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An Overview Of ABS-CBN Himig Handog P-Pop Love Songs 2014 Song Finalists

September 9, 2014

himig handog p pop love songs 2014

The leading song writing competition of ABS-CBN this 2014 season is back! After a successful hit popular song Nasa Iyo Na Ang Lahat as well as other songs from 2013 season of the said festival, there are so many surprising high quality song content with a bit of thematic impact of listening taste that could cater for the fans of various singing artists of ABS-CBN. Not only the TV viewers may buy a genuine CD copy (availabe in local record stores until 3rd week of September 2014) or legal MP3 download of Himig Handog P-Pop Love Songs 2014 to listen the fresh original song content created by candidate amateur song lyricists but they should watch an uploaded music video of the song on YouTube produced by digital film makers of various colleges and universities. So, what are the actual overview of various songs of the said 2014 season song festival as well as its music videos? Here are my own views:

  • Mahal Kita Pero. This song may be apply to a typical teenage relationship on hit daytime family drama Be Careful With My Heart where Nikki (played by actress Janella Salvador who sang the song during audio recording session) who had given an intentional promises to have a future affair with her boyfriend Niccolo (played by actor Mario Mortel). For Janella, this was the first time to work such matter even though—through the tutor of her mother Janine Desiderio—she doesn’t have a future recording project.
  • Simpleng Tulad Mo. If you watch the music video of the song on YouTube, it may be regarded as an extended epilogue of hit teen drama Got to Believe as both Joaquin (played by actor Daniel Padilla who sang the song) and Chichay (played by actress Kathryn Bernardo) paint together separately a typical pop artwork of graphical fantasy of teenage relationship. The theme of the song is about a simple and ordinary life of every manners of a boy or a girl in spite of lack of experience.
  • Walang Basagan ng Trip. This typical “Itchyworms versus Rocksteady” song tandem performed by respective lead singers of the band Jugs and Teddy as current co-host of daytime talent show Showtime on ABS-CBN gave a serious craze of its theme about a rumbling romantic relationship during nightly outdoor activities after work, such as r0ck music clubs or concerts.
  • Akin Ka Na Lang. This potential winning song piece performed by The Voice Philippines Season 1 finalist  Morisette Ammon—who also sang the theme song of afternoon drama Moon of Desire—often register with perfect high notes with feelings, on whick its main theme is about an important trust of a chosen relationship.
  • Bumabalik Ang Nagdaan. While Jessa Zaragosa only became dire of future recording project after she became famous on her hit songs Bakit Pa and Di Ba’t Ikaw in early 2000s, this song is almost compatible to her to sing as a “special comeback”. The theme of the song is about how to restore romantic sincerity and dignity from painful relationship of the past.
  • Mahal Ko o Mahal Ako. Singer KZ Tandingan had slowly improved for registering some high notes with this song feature about intentional chosen incompatible relationship.
  • Hindi Wala. In my thought, this song was originally intended to perform by Callalily lead singer Kean Cipriano, but due to his busy activity it was later turned over to former MYMP lead singer Juris to sing a piece. The theme was about indecision to love each other.
  • Halik Sa Hangin. Former Sugarfree lead singer Ebe Dancel and fliptop rapper Abra collaborate each other to sing a darker theme of the song about a lone man who had a painful break-up of a sour relationship with his girlfriend. On a normal lyrics he took a momentary comfort zone for a long time, but on rap lyrics because of his frustration he was endangered to have a suicide.
  • Pumapag-Ibig. The melody of its background acoustic music and the content of the lyrics of a song was almost bossa nova, a specialized jazz-based and latin-based musical genre. Performed by Marion Aunor and musician Seed Bunye, the theme was about a further excuse of romantic affair.
  • If You Don’t Want To Fall. Singer Jed Madella had maintained a baritone-like conventional powerful singing skill for decade, with an effective natural feeling and emotion of the content of this feature song, on which its theme is about long-term modest romantic relationship.
  • Everything Takes Time. This upbeat melody performed by lyricist and interpreter Hazel de la Cruz often contains a theme about a “true love waits” basis.
  • Hanggang Kailan. Oh well, this powerful song performed by Angeline Quinto may be likely an extended theme song of hit adult drama The Legal Wife starring Angel Locsin, Maja Salvador, and Jericho Rosales aside from the main song Hangggan Kailan Kita Mamahalin. Although the song was only applied for the song festival, in which its theme is about everlasting love affair.
  • Dito. Last 2013, FM radio stations Love Radio and Yes FM in Mega Manila only aired Sana’y Magbalik as their own choice rather than to air the entire songs from Himig Handog P-Pop Love Songs 2013. This 2014, will these two FM radio stations would attempt to air this feature song performed by Jovit Baldivino just as mentioned from the former one on previous song festival season? The theme is about wishing for a coming back a relationship when two lovers became friends from the past.
  • Umiiyak Ang Puso. The song performed by Bugoy Drillon was almost a heartbreak song about a man who grieved his guilt for breaking up his beloved woman.
  • Pare Mahal Mo Raw Ako. The last of the song I posted on my views—though less popular with a bit of twist of its theme—candidate lyricist and interpreter Michael Pangilinan performs a song narration about a man who console with his male friend who wished to come back his broken relationship with his girlfriend.

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An Overview Of ABS-CBN Himig Handog P-Pop Love Songs 2013 Song Finalists


Sarah Geronimo On Background Music Of “Ikot-Ikot”: A Rip-Off? (Follow Up)

October 30, 2013

For the past few months I posted and investigate about the latest hit single Ikot-Ikot from the latest studio album Expressions performed by Filipina singer-actress Sarah Geronimo of Viva Entertainment being aired on radio and TV, here I’ll share a comparison between the two song pieces on the following two music video from, one from Superhuman performed by Chris Brown featuring Keri Hilson, and second just as I mentioned above earlier. The question of whether the music pieces would be likely the same or different (that is, the originality of the content) will be answer by playing these and hear these in order to judge yourself.

Here are my observation:

  • The opening intro and even outro background music between Superhuman and Ikot-Ikot may have a similar melodic tunes by playing a piano but have a different style of composition.
  • The following first and second stanza of Ikot-Ikot starts from low-key mode to an even regulated, powerful mid-range key mode singing skills (a powerful high-key mode on the end portion of second stanza), while the first and second stanza of Superhuman may consist of a powerful mid-to-pre-high-key mode singing skills. Therefore they were slightly the same or different.
  • A chorus lyrics piece portion of Ikot-Ikot is similar to a starting portion of chorus lyrics of Superhuman. Reaching to the near end of chorus lyrics portion between the two songs were quite similar but different in timing of syllable singing style.
  • The bridge lyrics between the two were different: on Superhuman having only low-key mode singing a line of “Look, it’s a bird” — “No, it’s a plane” style; on Ikot-Ikot having a powerful high-key mode singing a line of “I’d been convinced”.

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Sarah Geronimo On Background Music Of “Ikot-Ikot”: A Rip-Off?

Sarah Geronimo On Background Music Of “Ikot-Ikot”: A Rip-Off?

August 10, 2013
sarah geronimo asap 2013 abs cbn

Sarah Geronimo singing the song “Ikot-Ikot” on TV show “ASAP 18”. (Via, used with permission of ABS-CBN.)

I was often listened on the track piece of Ikot-Ikot performed by Sarah Geronimo based in Philippines aired on selected FM radio station such as YES FM and Love Radio, a few months before promoting her latest studio album Expressions that was released already in August 2013. But now I thought that the background music and melodic singing tune—though different in pure Tagalog lyrics—of that track was adapted from the original version of hit RNB mellow slow rap song music of Superhuman performed by Chris Brown and Keri Hilson in mid-decade 2000s.

This is what I worried for Sarah Geronimo together with composer Thyro Alfaro who were created a song that they might be convicted for a lawsuit of infringing original music works, just as happened on the defunct OPM band Orange And Lemons that created a song Pinoy Ako (a themesong of reality TV show Pinoy Big Brother) in 2005 adapted from melodic tune of Chandeliers performed by New Wave band group Care in 1980s. Were there FILSCAP and PARI always responsible to monitor and take action against the owner of such OPM music content without the consent from original (Hollywood [U.S.] music) ones?

Oh well, this (slightly) explosive issue that I shared to post on my thoughts of this blog was only isolated even though it was not yet verified on current reliable Philippine entertainment sources. Whether this OPM song may be a full of acceptance or not in this generation, it’s up to both the Philippine public and the Philippine entertainment press to judge the content of the song.

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Wishing For Viva Records Greatest Hits Song of 2010, 2011, & 2012 Album

April 10, 2013





Alright, dear everyone! I would like to share a typical “greatest hits album” that I created entitled “Lovestruck 2012” (the title “Love Struck” alone was adapted from the original CD compilation album release between 2004 to 2006), even though in reality Viva Records, an affiliate of Viva Entertainment in the Philippines, has not officially produced a future release of compilation album of their past songs from 2011 to 2012 based on this posted blog suggestion of mine to them that I ever wanted. So here are the list of archived songs—consisting of two volumes if they promised further—produced by Viva Records based on my research on reliable web article sources from Viva Entertainment website:

Volume 1:

<Track #>. <Title of song> — <Artist name> — <Album title> — <Year of album release>

1. Sino Nga Ba Siya — Sarah Geronimo — One Heart — 2011
2. Kahit May Mahal Ka Ng Iba — Mark Bautista — Nagmamahal — 2010
3. Masasabi Mo Ba — Rachelle Ann Go — Unbreakable — 2011
4. ‘Di Na Ako Iibig Pang Muli – April Boy Regino & JC Regino — Idolstar — 2011
5. Pagkakataon – Shamrock & Rachelle Ann Go — Shamrock [Viva label] — 2011
6. Tinamaan Ako — Anne Curtis — Annebisyosa — 2011
7. Kiss (Never Let Me Go) — Thyro Alfaro & Yumi Lacsamana — Thyro & Yumi — 2011
8. Nakatanim — Jay Perillo — Jay Perillo [Viva label] — 2011
9. Porque — Maldita — Maldita — 2010
10. I Love You — Willie Revillame — I Love You — 2010
11. This Moment — Lara Cuevas — This Moment — 2010
12. Kung Siya Ang Mahal — Sarah Geronimo — One Heart — 2011

Volume 2:

<Track #>. <Title of song> — <Artist name> — <Album title> — <Year of album release>

1. Bakit Pa Ba — Sarah Geronimo — One Heart — 2011
2. Whispered Fear — Rachelle Ann Go — Unbreakable — 2011
3. Download (The FB Song) — Dingdong Avanzado — Download — 2012
4. Bata — Sarah Geronimo & Kean Cipriano — One Heart — 2011
5. Siyempre — Willie Revillame — Siyempre — 2012
6. Best Friend — Yssa Alvarez — Addicted To Acoustic 3 — 2010
7. Lonely Night — Princess Velasco — Acoustic Princess 2 — 2010
8. Bukod Tangi — Jason Hernandez — Jason Hernandez — 2012
9. Ayoko Na — Marvin Ong — Sigaw Ng Puso Ko — 2012
10. Napakasakit Naman — Paula Bianca — Paula Bianca — 2012
11. Handang Umibig Muli — Sarah Geronimo — One Heart — 2011
12. To Reach You — Anja Aguilar — Anja Aguilar — 2012

You may opt to produce yourself by means of (1) buying a genuine, commercially-made CD album of a known Viva singing artists as shown above and then rip it in MP3 format or other various form of music file format using various media file software such as Winamp, Real Player, Windows Media Player, Easy CD-DA Extractor, etc. or (2) download a legal, copyrighted MP3 song content from various localized music download websites such as if available aside from iTunes. (Use of any form of Internet music file sharing such as peer-to-peer network, free music play, or torrent download may be mandatorily necessary, but in spite of uncertain sound quality you downloaded you may be subject to copyright infringement being petitioned by the owner of copyrighted works.) Then after you CD rip it to MP3 or download MP3 content of various songs arrange this sequence as shown above. Finally insert an album cover as shown above (simply right click the picture and left click “Save Image As” to download) in separate volumes.

An Overview Of ABS-CBN Himig Handog P-Pop Love Songs 2013 Song Finalists

February 26, 2013

Himig Handog P-Pop Love Songs CD Album Details Content Ranking

I often rememberered the years of Metro Pop Song Festival—a classic singing and/or songwriting competition in the Philippines that enhances the industry of a known music genre called Original Philippine Music (OPM)—from the 1980s until early decade 2000s that was organized by GMA Network and the now defunct BMG Records Pilipinas (later named as Sony BMG in mid-decade 2000s after negotiations with rival Sony Music, slashing out “BMG” in late-decade 2000s, until mandatory management with Ivory Records in the Philippines in 2012). In the following early mid-decade 2000s ABS-CBN introduced a specialized, yearly seasonal, respective songwriting competition called Himig Handog Sa Bayaning Pilipino, Himig Handog Sa Kabataang Pilipino, and Himig Handog Love Songs. And now in 2012, ABS-CBN has had revived their signature songwriting competition from the past season as mentioned earlier, entitled as Himig Handog P-Pop Love Songs. The purpose of that season is that not only give an even more popular and more twisting sentimental love songs but also give an upbeat, youthful melodic tunes.

In the past season, amateur Filipino song writers—mostly a loyal ABS-CBN TV viewers—may submit their original song craft by snail mail or participating event kiosks through the network. In the new season in 2012, they can now submit their song craft by e-mail or online submission from downloading a form from the official website. Of over thousands of submitted song craft for a thorough judging from secret office meeting for months, only twelve songs have been qualified for the finals match concert on February 24, 2012. So here are the list of competing twelve songs being created by a promising candidate of amateur composers and performed to sing by various ABS-CBN singing artists:

  • Alaala. As an alternative hip of hit song offering to Yeng Constantino aside of her past hit youth-oriented-rock-love songs as well as her latest fifth studio album Metamorphosis with her carrier single Babay and recently Chinito that already released this 2013, the theme of the song is about a flash-back and remembrance of their past youthful romantic experience, trying to reunite together.
  • Anong Nangyari Sa Ating Dalawa. Former Little Miss Philippines contestant of longest running noontime show Eat Bulaga as child co-host in mainstream and singer Aiza Seguerra, who was behind her hit sentimental OPM song Pagdating Ng Panahon and Akala Mo in early mid-decade 2000s, had often felt emotional and teary eyed of such dramatic love song about long-distance romantic relationship who were worried their concerns in security and safety of their lives in spite of danger.
  • Hanggang Wakas. Former MYMP lead singer Juris had excited to sing a dramatic song about a lady who was ready for passing her life because of uncurable sickness such as cancer, even though she often missed her beloved boyfriend because of their momentuous good moral romantic experience.
  • If You Ever Changed Your Mind. The first of the song performed by a candidate singer-composer Marion Aunor who had a limited breathing and lowered tone with flats of her singing skills (relative to the voice of a singer Colbie Callat), this was based on her real romantic life that often occurred a break-up with her boyfriend during college years in Manila, of which its theme is about a tough decision whether the romantic life of a man and a woman would reunite again in spite of their life problems.
  • Kahit Na. Known as a modified version of hit classic OPM rap song Humanap Ka Ng Pangit by Andrew E in the 90s, the theme of the song is about a guy (not indicating an ugly physical looks of his, compared to the classic ones about the advice for a lonely guy to love an ugly lady) who had frivolous emotional feelings being consoled by a diligent lady ready to welcome to love each other with every trials of life. Added up with world-class upbeat pop-dance background electronic music and enhanced bass-boost sound, giving up to awake the industry of making such genre, as well as other past OPM dance songs. Singer-host-actress Toni Gonzaga had often felt crazed to sing it with a little embarrassment for her chasteness.
  • Nasa Iyo Na Ang Lahat. As a typical theme song performed by Daniel Padilla for an upcoming movie with Kathryn Bernardo coming in March of 2013, this funky melodic tune of the song having with a music piece of ukelele and other acoustic instruments may be compared to the hit song Billionaire by Bruno Mars, whose theme is about a sincere grant of diligent romantic affair.
  • One Day. Singer Angeline Quinto had excited to sang that song piece that have a typical “Regine Velasquez-style” sentimental melody tune for the first time. The theme of the song is about a typical “once-upon-a-time and one-day” romantic tale in spite of their distant place and even realistic life trials.
  • Puwede Bang Ako Na Lang Ulit. The song, in which its theme is about a man who wanted to love and trust again for his beloved lady by chance, was suited to sing for Bugoy Drillon who had only a soft breathing and tone of his singing skills.
  • Sana’y Magbalik. Singer and former Pilipinas Got Talent Season One finalist Jovit Baldivino could rock his singing skills to sing a song about a man who wished to come back his beloved woman in long distance relationship.
  • Scared To Death. This typical funeral song that—as we ever wished to hear that song in mainstream airwaves very soon—may be ideal to play with built-in car stereo over “car delivery coffins” on ordinary funeral march in local communities in the Philippines. As with other classic funeral songs and some religious songs on every funeral rites, the theme is about a single man or single woman who was struggling to face every emotional trials even if he or she would wished to have a romantic affair. Singer and former finalist and winner of The X Factor Philippines KC Tandingan, who had limited breathing and tonal intensity of her singing skills due to medical operation that suffered vocal cord cancer since she was in teen years, had tried to sing this for the first time even though she does not have a pending recording project for a few years.
  • Tamang Panahon. The second of the song performed by a candidate singer-composer Wynn Andrada for ABS-CBN Star Records, the theme is about a memorable moment of a teen romantic affair waiting to love again for a right time to marry at their mature age.
  • This Song Is For You. A modified Philippine version from the classic 80s sentimental love song by Barry Mannilow, the lyrics, the melodies, and themes of the song were different from original ones. I can’t able to explain this fully (as singer Erik Santos had often satisfied to sing that song piece), but probably the quality of its content is often far unique.

Before the finals night held in SM Mall of Asia Arena in February 24, 2013 and during a rehersal at ABS-CBN Studio 10 in a press interview from ABS-CBN News, singer-host-actress Toni Gonzaga had said the Himig Handog P-Pop Love Songs “serves as a reunion and joint-forces of various ABS-CBN Star Records artists and a revitalization of Philippine music entertainment industry” in spite of rampant mainstream Korean pop music invasion that would be unhealthy in fair trade and competition. Other ABS-CBN artists were also satisfied and excited to sing the crafted song from promising candidate composers, saying there’s “always be friends and not to beat each other” in order to cooperate their music business.

There were three options to vote: one by means of SMS voting after listening a featured song on DWRR-FM 101.9 MHz or MOR regional FM radio stations or watching a featured music video on MYX Channel; second by means of voting slip from official CD release at leading music record bars; and thirdly by means of online overseas vote from affiliate website of leading Philippine overseas TV channel The Filipino Channel. The highest number of votes of featured song craft and music video on the aforementioned competition will win a special prize of only tens of thousands of pesos, while the majority judging for best featured song craft will win one million pesos.

But in spite of the fact that all twelve songs were in high-quality and high-popularity state and that would possibly become mainstream in various high-rated FM radio stations through a majority of oridinary Filipino listeners, the judges—such as various ABS-CBN management and guests Ogie Acasid and Sarah Geronimo—during the finals have had often difficult to regulate the score concerning the quality of the content of various song craft finalists that often gave a mere 100%, so therefore, I thought, the organizer had decided to make a majority judge vote rather than to include a full basis from majority SMS, CD Audio case-enclosed slip, or overseas online votes from loyal ABS-CBN TV viewers. Before they vote wisely, they discussed in secret meeting on which song would deserve as momentuous and highly appraised song content. (See list below the complete results after the finals.)

ABS-CBN RNG MOR FM Listener’s Choice: Nasa Iyo Na Ang Lahat

DWRR-FM Tambayan 101.9 MHz Manila Listener’s Choice: Nasa Iyo Na Ang Lahat

CD Audio Album Buyer’s Choice: Nasa Iyo Na Ang Lahat

TFC Online Vote Choice: This Song Is For You

Best Music Video Produced by Colleges/Universities: Nasa Iyo Na Ang Lahat

Best Song by Majority Judging: Kahit Na (5th place), Scared To Death (4th Place), If You Ever Changed Your Mind (3rd place), Hanggang Wakas (2nd place), Anong Nangyari Sa Ating Dalawa (grand winner)

Whether the rest of the eleven out of the twelve songs aside from the winning ones would not deserved to win a grand prize, the most important is that all featured songs of the aforementioned song festival in the Philippines of 2013 produced by ABS-CBN deserves to be a winner of listening taste to every Filipino audience, outleading other song festival for the past few decades.

Himig Handog P-pop Love Songs CD Audio album may be either still out or quit to release in some leading record stores after the March 2013 mainstream release, but it is still available on online music downloads such as or iTunes, or you may check out my bittorrent downloads available only if my home mobile broadband Internet connection is running in some time (Himig Handog Ppop Love Songs 2013.torrent). We will have to wish for listening to play various songs featured on aforementioned song festival of ABS-CBN of 2013 after the finals all over high-rated FM radio stations such as Love Radio, Yes! FM, iFM, Home Radio, Pinas FM 95.5 Manila, Bombo Radyo Star FM, WOW FM, Energy FM, BIG Radio, and WIN Radio aside from DWRR-FM and MOR FM. In the meantime, if you want to watch free-to-air ABS-CBN Channel 2 in Mega Manila, click here to download in PDF format.

ALBCOR: Sarah Geronimo & Viva Entertainment Have Not Yet Discovered My Song Craft Blog

September 2, 2012

sarah geronimo viva records entertainment philippines 2012
sarah geronimo song craft by albert indoy cornelio
For the past four years I had composed my own songs that I posted on my own blog (, and that I wished to sing for Sarah Geronimo, only if she gave permission to Viva Records. But sometimes she and her recording company have had not yet discovered this as they only focus to produce respective three albums between 2009 to 2012. Although my composed songs were only “copyleft” or public domain but not yet copyrighted since all of these were only a draft and may be changed under attribution, I convinced that their promise to favor my craft would likely shelved. There were several times I posted a message on the artist’s fan site forums, fan wish note card for artist’s birthday, Twitter, Facebook, and even snail mail to call for Viva management, but I failed and seemed hopeless.

Working as an amateur song writer but not having an experience in music lesson courses was only my secondary and optional labor that I wished to work for Sarah while I am still unemployed after my studying experience in 2-year college courses in computer programming. I did not have a PRC license, nor have I had professionally trained, but only sub-professional CSC exam to qualify my primary work as a government employee. My father was a former PAGASA employee. My mother was a house sales agent having only a commission-type earning rather than a regular salary just as my father did.

I had started to compose my own dream composition in 2008 a few months before my graduation and then I posted on my blog and later on the artist’s fan site forums ( I added up an audio clip download on my melodic song tune of my dream song composition for Sarah, since I was not well in music writing notation but I only knew a ruling of melodic song composition a bit.

I tried to join a music festival in 2010 from Kapisanan Ng Mga Broadkaster Ng Pilipinas (KBP) via its partnership with Filipino Composers Development Cooperative (FILCOMDEC) by means of bringing my sample song composition materials entitiled Indak-Suyo (even though it remains in public domain state for distributing through that independent music organization just as seems like Creative Commons licensing), but frankly I did not qualify me due to lack of my additional music materials and financial needs.

There were many trials and promises that I waited to discover my craft (depending on the quality of every lyrics of my song composition) for many years. I would ever respect—though I am not against—for both Sarah and Viva management if and only if they have a meaningful promises. But I read a latest article from Viva website last August 2012 that Sarah Geronimo would produce her last album before her 10-year contract would end by 2013. Will Viva, I thought, had promised to sing my song composition for Sarah, or rather use only another song from professional OPM composers for her?

Paging Viva management, try discover my song composition for her before you planned to produce her last album, even though you were not able to hire me to work with her as a song writer. What’s important is to entertain my song craft—even revise it a bit with the help of your Filipino professional musicians and song writers, since it was only public domain—for her to sing on audio or concert for many fans.

10 Craziest Lists Of Gigs On Sarah G Live TV This 2012

February 21, 2012

sarah geronimo live abs cbn 2012

Braver. Bolder. Fiercer. These are the three words for former teen sensation Philippine singer-actress Sarah Geronimo who is now turning at early mid-20s of her age. As her showbiz career as part of Viva artists would have an upcoming early 10th year anniversary concert this 2012, it was uncertain whether she would stay on the said agency or move to either Star Magic or other artist agency, or even move to other recording company as her 10-year Viva exclusive contract will expire by 2013. And now she must have to improve her own gifted talent following her upcoming solo televised concert Sarah G Live on ABS-CBN after leaving Sunday noontime musical show ASAP (All-Star Afternoon Party) as her “training ground” in the past. Before, Sarah would desire and try to perform her own solo TV show just as on the past solo variety TV shows like Vilma Santos, Nora Aunor, and Sharon Cuneta, only with consent with Vic del Rosario of Viva Entertainment Philippines.  She convinced that—even though her fans was so confident to watch—the TV audience would have a mix of reviews about her upcoming televised performance depending on the quality of her improved singing and dancing skills,  in reality, on stage inside TV studio. But she should have better prepare for more serious tasks…

The problem now is that ABS-CBN was not now well in free-to-air (terrestrial) Analog TV Household Count in Mega Manila this 2012—excluding to consider its local TV airing on cable or satellite TV that remain stable in video signal—following the failure to succeed its daytime TV show slot such as unsuccessful noontime show Happy Yipee Yehey.  (I know that loyal televiewers of longest-running noontime show Eat Bulaga on GMA-7 and even former daytime “Classes C, D, and E” televiewer of ABS-CBN who were still loyal to watch controversial variety TV show host Willie Revillame on TV5—Willing Willie then, now Wil Time Big Time—may not welcome to watch recent ABS-CBN noontime shows, including a reformatted Showtime due to their personal, pop-culture-flavor, and ethical reasons.) The network has faced its biggest challenge on how to repromote to watch Analog TV Channel 2 in that area even without the upcoming full commercialization of ISDB-T (Integrated Services For Digital Broadcasting-Terrestrial) free-to-view DTTV (digital terrestrial television) signal  awaiting for IRR (Implementing Rules And Regulation) from Philippine’s National Telecommunications Commission (NTC).

Sarah, too, has been affected on the threat of eroding her TV exposure on free-to-air Analog TV Channel 2—excluding her exposure on current TV ads that remain stable at all local TV channels—as well as ASAP, leading by a dominant competitor GMA-7 in Mega Manila. (Remember that her musical drama IDOL in 2010 was not enough hit in TV audience count on controversial People Meter on that area, leading over various GMA-7 shows every day and every night, not only on households but also outside households.) If free-to-view DTTV signal would commercialize in the country in the future, then ABS-CBN would not occur a problem to the viewing public, even its offer for her.

On this blog, we will ravel the misadventures of her promotion of her upcoming nightly solo variety show on ABS-CBN in order to lead out—except ASAP—other TV variety shows like Party Pilipinas on GMA-7. The first four list of the ten craziest situations of her gig starts in my humorous thoughts.

GMA-7 Show Guessings

I only wish that if she should sign a non-exclusive TV contract giving a way for a crossover of all local TV networks such as ABS-CBN, GMA-7, and TV5, she would have to promote momentarily—according to my thought—on various TV shows such as Eat Bulaga, Wil Time Big Time, and Master Showman in order to regain her TV exposure to the audience while she was being a regular appearance on ASAP. However, the camp of Sarah Geronimo has decided that she should stick to exclusive contract mainly because the network could give higher talent fee than that of non-exclusive contract, and that she should stay to ABS-CBN momentarily based on their request.

I remember when Sarah became a guest TV appearance on various GMA-7 shows in 2003 such as drama anthology Magpakailanman, musical variety show SOP, and singing talent show Search For A Star. But then loyal televiewers of GMA-7 have had ever forgotten when Viva had transferred Sarah to ABS-CBN in 2004. In spite of every struggles of ABS-CBN to broadcast Sarah’s TV appearance such as Sarah The Teen Princess, Bituing Walang Ningning, Little Big Star, Pangarap Na Bituin, and IDOL following a mix of reviews from every entertainment press, the network would give their best to give excitement not only their remaining loyal televiewers but also to promote other people…

But before ABS-CBN would start to air Sarah’s solo TV variety show every night starting February 26, 2012, she would rather promote various GMA-7 TV shows first—although in reality GMA Network may not yet able promise to reappear her at present—in this 10 craziest possible situation according to my coincidental thoughts:

One, Sarah G Live at Beauty Queen finale.
Two, Sarah G Live at My Beloved graphical heaven scene.
Three, Sarah G Live at Biritera opening guest stage.
Four, Sarah G Live at Munting Heredera thanksgiving dinner.
Five, Sarah G Live at Daldalita birthday party.
Six, Sarah G Live at Broken Vow field shooting showing a woman falling from the bridge into the river.
Seven, Sarah G Live at Amaya finale tribal party.
Eight, Sarah G Live at The Good Daughter prom night.
Nine, Sarah G Live at Alice Bungisngis And The Wonder Walis Halloween party.
And on the tenth list, Sarah G Live at her mall show on some episode of Pepito Manaloto.

Gigs On School Or Venue

I often watch her past gigs outside her TV appearance such as major concert, mall show, and private party lunch in Metro Manila. Even her nationwide and worldwide tour was fine in order to see her appearance not only her many fans but also around many kababayans around the Philippines and Filipino communities around the world, respectively. Such was done for several years until today, sacrificing every hardship of both Sarah and her entire Viva management, earning altogether from the sponsors and other private sectors… But there were some unusual gigs of her that had not yet encounter on the following 10 craziest possible situation for promoting her upcoming solo variety show:

One, Sarah G Live at UST High School Alumni Party
Two, Sarah G Live at Concert At The Park classical music performance
Three, Sarah G Live at the animal pet show
Four, Sarah G Live at her own Jollibee birthday party
Five, Sarah G Live at some public high school gig promotion
Six, Sarah G Live at the major Pinoy rock concert as guests
Seven, Sarah G Live at the military anniversary party
Eight, Sarah G Live at her own promoted condominium opening
Nine, Sarah G Live at the protest rally party in Makati
And on the tenth list, Sarah G Live at her own future graduation of UP Open University

Avoiding Novelty Dance?

Just I mentioned on the intro on this blog, Sarah had improved her singing and dancing skills even when she was absent for three months on ASAP last 2011, giving a way for a serious dance lesson in the US. The choreographer of the dance group G Force, in a press conference of her upcoming solo musical variety show, had amazed her quick improvement with a proper routine, since she was likely become a “fast learner” who follows instructions from a given professional advice. To show that her gifted talent had nourished so much, she was often perform every week on her own segment entitled SOS (“Sarah On Stage”)—formerly called “The Other Side Of Sarah”—on ASAP as her “training ground”.  It took several years to perform before Sarah had decided to do her own concert show only with consent of Boss Vic (del Rosario) and entire Viva management, even her fans’ camp.

Before, Sarah had only a simple dance steps during the start of her career at teen years, in music videos, major concert, and even televised performance. In order to slim down her belly—known as “baby fat”—as a result of wearing a girdle on her lower belly, she—together with an advice of her mother Divine—began to take a balanced diet such as eating fruits and vegetables, even regular excersise (as well as working with a treadmill, as seen on Lucky Me Supreme TV ad). After a long time, she began to wear a slimmer dance costume, and so her fans and even the audience were so surprised…

So let’s see if her upcoming solo performance would become so hot for every televiewers, young or old. In the meantime, there were some unusual novelty dance steps that should be avoided for her momentarily in order to prevent a mark of corny performance scenes, right here on these 10 craziest items of possible scenario:

One, Mag-Exercise Tayo (from Yoyoy Villame)
Two, Spaghetti Song (from Sexbomb Dancers)
Three, Kiliti Ako D’yan (from Baywalk Bodies)
Four, Chicken Dance Song
Five, Babae Ako (from Tuesday Vargas)
Six, Hindi Ako Bakla (from Michael V)
Seven, Itaktak Mo (from Joey de Leon)
Eight, Shembot (from Eat Bulaga)
Nine, Jump Brother (from Eat Bulaga)
And on the tenth list, Kendeng-Kendeng (from Willie Revillame)

Coincidental Real Stories That Should Avoided

We have often seen, read, and hear about the report of the life of every Philippine entertainment artists in this generation. Some artists were good mannered; others being problematic—just as for Marian Rivera, for example—in their career. As for the case of Sarah Geronimo, the only issue—while maintaining her wholesome image and even humane manner dedicated for today’s youth—not only about her parent’s restrictions but also from being a single, trying for an intentional affair for most men—such as Rayver Cruz and Gerald Anderson—who were only one year younger than her age. Another concern was her own privacy of every situation, just as I stated on these 10 craziest coincidental scenarios that she could be avoided to answer for many entertainment press people:

One, her father had occasionally became a game fowl player (sabungero).
Two, her elderly sisters altogether in their twenties and her brother in early preteens would have to revive to play children’s games, recently(?).
Three, her parents had joined Obando classical folk dance.
Four, her mother who became a dressmaker in the past would try to revive an old fashioned dress design at present. Maybe reflect from Unica Hija?
Five, she was often liked girly animé (Japanese cartoon) character.
Six, she was often to begin to crush every boys during her high school days.
Seven, she had often create a private long distance communication with so many boys.
Eight, she had often wear a wholesome two-piece swimsuit on private swimming pool of her rented house.
Nine, she was often dreamed of becoming sexy-naked, privately in her imagination?
And on the tenth spot, she was bottom-nude while she was in toddler years and sometimes in mid-age child years. Even at present?


Whether or not every people would enjoy to watch Sarah’s solo nightly variety show, it’s up to them to watch out for to prove that her improved singing and dancing performance leads out other artists from a rival variety TV show of a rival TV network. Also, when she will perform, she may even have to maintain ethical matters.

Sarah G Live premieres on February 26, 2012, every Sunday night at 8 p.m. on ABS-CBN Channel 2. In order to get a free-to-air (terrestrial) analog TV Channel 2 in Mega Manila, click here to download an info.

Wishing To Viva Records For Making Greatest Hits Heartbreak & Heartwarmth OPM Hit Love Songs Of 2011

December 20, 2011

Working Title: Love Struck 2012
To Be Produced: Viva Records
Pending Release: Mid-2012 or late 2012

We are familiar about the successful mainstream career of Sarah Geronimo, Mark Bautista, and Rachelle Ann Go—as part of Viva artist singers in the new generation started in 2003—who were maintained their popularity and exposure as being amazed to the ordinary Filipino masses. We, on the other hand, are not familiar about other Viva artist singers—except for mentioning rock band group like Soapdish and Maldita—from 2004 to the present that sometimes their promotion and exposure were limited resulting to premature or short-lived career status, such as for example Nikki Bacolod, Devotion, 17:28, a boyband of 2006 that I forgot, and many others; otherwise appearing on Sunday noontime musical variety show Party Pilipinas on GMA-7 in order to survive, such as XLR8, Pop Girls, and Miguel Escueta. As for Viva Entertainment based in the Philippines, its affiliate, Viva Records, would do their best to promote so much only if they would give high quality musical industry in spite of online music piracy.

Back then, Viva Records introduced a special compilation album released between 2004 to 2008 entitled “Love Struck” that features the past Original Pinoy Music (OPM) hit love songs performed by various Viva artist singers, including Sarah, Mark, and Rachelle. The music album had produced three sequels, such as “Love Struck”, “Love Struck 2”, and “Love Struck: Duets”.

But today, I ever wish to Viva Records that if they would read this blog, they should produce another compilation album about various original, respective hit heartbreak and heartwarmth love songs from 2010 to 2011 performed by various current and new-come Viva artist singers, even a respective Viva actress and a TV show host. If promised, the possible title of future compilation music album, in which it would plan to release by mid or late 2012, should be, say, “Love Struck 2012”.

Here are the list of possible archived OPM hit love songs based on my Internet research over Viva website using Google search to be used for making a future greatest hits album of 2010 to 2011 as I suggested to Viva:

  1. Sino Nga Ba Siya — Sarah Geronimo
  2. Kahit May Mahal Ka Ng Iba — Mark Bautista
  3. Masasabi Mo Ba — Rachelle Ann Go
  4. ‘Di Na Ako Iibig Pang Muli — April Boy Regino & JC Regino
  5. Pagkakataon — Shamrock & Rachelle Ann Go
  6. Wala Na Tayo — BBS with Kean Cipriano & Eunice
  7. Tinamaan Ako — Anne Curtis
  8. Tanging Pangarap — Arianne Aldecoa
  9. Nakatanim — Jay Perillo
  10. Kiss (Never Let Go) — Thyro Alfaro & Yumi Lacsamana
  11. Por Que — Maldita
  12. I Love You — Willie Revillame
  13. This Moment — Lara Cuevas
  14. Kung Siya Ang Mahal — Sarah Geronimo

Future Sarah Geronimo Album For 2012 or 2013?

After One Heart released in 2011, it is uncertain whether singer-actress Sarah Geronimo would stay to Viva as her 10-year contract would expire by 2013. Even the planned production of future debut music album suited for her before 2013 is currently pending. But before it would be too late, I also wish to Viva that they should grant my sample dream song composition for Sarah that I created in 2008 as posted on my blog ( as well as fewer times of posting over forums fan page. I only wish to work for her as being an amateur—rather than professional—creation only with a consent of Viva management in spite of my unemployment for labor. Even if my composed song for her would take a little revision of every lyrics, only if they would hire for me!

Who Was Behind The Philippine Pop Music Heartbreak Hitsong of 1st Qtr 2011?

March 24, 2011

Disclaimer: The anonymous identity of a name of a person and an actual event depicted on this blog—based on the author’s personal thought promoted for an actual clue of an actual situation and does not reflect from official media press—may be based on real event and may not guarantee its actual authenticity regarded as fictitious. Any similar anonymous identity of a person and any similar event, living or dead, are purely coincidental.

Blind Item: Who is this Filipina young woman, a former teen-girl sensation, singer-actress as she wrote her heartbreak love song and then later convert to a melodic song tune of a known Filipino OPM male pop musician who also composed a past love song together with her wife as a lyricists suited during her teen years?

According to my own thoughts and imagination closely based from an anonymous source, this former Filipina teen singer-actress was desired to create her own personal song composition at home even though her future recording project after the past seven debut albums is still pending. She used a sheet of pad paper as a draft to create her own song in Tagalog for a few days and then her piece hid anything to shelf. A few days later she went to a male pop musician, whether at his resident house or his music business establishment, and reminds him to convert into a beautiful melodic tune suited to her melodic singing skills to sing her own song with effective feelings and expression, with the inclusion of high tone stress notes heard at the near end of song play.

The song was inspired on a real event of her personal life—as elaborated by a recent release of a leading Philippine entertainment news magazine—when she broke up her intent relationship with a former teen actor, who was only one years old difference younger than she.

The song may be regarded as a third installment of her heartbreak hit OPM love songs over the past few years. An actual date of her recent personal song creation occurs at the 3rd quarter of a past year. Her recording company gave permission to them in order to become a full mainstream of a song even though her upcoming new album would cut short for a few months of next year. Even without knowing to her parents of what she was done in an earlier trend, she, the musician, and her recording production team has worked hard for a few weeks, making sure that the song would be good to the ears of every public audiences.

Because of her past real event in Philippine entertainment gossips, the Tagalog heartbreak love song become a boom together with the release of her latest music video in widescreen format based in HD over a leading local analog cable TV music channel. The supporter of a former teen actress-singer has been crazed because of the powerful theme of a song, even on radio and live concerts.

But aside from aforementioned Tagalog heartbreak love songs of 1st quarter of 2011, the Filipina singer-actress was also written another song for other personalities, one song for a known noontime variety game show host who was moved from home TV network to another TV network for nightly TV show airing, and another song for a known male singer as part of their talent management who was moved to another musical variety show on other TV station. The aforementioned two songs often elaborate from the respective event of her experience, for when she was often desire to sing for an actor meeting together as friends and then they broke up together when she saw that he intentionally love a young sexy actress.

She also wrote allegedly an OPM pop dance song—later arranged by another OPM pop musician—as part of her endorsement on locally-made mobile phone products, elaborating an event when she heard a mobile phone call about their break-up. The song was only available on aforementioned mobile phone unit in MP3 format.

Despite the success of a hit Tagalog love song of 1st quarter of 2011, she did not use her name in public to show that she did wrote her respective song because she feared that her parents would be fumed against her, knowing that she would revive a stalled intentional relationship with a young actor. Instead, she only mentions the name of a respective OPM pop musician who produced her numerous written personal songs used to protect her peaceful manner.

This coincidental account was similar to the life of former Welsh soprano teen singer Charlotte Church in UK when she wrote her own song for her first pop-rock album Tissues And Issues while she left classical crossover career and turn into a local—rather than international—mainstream singing belter. Her every song elaborate about her real account of events when she began addicted of cigarette smoke when she was 17; when she met her first boyfriend Steven Johnson and left together because of their rude relationship; and she often forgive herself because of her perdition.

Whether my thought is true enough on that event or just a coincidence, it’s up to the supporter of a singer-actress as well as the media press to guess who was originally done the song before an anonymous identity passed to the local musician to produce it.

Best OPM Hits of 2009

November 24, 2009

Tags: best opm hits of 2009, best opm hits of 2009 blog poll, best original pinoy music hits of 2009, best original pinoy music hits of 2009 blog poll, original pinoy music 2009, opm 2009, original philippine music 2009, opm rock 2009, opm novelty 2009, opm mellow 2009, opm hiphop rnb 2009

Hello everybody! Started on December 22 until today, more than only 10 visits have been participated to vote on my blog polls about the best OPM hits of 2009. Voting is now extended until the end of March 2010 due to low number of visits on this blog site, so please participate!

For a recap based on a poll I created above, here are the lists below:

OPM Mellow Hits:

  • Dahil Minahal Mo Ako by Sarah Geronimio
  • Always You by Charice Pempengco
  • Kung Pwede Lang Sana by Jay “Bugoy” Drilon
  • Limutin Na Lang by Christian Bautista
  • Sana’y Dinggin Mo by Mark Bautista
  • Dito Sa Puso by Lovi Poe
  • Ako’y Sa ‘Yo by by Regine Velasquez
  • Softly Saying Sorry by Ariel Rivera
  • Kakayanin Ko Ba? by Ariel Rivera
  • Ikaw Ang Pag-Ibig by La Diva (Jonalyn Viray, Aicelle Santos, & Maricris Garcia)
  • You Changed My Life In A Moment by Sarah Geronimo
  • Something New In My Life by Sarah Geronimo
  • Kung Iniibig Ka Niya by Laarni Lozada
  • Bakit Ikaw Pa Rin by Maricris Garcia
  • Ikaw Na Nga by Willie Revillame
  • ‘Yun Ka by Wille Revillame
  • Kung Ikaw by Keane Adeza
  • Isang Katulad Mo byAJ Abaldo and Bernie Ann
  • Hanggang Kailan by Jolina Magdangal
  • Ngiti Lang by KC Conception
  • An Updated Version Of Me by KC Conception
  • Let The Pain Remain by Rachelle Ann Go
  • My Love Is Here by Erik Santos
  • Ibigin Kang Muli by Zsa Zsa Padilla
  • Tell Me Your Name by Christian Bautista
  • Your Christmas Girl by Sarah Geronimo
  • Kasalanan Nga Ba? by Gretchen Espina (pending poll item)

OPM Rock Hits:

  • Antukin by Rico Blanco
  • Akala by Parokya Ni Edgar
  • Bahay Kubo by Hale
  • Sandali Na Lang by Hale
  • Walang Iwanan by 6CycleMind
  • Gusto Ko Lamang sa Buhay by Itchyworms
  • Hintay by Callalily
  • Hay Buhay by Sugarfree
  • Kolcenter by Ram Chavez
  • Misis Fely Nimfa Ang Pangalan by Itchymworms
  • Di Na Mababawi by Spongecola
  • Tabi by Paraluman
  • Ayt! by Spongecola featuring Gary Valenciano
  • Wala Kang Katulad by Spongecola
  • Wala, Wala by Kamikazee
  • Hanggang Tingin by Kamikazee
  • Diamond Shotgun by Chicosci
  • Radical by Hilera
  • FX by Pedicab
  • Your Universe by Rico Blanco
  • Ayuz by Rico Blanco
  • Senti by Moonstar88
  • Prinsesa ng Kaba by Sopiz
  • Manila by Sandwich
  • Sana by Up Dharma Down
  • Different Worlds by Pupil
  • Ikaw Pa Rin by Letter Day Story
  • Agawan Base by Peryodiko
  • Muli by Bamboo
  • Minsan by Cushé
  • Simulan Mo Na by Pedicab
  • Bangon by Rico Blanco
  • Hanggang Sa Muli by Kenyo
  • Kasalanan by 6Cyclemind featuring Gloc-9

OPM RnB, Pop Dance, or Hiphop Hits:

  • That Girl by Young JV
  • Don’t Know You by Young JV
  • Katulad Ko by D-Coy featuring Luke Mejares and Artstrong
  • Back in Time by Kyla and Jay-R
  • Taas Noo by Amber Davis featuring Gloc 9
  • Mainit by Knowa Lazarus featuring Kenjhons, Chelo Aestrid with DJ Flavamatikz
  • Human Nature by Billy Crawford
  • Careless Whisper by Kris Lawrence
  • Record Breaker by Sarah Geronimo
  • You by Rhian Ramos

OPM Novelty Hits (Dance, Rap, or Mellow Comedy):

  • Sabay-Sabay Tayo by Marian Rivera
  • Giling-Giling by Willie Revillame
  • Chika-Chika ‘Yon by Blanktape
  • Banana by Blanktape
  • Nagmahal Ako Ng Bakla by Dagtang Lason
  • Bababoom by Michael V
  • Mas Mahal Na Kita Ngayon by YM
  • Crazy, Crazy by Pop Girls (pending poll item)

Special Category (Collaboration or mellow rock):

  • Upuan by Gloc-9 featuring Jeazell Grutas
  • Balita by Gloc-9 featuring Gab Alipe of Urbandub
  • Balik Simula by Miguel Escueta
  • Pusong Ligaw by Jericho Rosales
  • Hiling by Silent Sanctuary
  • Lapit by Yeng Constantino
  • Pwede Ba by Monique Rae
  • Higante by Ely Buendia and Francis Magalona
  • Up Up Down Down by Krissy & Ericka

In case that my listed best OPM songs of 2009 on this poll may not featured other songs due to my constrained research, post on your comments below or e-mail me at or follow me on Twitter.