBN Mobile SIM launched in November 2013) for the next twelve months of 2014.

abs cbn net income 2013 casual analysis draft


abs cbn net income 2014 target casual prediction draft

Even without national and local election campaign period TV ad, the projected 2 billion peso net income target of 2014 may be compared from previous 2 billion pesos net income of 2011, about one billion peso down from 3.1 billion pesos of net income after the 2010 presidential election campaign.

If the prediction would be possibly true, ABS-CBN should not always be confident on that matter, so therefore the network—through the monitoring and enforcement from the Kapisanan ng mga Broadkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP) and Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB)—should practice prudence, modest, decent, and respect to entertain and inform to loyal TV viewers without any form of abuse in order to attract various media advertisers. Even loyal TV viewers of its main competitor GMA Network, which is a non-KBP member, may not welcome to admit to watch ABS-CBN free-to-air VHF TV channel and future Star Cinema movie titles due to their own criticisms against ABS-CBN and content-wise and fanfare to watch GMA-7 TV shows. (GMA Network has reached 2 billion pesos of net income of 2013 of combined election advertisement and regular advertisement for radio and TV show airing.)

In the meantime, ABS-CBN, in the recent Retail Bonds Listing ceremony at the Philippine Stock Exchange in January 2014, has recently announced a proposed 6 billion peso budget (effective by the end of 2014) for future expansion of ABS-CBN TV broadcasting facility, such as (1) 4 billion peso state-of-the-art sound-proof large-area-highly-elevated concert stage type TV studio; (2) 1 billion peso digitized TV broadcasting equipment upgrade in full HD content as well as possible expansion of cable TV provider Sky Cable; and (3) 1 billion peso installation of Japanese DTTV platform ISDB-T transmitter at ABS-CBN Mega Manila TV tower facility and all ABS-CBN regional TV tower facilities that will launch by 2015 before the December 31, 2015 deadline of digital TV switch-over.


Top Quality Content Daytime And Primetime Philippine TV Soaps Of 2013

January 6, 2014

Year 2013 was the most challenging year: the time on recent pork barrel scam; the time of tragic marine event such as corral reef collision in Tubataha Reef and collision between cargo ship of Sulpicio Lines and 2GO passenger ship; the time of recent natural calamities such as earthquake in Bohol and strong typhoon in Eastern Visayas; the time of horrifying bus accident along major roads; and the time of victorious world-class Philippine talent such as various international beauty contest and even boxing match. And aside from this, we often experienced to watch the hottest and the most satisfying Philippine TV soaps of 2013 on conventional free-to-air terrestrial analog TV for most middle to lower class households, while an upcoming roll-out of Digital Terrestrial Television (DTTV) using Japanese platform Integrated Services for Digital Broadcasting – Terrestrial (ISDB-T) was not present until 2015.

But before we wrap up the recent 2013 event and welcoming the year 2014, here are the recent highlights of competing Philippine TV soaps of 2013:

  • The hit daytime family drama Be Careful With My Heart continues to soar top-notch formula of gigling love scenes such as junior-senior (JS) prom night, intentional good kissing couple, marriage engagement, and even grand wedding day. The controversial guy-to-gay relationship primetime drama My Husband’s Lover had often applaused by many lesbian-gays-bisexual-transgender (LGBT) communities and even some loyal GMA-7 TV viewers around Metro Manila and even key major provincial cities, regarding about the sensitive issue of same sex couple in reality as well as the legality of same sex marriage in some key rich countries, in spite of strong scrutiny of many conservative family Christian Catholics in the Philippines that often opposed such explicit practice.
  • The creation of critically acclaimed and highly praised hit teen-romance drama Got To Believe—the title inspired from the lyrics of classic love slow pop song performed by Canadian singer David Pomeranz—has changed the landscape of entertaining many young audiences about the sensitive issue of teen couple in reality that must be controlled by parental consent. The Daniel Padilla-Kathryn Bernardo tandem TV tandem of the show was much better than the original movie version of Claudine Barreto and the late Rico Yan. GMA-7 had often tried to detrone the said TV show of ABS-CBN side in terms of viewership as it introduced the shows such as Prinsesa ng Buhay Ko and Kahit Nasaan Ka Man for most loyal teen to young-adult GMA-7 TV viewers, but although they got a few highly ranked TV household share the quality of the two aforementioned TV shows were not enough. The “Kath-Niel” fans camp, on one hand, had often criticized Prinsesa ng Buhay Ko as an imitation of Got To Believe.
  • GMA-7 had often promised to their loyal TV viewers being requested to the network to produce their own TV soaps claiming to succeed Ina Kapatid Anak on ABS-CBN. It introduced Mundo Mo’y Akin relatively based on the past televised Carlo J. Caparas comic creation Bakekang, but although the show got good high TV household share in Metro Manila and nearby suburbs while waiting to watch the airing of My Husband’s Lover most Philippine entertainment critics often slapped the show as low quality on every content of the story and acting stint.
  • The world of fantasy TV soaps have had gradually progressing in terms of good story. On ABS-CBN side it introduced Juan de la Cruz showing the story of young heroic swordsman against vampire wolves. TV5 introduced Kidlat as a heroic lightning man and Cassandra Warrior Angel as a heroine angel. GMA-7, the only network behind successful mainstream fantasy soap Mulawin in mid-decade 2000s, introduced horror drama Ang Aso Ni San Roque, epic action fantasy drama Indio, mystic-action romance drama Genesis, and Mulawin-based fantasy drama Adarna, but the four mentioned TV shows got only low TV household share even though the network gradually increased TV household share on drama shows such as Mundo Mo’y Akin and My Husband’s Lover.
  • While the show With A Smile failed to detrone Be Careful With My Heart on daytime morning block, GMA-7 continues a strong offensive move against current ABS-CBN afternoon drama block to maintain its daytime afternoon dominance on the majority of only tens of thousands of TV households and even thousands of out-of-home (OOH) free-to-air analog TV units in Metro Manila and its nearby provinces. Among the afternoon drama shows with gradual quality were Mga Basang Sisiw, Maghihintay Pa Rin, Unforgettable, Pyra, and Bukod Kang Pinagpala. Before the hit horror-fantasy comics creation TV show Galema on ABS-CBN was introduced, GMA-7 introduced Kakambal Ni Eliana; both of these were about a person with a snake creature. And aside from Be Careful With My Heart and Got To Believe as a highest grade quality drama programming, GMA-7 runs up with a applausible mature-audience-only drama program Magkano Ang Pag-Ibig?.
  • ABS-CBN took their own pressure to re-adjust their strategy to produce an instant formula of high quality daytime afternoon soaps to give delight of their loyal ABS-CBN TV viewers in spite of low TV household survey in daytime during the absence of controversial variety-game TV show host Wille Revillame in 2010. Among the shows were children musical drama May Isang Pangarap, hit primetime horror-fantasy Juan de la Cruz prequel series My Little Juan, and action drama Dugong Buhay.
  • ABS-CBN TV drama shows such as revival classic TV show Annaliza and Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala, although they got a gradual high quality story and acting stint with some episodes committed an SPG logo advisory from MTRCB due to the depicting scenes of a form of violence, got only low TV household share in Metro Manila and nearby suburbs due to a majority of TV households and OOH watching GMA-7 shows such as Binoy Henyo, Prinsesa ng Buhay Ko, and My Husband’s Lover.
  • TV5 often took an “experiment” to produce their own TV soap a bit gradual quality content with a gradual formula in spite of low TV household survey due to a majority of two major giant local TV networks such as ABS-CBN and GMA-7. Among the feature TV5 soap of 2013 were Misibis Bay, Undercover, and Madam Chairman.
  • GMA-7 introduced a back-to-back revival of past TV soaps in the 90s based on the creation of GMA-7 classic TV drama scriptwriter RJ Nueva. On primetime block it was Annakarerina competing with Juan de la Cruz on the same time slot, and on daytime block it was Villa Quintana.
  • There were a typical fantasy TV soaps of GMA-7 about a mysterious abandoned old house surrounding a secret zone to enter a mystic fairy land. The title of the TV show was entitled Home Sweet Home. In the end, bad luck for the show as it was committed a low quality storytelling. Oh well, ABS-CBN has momentarily substitute such aforementioned junky show and introduced an even better concept: a typical light family sitcom entitled Home Sweetie Home to be aired every Sunday night starting first week of January 2014.
  • As game show segment Pinoy Henyo on Eat Bulaga became a hit, there were a typical family drama that often use and substitute a title called Binoy Henyo, a story about a little boy having an intellectual mind. Sometimes the show may be either a typical mini daily children sitcom or rather a simple fantasy melodrama. However, the show had no serious impact of the content of the story and acting stint to the audience. Not until the ABS-CBN side introduced Honesto relatively based on a fairytale story of Pinocchio.

If you want to know what feature Philippine TV soaps of 2013 got a highest grade of quality content standing on the top rank and what worst feature Philippine TV soaps of 2013 got a lowest grade of quality content, click here in PDF format.

What Target Audience Would Gain On Various Philippine Movies Of 39th Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) 2013 Entries?

December 18, 2013

Whether or not most Filipino citizens would support various 39th Metro Manila Film Festival 2013 Philippine movie entries in order to gain a target gross income of about Php 800 million to be used for a relief effort of Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) at about 10% share (or estimately Php 80 million), here are the list of target Filipino audiences of various movie titles of the said festival, a possible number of movie theaters per feature movie titles per establishment, and a projected rankings in terms of gross earnings:

Identity of Target Audience For Feature Movie Title

  • For the fans of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla of hit teen romance primetime drama Got To Believe, ABS-CBN Star Cinema together with Regal Films introduces Pagpag: Siyam Na Buhay.
  • For the fans of loyal televiewers of longest-running noontime show Eat Bulaga, M-Zet Films, an entertainment production company behind Enteng Kabisote (a set-back of hit fantasy sitcom TV series Okey Ka, Fairy Ko) film franchise partially owned by Vic Sotto, My Little Bossing starring Ryzza Mae Dizon and James “Bimby” Yap-Aquino.
  • For several TV viewers of ABS-CBN watching a hit TV talk sitcom Gandang Gabi Vice hosted by Vice Ganda who also appeared on daytime interactive talent show Showtime, Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy produced by ABS-CBN Star Cinema and Viva Films.
  • For most adult male folks who wanted to watch Pinoy action movies even though they (and even many rich-class Filipino citizens who only support Hollywood movies) may not welcome to support Pinoy Movie junkies (including a possible top-grossing MMFF 2013 movie entries as shown above earlier), Boy Golden (starring ER Ejercito) and 10,000 Hours (starring Robin Padilla), both produced by Viva Films.
  • For a fellow Visayan (and even other Filipino folks around the Philippines) Catholic followers in the Philippines, Pedro Calungsod: Batang Martir starring Rocco Nacino.
  • For some ABS-CBN, GMA-7, or TV5 TV viewers that often support stage-comedian veteran actress Eugene Domingo, Kimmy Dora: The Prequel of Kiyeme.
  • For some loyal GMA-7 TV viewers, young or old, Kaleidoscope World starring Yassi Pressman and Sef Cadayona produced by iACT Productions and MEDIAKOM and released thru GMA Films.

Number of Movie Theaters Per Title And Movie Rankings

  • About two or three movie theater rooms per establishment, such as major malls or any form of amusement centers, would be possibly assigned among the “big three” movie titles because of strong charismatic popularity to the audience, namely My Little Bossing, Pagpag: Siyam na Buhay, and Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy.
  • Only one movie theater rooms per establishment would be assigned on the remaining five feature movie title entries under the “big three”, namely Boy Golden, 10,000 Hours, Pedro Calungsod: Batang Martir, Kimmy Dora: The Prequel of Kiyeme, and Kaleidoscope World.
  • Of the eight qualified feature movie title entries, a possible projected standing in terms of movie grossing according to my own prediction would be My Little Bossing at first rank, Pagpag: Siyam na Buhay and Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy at a wrestling second to third rank, and the rest would be fourth to eighth rank.

Oh, by the way, the suggested movie ticket price of various commercial Philippine movie theaters (if and only if about more than 100 to 200 available legitimate movie theaters) would be about projectedly Php 150.00 to Php 190.00 per audience fitted for most average to lower-income families. Even though all feature movie titles are already produced in full 16:9 widescreen compatible to 720p, 1080p, 4K, or 8K digital video format on future digital TV broadcast, some feature Philippine movies offer Dolby Digital audio track, some conventional (voice-dubbed) analog mono audio track.