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The Top Play Views Of Himig Handog P-Pop Love Songs 2014 Music Videos On YouTube

September 30, 2014
himig handog p pop love song 2014 music video youtube daniel padilla janella salvador

Daniel Padilla’s Simpleng Tulad Mo and Janella Salvador’s Mahal Kita Pero, both of which were the two song entries of the recent Himig Handog P-Pop Love Songs 2014, tops the two music videos in terms of higher play view count on YouTube with a projected 1 million. (Screenshot courtesy of ABS-CBN Star Music thru YouTube.)

Not only we would desire to see a current number of play views of various music videos owned by Vevo (a collaboration with MCA Universal, Sony, and EMI) on YouTube, but we might ever desire to see a current number of play views on Philippine-based commercial music videos on the said popular video sharing site as of today. One of the recent example was the hit Korean music video of Psy’s Gangnam Style in 2012, registered a total of over 1 billion play view count with an estimate of over hundreds of million Internet media audiences around the world.

Here I visit YouTube and I research the current number of play views of feature music videos of Himig Handog P–Pop Love Songs 2014. Just as we would read on Billboard charts or even locally–made music charts by means of song request, this blog will only mention these title feature videos—without mentioning its number values—from lesser number of play views to a greater number of play views. Some feature music videos that have had a highly registered number of play views may reflect on depending an estimate number of Internet media Filipino audiences—say, only tens of thousands—as well as the majority of the supporter of fans of the artists being performed on video. On the other hand, some feature videos that had lesser play view count may have a possibility of high quality “song theme message” as an important winning piece to have a bigger award on the finale of performance night. So here are the list with a remark of the impact of the contents:

TOP 15: JOVIT BALDIVINO – Dito. Though the quality of every theme of song lyrics was so much better as well as its music video, the song having with sentimental soft musical piece may not so attractive to every upbeat music-conscious young listeners of the new generation.

TOP 14: JED MADELA – If You Don’t Want To Fall. Very orchestrating to hear Jed Madella’s powerful singing skills that’s applausable to good reviews. But were there someone applause for the fans of other artists on the said song festival?

TOP 13: EBE DANCEL and ABRA – Halik Sa Hangin. An interesting song dedicated for the fans of said two respective artists, one who was a former lead singer of the band Sugarfree, and another a well-performed fliptop rapper seen on YouTube.

TOP 12: MARION AUNOR featurig RIZZA CABRERA and SEED BUNYE – Pumapag-Ibig. The bossa nova music style may be ideal for rich-income class community, if someone would be interested to hear whether the content may have world-class quality.

TOP 11: JESSA ZARAGOZA – Bumabalik Ang Nagdaan. A song ideal for the said artist, will the former fans be able to inform and support her special comeback to entertain for every Filipino masses, just as she became famous in the ’90s?

TOP 10: BUGOY DRILON – Umiiyak Ang Puso. A very emotional song, there may be a gradual apreciation on the majority of the audience to support its content being performed by this artist who had a further improvement of his singing skills.

TOP 9: JURIS – Hindi Wala. A very refreshing song, the fans of this female artist may have had a fair nod to hear that.

TOP 8: HAZEL FAITH DELA CRUZ – Everything Takes Time. Remember this candidate artist who was also appeared as a co-star on Be Careful With My Heart as a lyricist for the song festival? I often got informed on an informercial before a break of the said daytime family TV soap (in some episodes before the target date of the songfest finale concert) together with Janella Salvador.

TOP 7: JUGS and TEDDY – Walang Basagan ng Trip. Dedicated for the fans of respective rock group Itchyworms and Rocksteady, the music was much a craze; much banging to hear the song as a wake-up call for person’s emotional frustration.

TOP 6: ANGELINE QUINTO – Hanggang Kailan. Though her powerful loud voice with high notes carrying with that feature song had controlled so much, some had often criticized that they don’t like such kind of her singing skills but rather wanted a simple and refreshing singing vocalization.

TOP 5: MORISSETTE AMON – Akin Ka Na Lang. A possible winning piece, the majority of the audience could be hardly applause and amaze for her powerful very high notes, a difficult skill that other ordinary first-time female singers can’t.

TOP 4: MICHAEL PANGILINAN – Pare Mahal Mo Raw Ako. According to a reliable exposé, this song that was intentionally dedicated for most lesbians-gays-bisexual-transgender (LGBT) community seemed so little sensitive when observing the content of its lyrics.

TOP 3: KZ Tandingan – Mahal Ko o Mahal Ako. As she gradually improve her singing skills with some portion of high notes and effective emotion to sing, the supporter of this artist based in Mindanao as well as many critics often satisfied to hear such refreshing song melody.

TOP 2: JANELLA SALVADOR – Mahal Kita Pero. Whether this song would be effective as a typical themesong for a pair-up with Janella Salvador and Marlo Mortel in future TV or movie projects after a near conclusion of two-year run Be Careful With My Heart in November 2014 as speculated, we’ll find out soon. [Or you may check out my Twitter post on my song craft to the artist as an alternative for her future TV or movie show project.] Thanks for the support of her fans.

TOP 1: DANIEL PADILLA – Simpleng Tulad Mo. The KathNiel fans fever continues to support for outshining this feature song being performed by this artist as their favorite, giving a intense impact of perception to the audience.

Best Song Standings And Special Standings

For those who missed to watch the TV special of recent song fest contest, here are the list of feature songs that gave best song standing and special standing:

5th Best Song: Hindi Wala
4th Best Song: Walang Basagan ng Trip
3rd Best Song: Mahal Kita Pero
2nd Best Song: Halik Sa Hangin
Grand Best Song Winner: Mahal Ko o Mahal Ako
Star Records CD Buyer’s Choice: Bumabalik Ang Nagdaan
Star Studio Magazine Voter’s Choice: If You Don’t Want To Fall
MOR FM Listener’s Choice: Simpleng Tulad Mo Online Voter’s Choice: Mahal Ko o Mahal Ako
ABS-CBN Mobile Voter’s Choice: Simpleng Tulad Mo
TFC Viewer’s Choice: If You Don’t Want To Fall
Star Cinema Moviegoer’s Choice: Halik Sa Hangin
MYX Best Music Videos (thru YouTube): Mahal Kita Pero