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No More Negra Skin But Wooden Skin On “Mirabella”

March 24, 2014
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Julia Barreto playing the role of a teenage girl being covered with a wooden skin stigmatized from magical tree. (Images posted from blog site via, used with permission.)

In real life, every white people should respect every black people, and even a normal physical races should also respect an ethnical physical races. This sensitive issue about racial discrimination being alarmed by international diplomat government body United Nations (UN) as a form of criminal liability should be considered to educate or inform to ordinary people, for avoiding any form of racial abuse not only verbal but also visual, either on indoor or outdoor places or graphical image on TV, movie, print, or Internet. Not only worldwide but also here in the Philippines.

This was the case of an upcoming TV fantasy-drama on ABS-CBN about a teenage girl who was stigmatized from a mysterious magical tree forming a wooden skin on her entire body since birth, played in a role by a “fourth” generation of Barreto sisters named Julia Barreto in Philippine entertainment industry currently in sibling rivalry: the third was Claudine, the second was Marjorie (mother of Julia and wife of Dennis Padilla), and the main veteran ones was Gretchen. Yes, I mentioned her “J” name a teener age, just as you watched on her current TV ad endorser such as Palmolive, Cherifer, Pond’s, Jollibee, and Modess.

Mirabella was based from the recently shelved classic Philippine movie adaptation to TV Cofradia when a fellow (young) Netizens who were a friends, relatives, or fans of Julia Barreto suggested to ABS-CBN to change the TV show concept, due to a fact that a reliable research found that the main lady role of the classic movie was a brown-colored skin or negra. The TV project was (more than) one years in the making since 2013, and the show was started in March 23, 2014, a slightly long delay due to a busy vacant TV timeslot of various ABS-CBN TV shows, including a one-year run 6 p.m. slot TV drama Annaliza to finish it.

In order to impress the televiewers without having to distract to watch on a possible racial discrimination, the role of Julia Barreto as “Mira”, who was 16 years old during a digital movie scene shooting in 2013, use only a brown-colored lines resembling a “wooden ring of tree cut” over her skin by means of either a thorough make-up or video graphical representation. That concept is much better than using a conventional painting of brown-colored make-up on her entire skin and face that can easily cause a negative reception to both the televiewers and even Philippine entertainment critic to complain as a typical racist TV show status, unlike a previous “negra-serye” on TV Nita Negrita and Luna Blanca on GMA-7.

My Wish For Future Julia Barreto Movie Project(?)

Aside from Mirabella, I wish that ABS-CBN Star Cinema should try to adapt a Philippine pop online novel (as popularized from Wattpad) The Filthy, Rich Bitch for Julia Barreto as a potential possible role in film movie scene shoot in the future. I was often curious to look and observe a graphical drawing of a young lady wearing a light green-yellow gown on a front cover pocket book of the novel as mentioned, which is distributed and published by Summit Media and is now available on National Bookstore and 7-Eleven branches released in early 2014, aside from She’s Dating The Gangster and Diary ng Panget currently adapted in movie version in 2014 season.